Terms Beginning With J

On this page you will find a list of all our topics starting with the letter J. The page contains links to guides, reviews etc.

  • J.P. Morgan Chase
    Broker Review
    Review of J.P. Morgan Chase's self-directed investing account and automated profile. We unpack margin trading, investing fees and bonuses for US clients.
  • Jade Lizard Option Strategy [Setup, Pros & Cons]
    Blog Post
    The Jade Lizard is a mildly bullish options strategy that involves the following: Buying a Call (typically ITM or around ATM) Selling a Call (ITM) Selling a
  • Japan Exchange Group
    Stock Exchange
    Japan Exchange Group brokers offer access to the leading stocks and companies in Japan. We list the top platforms and JPX trading tips in 2024.
  • Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA)
    Financial Regulator
    The top brokers regulated by the Japanese Financial Services Agency compared and ranked. Find out how the JFSA oversees brokers and protects local traders.
  • Japanese Yen Index
    Which trading brokers offer the Japanese Yen index (JXY)? Find out what influences the JPY currency index, alongside trading vehicles, strategies and tips.
  • Japanification: Will the US and Europe Follow Japan’s Economy and Markets?
    Blog Post
    Japanification might be an increasingly less anticipated outcome for the US economy. Japanification refers to the idea that other developed markets will fol
  • JCB Card
    Payment Method
    A list of top brokers that accept JCB Card deposits for day trading. We evaluate the pros, cons, fees and processing times with JCB cards.
  • Jensen's Alpha
    Blog Post
    Jensen's Alpha - When is it useful as a performance metric? What is its formula? We look at everything to know.
  • JetonCash
    Payment Method
    List of the best JetonCash brokers. We evaluate the top brokers that accept Jeton deposits and reveal typical fees and processing times.
  • JFD Bank
    Broker Review
    JFD Bank offers MT4+ and MT5+ trading across popular asset classes. For details on spreads, leverage, demo accounts and more, see our review.
  • Jim Simons Trading Strategy [Renaissance Technologies, Medallion Fund]
    Blog Post
    We look at Jim Simons, his trading strategy, and the impact he's had in quant trading through Renaissance Technologies and the Medallion Fund.
  • Joe Ross
    Joe Ross founded Trading Educators. But with the courses, books and materials proving expensive for beginners, are there better alternatives?
  • Joint Brokerage Accounts
    The best joint brokerage accounts in 2024 with reviews and ratings. Find out how to open a joint brokerage account, from fees to rules on taxes.
  • Joint Venture - Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages, How-To
    Blog Post
    What Is a Joint Venture (JV)? A Joint Venture is a strategic alliance between two or more parties to undertake a specific project or business venture. The p
  • JP Markets
    Broker Review
    JP Markets is a top-rated Forex & CFD Broker. Before you sign-in and trade on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, read our detailed broker review.
  • JP Morgan
    How to buy, sell and trade JP Morgan Chase stock. The best brokers and investing platforms, trading hours, fees and commissions. Start trading JPM shares.
  • Junk Bond/Treasury Convergence Strategy
    Blog Post
    We look at the Junk Bond/Treasury Convergence Strategy, covering all the angles, and whether it's right for you.
  • Junk Bonds
    Blog Post
    Everything to know about junk bonds – interest rates, yields, how to buy junk bonds, junk bonds ETFs, pros and cons, junk bonds vs. stocks, and more.
  • Juno Markets
    Broker Review
    Juno Markets is an award-winning forex broker offering the MT4 trading platform. Read our review and open a live trading account today.
  • Just2Trade
    Broker Review
    Just2Trade rating. We look at the advanced trading platforms, mobile app, Try2BFunded program and Lime Financial copy trading service. Read our review.
  • JustMarkets
    Broker Review
    Expert ratings of the trading platforms, demo accounts, spreads & fees at JustMarkets. Account types, registration details and minimum withdrawals unpacked.