Why You Can Trust DayTrading.com

We launched DayTrading.com in 2016 to help retail investors navigate online trading. Our comprehensive guides and independent broker reviews make us a trusted and authoritative resource among traders, brokers and the wider press.

Millions of readers visit our site each year and we help thousands of traders find the right broker – a responsibility we take seriously.


When dealing with money, and the financial well-being of our visitors, it is important that we are transparent about who runs the website, who contributes to our content, and why they are qualified to do so.

We are also open about our business model, and how we ensure the site is always free to use, without features hidden behind paywalls or subscriptions.

In summary, we enter into commercial relationships with suitable and carefully vetted providers. Importantly, these providers cannot pay us to influence our reviews and ratings. Also, our content team do not have access to commercial data. Find out more about how we test.


The combined experience, qualifications and respect of our editorial team separate DayTrading.com from other sources. Our contributors have included Head Analysts at leading broker/dealers, including Pepperstone and FXTM.

We have extensive knowledge of a range of investment types, and what makes a good broker. We also know that the choice of broker will always be a personal decision. There is not a single “best” choice that fits every trader.

For this reason, we do not promote a single choice for any potential trader, but always offer a variety of options, backed up by thousands of hours of research from our team, many of whom have years of trading experience behind them.

Don’t just take our word for it. DayTrading.com is recognized by brokers and industry-related websites as a credible source of information.

Our annual awards are also big news, and online brokers are very proud to be selected.

Pepperstone broker award 2023

Our entire operation is well respected within the industry. IQ Option included our websites in a promotional guidance booklet for their partners to learn from.

Our views on current market conditions are often sought by both industry insiders and journalists from respected outlets. This respect has been built up over more than a decade of online education and marketing.

We also publish analysis and press releases from industry sources. These include qualified market analysts and educators from recognized, regulated brands around the globe.


This website does not fall under any specific regulatory body, and is not deemed subject to regulation in any of the regions we operate. Our marketing agreements however, associate us with brands who are regulated.

We are therefore viewed as an extension of those brands and their marketing efforts. This means we absolutely must comply with regulations in terms of what we say, how we say it, and to whom.

As a global site, we operate with partners across the world, and we comply with regulations from numerous different bodies, including, but not limited to:

This commitment means tailoring content to visitors based on their geographic location (based on IP) and adhering to the strictest levels of compliance where applicable.

Compliance generally requires clear and honest risk warnings, unbiased text and reviews, realistic wording around trading and a responsibility to ensure information is kept up to date.

Bottom Line

The extensive experience, honest appraisals and industry respect combine to illustrate how trustworthy DayTrading.com is, and will continue to be, as we navigate volatile markets and difficult trading conditions.

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