Terms Beginning With U

On this page you will find a list of all our topics starting with the letter U. The page contains links to guides, reviews etc.

  • Udemy
    Trader Service
    Udemy offers a wide range of helpful educational content that applies to all manner of securities and derivatives trading. Find out more today.
  • UFX
    Broker Review
    Expert UFX review. Includes app, leverage and fee details, so day traders can quickly compare trading costs and tools. See how best to trade with UFX.
  • UK Gilts
    UK Gilts - Gilts Explained, Including how to trade UK Gilts. We delve into trading gilts, directly or via ETF and Futures markets.
  • Ultima Markets
    Broker Review
    We test, compare and rate Ultima Markets in this comprehensive review. Our team evaluates the broker's accounts, fees, trading platforms and safety record.
  • Uncompensated Risk - Understanding and Managing It in Your Investment Portfolio
    Blog Post
    We look at the importance of uncompensated risk in trading and investing. Learn how diversification can mitigate this risk and enhance portfolio returns.
  • Understanding Cost Basis
    Blog Post
    What Is Cost Basis? Your cost basis is the original value of an asset for tax purposes. When you sell an asset, your capital gain or loss is calculated by s
  • Understanding Liquidity: Market, Accounting, Liquid Capital, and Liquidity Risk
    Blog Post
    We look at the four aspects of liquidity: market liquidity, accounting liquidity, liquid capital, and liquidity risk, and their impacts on global finance.
  • Understanding Prime Cost in Finance: A Key Business Metric
    Blog Post
    In this article, we explore the concept of Prime Cost in finance and business, its components, and its importance in making informed financial decisions.
  • Understanding Private Credit
    Blog Post
    We look private credit: non-bank lending, investment opportunities, risks, and rewards, and tips for a career in the field.
  • Understanding the Commodity Cycle
    Commodity Cycle - Understanding cyclical Commodity trends. How to use the cycle of demand for commodities within your day trading strategy
  • Undervalued vs. Fully Valued vs. Overvalued - What's the Difference?
    Blog Post
    How to Tell if a Stock is Undervalued, Fully Valued, or Overvalued One of the most important things to know as a trader or investor is how to tell if a stock is undervalued, fully valued, or overvalued. The entire premise of a lot of investing is knowing value. Whether you’re buying a stock, a […]
  • Unicorn Forex Broker
    Broker Review
    Expert review of online brokerage and prop trading firm, Unicorn Forex Broker. Account fees, payment methods, bonuses, and copy trading tools unpacked.
  • Unidex
    Broker Review
    UniDex is a decentralised crypto exchange offering a powerful trading platform and aggregator for derivatives. Find out how it works today.
  • UnionPay
    Payment Method
    A list of the highest-rated brokers with China UnionPay, plus associated limits. We also cover the fees and speed of UnionPay payments.
  • Uniswap Trading - Tutorial and Brokers
    Uniswap is one of the largest crypto tokens by market cap. See our guide to trading UNI, from brokers and prices to strategies and tips.
  • Universal Portfolio Algorithm (Principles & Python Example)
    Blog Post
    We look at the Universal Portfolio Algorithm – its principles, strengths and weaknesses, and use in trading, investing, and finance.
  • UOB Kay Hian
    Broker Review
    UOB Kay Hian is a leading online broker with Malaysian traders. For spreads and commission, trading platforms, mobile apps and more, check out our review.
  • Uphold
    Broker Review
    I reveal my key findings after signing up with Uphold and thoroughly testing all its services. Is it good for crypto? Is it safe? Find out in my review.
  • Upside Potential Ratio (Calculation & Python Example)
    Blog Post
    Upside Potential Ratio - we look at how it measures investment performance, comparing the expected upside above a target return to the downside deviation.
  • Upstox
    Broker Review
    Upstox is a discount brokerage firm offering trading in securities and derivatives from across the world at low prices. Find out more today.
  • Uptos
    Broker Review
    Uptos is an offshore broker offering MT5 trading on forex and CFDs. Our review unpacks minimum deposits, leverage and more. Find out if Uptos is a scam.
  • Urban Wealth Funds
    Blog Post
    We look at a special class of investment vehicles known as urban wealth funds, their purpose, how they're funded, and examples of UWFs.
  • US Dollar Index
    Understand US Dollar Index trading – get insights into what impacts its value, discover short-term trading vehicles, and find the top brokers.
  • US Dollar Liquidity: What You Need to Know
    Blog Post
    US dollar liquidity refers to the amount of dollars available in the commercial banking system. The US Federal Reserve lends dollars to other central banks
  • US Housing Bubble & Financial Crisis of 2007-08 - Causes & Lessons
    Blog Post
    We look at the US Housing Bubble & Financial Crisis of 2007-08, its causes, impacts, and lessons for today's traders and portfolios.
  • US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    Financial Regulator
    The top-rated brokers licensed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission compared. Choose a SEC broker for a secure online trading experience.
  • US Stocks vs. EU Stocks
    Blog Post
    The US stock market saw a V-shaped recovery from the Covid-19 losses. This is not unusual.
  • US Tariffs Causing Economic Mayhem
    Blog Post
    As President Trump once again unexpectedly announced tariffs on the United States’ biggest trade partner, the economy is beginning to show signs of damage.
  • US-China Relations & Their Impact on Financial Markets
    Blog Post
    US-China relations is one of the big themes that will drive geopolitics, economies, and markets over the ensuing decades. Accordingly, it can be useful to
  • USD Coin Day Trading 2024 - Tutorial and Brokers
    USD Coin is a stablecoin available for spot and margin trading at top crypto brokers. Check out our review for price forecasts and trading strategies.
    Broker Review
    Pros and cons of trading with CFD and forex broker, USGFX. Full review of minimum deposits, copy trading, demo accounts, fees, MT4 & MT5, plus withdrawals.