Trading Communities

Online trading communities offer a secure environment where investors can interact with each other. Users can learn new forex trading techniques, swap crypto tips and share stock market insights. This article explains how day trading communities work, their pros and cons, plus what to look for in chat rooms and forums. We also list the best online trading communities in 2022.

Brokers with Community Features

  1. Pocket Option is a global binary options broker with a sleek proprietary trading platform and competitive range of assets.

  2. Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange with impressive automated trading tools and bots.

  3. AAAFx offers CFD trading in forex, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies.

Independent Trading Communities

Independent trading communities are not associated with a specific broker and might be a good choice for traders that use multiple brokers.

Online Trading Communities

TradeMetria is a trading journal with reports that track 30+ metrics. The journaling software is partnered with 140+ brokers for straightforward imports.
Traders Union provides reviews of trading brokers, education for beginners, and offers from partners.
Myfxbook is a leading forex trading community offering a range of tools from interactive charts to social investing.
FIX Trading Community is a non-profit collaborative organisation formed of leading financial institutions across the world with a view to standardise all electronic trading communications.
Bear Bull Traders is a premium trading community with a range of educational material and experienced mentorship otions.
Bullish Bears is a US-based trading community offering educational content, mentorship and an active community for investing advice, insights and learning.
Investors Underground is a top-rated trading community, offering chat rooms, webinars and training courses in a supportive environment with a choice of price plans.
Humbled Trader is a community of investors that provide educational resources and personal development tools.
Warrior Trading is a community hub and educational platform with sophisticated content and extensive market insights.
Forex Social is a Brazilian educational platform and trading community created to help forex investors hone their skills.
Epic Trading provides international forex educational resources and MLM opportunities for a monthly fee.
The Stock Whisperer is a trading education platform created by a financial consultant that claims a 93.6% success rate. The platform has a wide range of trading rooms, courses and services on offer.
Thomas Kralow is a Latvian professional trader offering investment education courses with one-to-one assistance and tutoring for beginner and experienced investors and traders.
OneOption helps retail traders navigate the stock and options market with advanced software, chat rooms and live signals.
Edgewonk is a digital trading journal that integrates with established platforms and brokers. Record your trades, review the results, and make improvements.
TraderSync is an online trading journal that offers in-depth performance reports, AI-powered feedback, and a simulator. The auto sync function also removes the manual effort of capturing trade information.
TraderVue offer journaling software with auto imports and 80+ supported brokers and platforms.
ProTradingRoom is a chat room where users can share trading ideas on major financial markets, from forex and stocks to cryptos and commodities. Clients can also set up mobile trade alerts.

Trading Communities Explained

Trading communities offer a safe space to learn new strategies and ask questions of experienced investors. There are a variety of trading chat rooms available, from broad and free of charge services to forums focussed on particular financial markets, such as forex.

Moderators actively police trading discussions to prevent scams and remove anyone causing trouble. Most services charge a fee which helps to deter trolls.

What is a trading community


Online trading communities can provide a boost for new and experienced investors. Advantages include:

  • Support – The life of a day trader can feel isolating and stressful, especially when the market suddenly moves against you. Having an interactive community gives you a place to swap stories, break down definitions and vent when things go wrong.
  • Eyes on the market – Having multiple investors focussed on the financial markets can help ensure you don’t miss trading opportunities.
  • Learn new techniques – For beginners, chat rooms are a great place to pick up tips and tricks from seasoned traders.


Despite the benefits, there are some downsides to becoming part of an online trading community:

  • Scams – Finding a credible community can be difficult, especially if you’re a beginner. Some websites operate scams where they take your money without providing a secure or reliable community. As a result, it’s worth choosing a provider with positive user reviews.
  • Membership fees – The best trading communities charge a fee for their services. As well as access to established investors, you may benefit from additional resources such as tailored market insights and free trading bots. Of course, any fees will cut into your profits.
  • Bad ideas spread fast – Whilst chat rooms can be a great place to pick up good ideas, bad ideas can spread just as fast. It’s important to do your own due diligence before acting on tips.

What To Look For In A Trading Community

There are several aspects you should take into account when choosing between different options:

  • A fair price for the service offered
  • A civil tone and respect for different viewpoints
  • Active moderators who prevent trolls and scams
  • A style of trading and conversation that suits you

Final Word On Trading Communities

Day trading communities are a great place to learn new strategies, test ideas and swap tips. They can benefit both new and experienced traders. However before you sign up, take into account any fees, read our reviews and check that the market you’re interested in is covered, be that forex, stocks or cryptocurrencies.


What Is A Trading Community?

An online trading community is a forum or chat room where members can interact with each other. Users can ask questions and share market insights to help inform trading decisions.

What Is The Best Online Trading Community?

Some of the top online trading chat rooms include ProTradingRoom, Warrior Trading, Bear Bull Traders, BuySide Global, Shadow Trader, Discord and Benzinga Pro.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Trading Chatrooms?

Online chat rooms can help you find a community of like-minded traders. Retail day trading, in particular, can feel lonely so a place where you can find a mentor or explore ideas can be a useful resource.

Are Trading Communities Free?

Some chatrooms are free while others charge for their services. Paid-for providers typically charge a monthly or annual subscription with one-off charges for additional resources, such as one-on-one sessions with coaches or bespoke market insights.

Are Trading Communities Safe?

The quality of services vary and so too does the level of security. Chatrooms that aren’t adequately monitored can perpetuate the spreading of false or misleading information, meaning damaging trading decisions could be made. That’s why it’s important to fact-check and do your own research before acting on any tips.