How We Test Brokers

At, our objective is to help traders of all levels find the right broker for their needs. We do this by providing unbiased and meticulously researched broker reviews.

Our team invests thousands of hours annually into evaluating trading platforms, ensuring that our readers receive accurate and comprehensive information.

Our Ethos

Our editorial process is guided by several principles that prioritize integrity and honesty. We maintain objectivity and transparency in our evaluation of products and services, regardless of any potential or existing affiliate partnership.

The safety of your funds is important to us. Therefore, we will disclose information regarding the legitimacy or regulatory status of a broker or service, and we will label them as unsafe if that’s the case.

We are committed to providing honest opinions based on our rigorous assessments. We won’t present a biased perspective of a product or service to our readers. If we think a broker should improve their services, we will say so.

Our Testing

We have an evolving methodology that considers both quantitative metrics covering 100+ data points and qualitative insights gathered during the evaluation process. This means our conclusions are based on data from credible sources and our own tests.

To assign brokers an overall rating, we consider a number of key areas:

We unpack our testing approach for each category below.


We verify the broker’s regulatory credentials, evaluating the reputation and reliability of the regulatory body.

We investigate the measures implemented for money protection, such as access to negative balance protection and segregated accounts.

Additionally, we scrutinize the broker’s history for any past scams or security breaches.

Listing on stock exchanges and banking status are also key indicators of a broker’s trustworthiness.

Find out more about our Regulation & Trust Rating.


Our assessment of accounts includes key details such as minimum investments, accepted base currencies, execution modes, and perks for active traders.

We differentiate between account types, evaluating their suitability for various trading styles.

We also explore the availability of specialized accounts such as Islamic or professional accounts and provide our opinion on the competitiveness of these conditions.

Ease and speed of account opening are also key aspects we consider.

Deposits & Withdrawals

We investigate the payment methods accepted, transaction speeds, and associated fees.

Minimum deposit requirements are compared with industry standards, providing a clear picture of affordability.

We also evaluate the ease of deposit processes where possible, ensuring convenience for traders.

Investment Offering

Our reviews consider the breadth and depth of market access, including popular asset classes like forex, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

We gauge the competitiveness of the product portfolio and explain how these assets can be traded, whether through derivatives like CFDs or direct share dealing, for example.


We evaluate the pricing model, comparing factors such as floating vs. fixed spreads and commissions. Typical spreads and fees on popular assets are provided for comparison.

We also uncover any additional charges like overnight fees, inactivity fees, and payment fees, ensuring traders are aware of all associated costs, with a clear view as to whether a broker offers high, low or average trading fees.

Platforms & Apps

We explore the trading platforms offered, assessing their compatibility with desktop, mobile, and web interfaces. Key features, indicators, drawing tools, order types, and support for automated strategies are scrutinized.

Our experts also provide an opinion on usability and reliability, comparing proprietary platforms with popular third-party solutions like MetaTrader 4.

Additional Tools

We explore supplementary tools such as copy trading and VPS services, comparing their utility with competitors. We also judge to what degree these features elevate the overall trading experience.

In addition, step-by-step guides are often provided, enabling traders to make the most of these tools.

We also assess the availability and quality of market research tools and educational resources, comparing them with alternatives.

Trading Restrictions

We clarify any trading restrictions, such as banned strategies or approaches, ensuring traders are aware of limitations.

Where there are restrictions, we aim to provide suitable alternatives.

Customer Support

Customer service evaluations include contact methods, support team availability, supported languages, and responsiveness.

Importantly, we often conduct tests of live chat and/or email response times to ensure reliability.


All our reviews include a summary of key pros and cons, tailored for specific trader profiles.

For example, we might recommend a broker to beginner traders seeking a low minimum deposit, a reliable web platform, competitive fees on popular assets, and access to social investing tools to learn from experienced traders.

Ultimately, by providing a holistic view of brokers using our detailed methodology, we empower traders to find the right provider for their financial goals, trading style, and budget requirements.