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DayTrading.com is a free, online resource. It offers visitors insight into every element of online trading, from how to get started to choosing the best broker.

Our detailed glossary breaks down every piece of trading jargon there is, and our broker reviews offer an unparalleled level of detail – enabling readers to make informed decisions.

The key objective of our website is to provide readers with balanced information and reviews which they can trust.

Ultimately, we believe that high-quality and impartial content will help readers make sensible choices about which broker to trade with, and in turn, establish DayTrading.com as a resource that readers will return to.

How Is DayTrading.com Funded?

We have commercial relationships with some of the companies that we include within our comparison tables. That means we may receive a commission if you open an account and trade with one of the brokers listed on our pages. You can see which brokers we have a relationship with on our advertising disclosure page.

The fact that a broker has a commission-based relationship with us does not affect our review or rating of the broker.  Some of the brokers we have relationships with are very good and receive a good rating in our reviews; others are not very good and have received a score that reflects this.

These relationships do not cost you (the reader) anything; for the brokers, it is another form of marketing, and for us, it means that we can continue to provide comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate comparisons that are free for you to use.

Our Contributors

We work with a range of experienced and knowledgable people with a proven track record of producing accurate and insightful content.  You can learn more about all of us here: Daytrading.com contributors.

How Do We Test Brokers?

All reviews and texts on DayTrading.com are based on research and tests performed by our review staff. All reviews are based on verified facts and our own experiences. Read more about how we test brokers. I also recommend reading, “Why you can trust DayTrading.com“.

How Do We Use AI?

Daytrading.com never use Generative-AI to write or help write our articles or reviews. All content you can read on our website is 100% written and based on the research and experience of our human contributors. For more information, you can read our AI policy.

Want To Know More?

If you have any other questions, then please feel free to get in touch via any of the methods on our Contact Us page.


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