Terms Beginning With K

On this page you will find a list of all our topics starting with the letter K. The page contains links to guides, reviews etc.

  • KAB
    Broker Review
    In-depth review of KAB, a popular broker in the Middle East regulated by the CMA. But should you open an account? Key deposit, platform and asset info.
  • Kalman Filters
    Blog Post
    We look at Kalman Filters and their application to finance. We do a Python code example and diagrams showing parameter estimation.
  • Kelly Criterion
    Blog Post
    Kelly Criterion - Formula and strategy considerations and its relevance to trading. An example, pros and cons & more. Simulations & coding.
  • Keltner Channels
    Keltner channels help measure the volatility in a market by observing how price moves in relation to bands formed by upper and lower moving averages. They a
  • Key To Markets
    Broker Review
    Key To Markets offers CFD and forex trading via the MT4 platform. Our review explores PAMM and demo accounts, the secure client login area, deposits & more.
  • Khwezi Trade
    Broker Review
    Khwezi Trade is a South African-based online trading broker. See our review for no deposit bonuses, minimum deposits, MT5 downloads, leverage & complaints.
  • Kinetic Exchange Models of Markets - Applications in Finance & Markets
    Blog Post
    Kinetic Exchange Models - insights from statistical physics applied to finance. Market dynamics, trends, and complex behaviors.
  • Klarna
    Payment Method
    We evaluate the pros and cons of trading with Klarna. See our list of the highest-rated brokers with Klarna deposits.
  • Klinger Volume Oscillator
    The Klinger volume oscillator is designed to predict price reversals in a market by comparing volume to price. Volume is a measure of how many units of a ce
    Broker Review
    KLMFX is an online trading broker offering stocks, forex and commodities. To find out if KLMFX is a good broker and for any scam warnings, see our review.
  • Knock-Out Options
    Knock-out options offer built-in risk management. Our guide explains how knock-out contracts work alongside a list of the best supporting brokers.
  • Korean Stock Exchange
    Stock Exchange
    KRX brokers offer trading on the Korea Stock Exchange, one of the largest securities exchanges in the world. Find out how to start KRX day trading.
  • Kraken
    Broker Review
    Kraken is a leading crypto exchange, offering leveraged trading on the likes of Bitcoin. See our broker review for withdrawal fees, mobile apps, and more.
  • Kryptocarts
    Broker Review
    Full review of Kryptocarts with regulation info and warnings. Our traders tested the broker's tools, accounts, deposits and fees with interesting findings.
  • Kucoin
    Broker Review
    KuCoin offers trading on top cryptos, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our review explores the platform's mobile app, fees, customer support and more.
  • Kurtosis
    Kurtosis Explained - What Is Kurtosis And How To Use It Trading. We explain Kurtosis and how to use it for risk management and day trading
  • Kwakol Markets
    Broker Review
    Must read review of ECN broker, Kwakol Markets. Accounts, spreads, leverage, and trading platforms uncovered. Can you trust Kwakol Markets?
  • Kyber Network
    Broker Review
    Kyber Network is a DEX offering trading, staking, pooling and farming of thousands of cryptocurrencies. Find out more today.