AI Policy

AIAI has become an unambiguous part of the internet. Large publications have been caught publishing AI-generated articles, and every day, you can read a new article about how AI will change our lives forever.

Below, you can read how we, the staff of, use AI in our work and how we will never use it. We created this page so you know how the content you read on is produced.

How we don’t use AI does not publish content that has been written, generated, or created by AI. We are proud that every single one of the millions of words we publish is written by our human contributors.

All content on is created by human writers who are experienced in the fields that they cover on our website. All of our contributors are very knowledgeable in regards to trading and investing. You can read more about our contributors here.

We do not publish any AI-generated content on, and we do not use AI to help us write the articles. Humans write the articles 100% without help from AI.

We might, however, use AI to fact-check our articles. If the AI finds anything it believes to be wrong, then one of our human writers will verify whether or not there is an error in the text. We will never change an article based solely on AI input.

All articles are fact-checked and edited by two of our staff members, so AI rarely finds any errors in our articles. But AI provides an extra layer of security to ensure that all the information you read on is correct. Our goal is always to make sure that all information on is 100% correct. do not use AI to test or form opinions about brokers or other financial products we review. We are proud that every single one of our nearly 500 broker reviews is tested, reviewed and formulated by our expert testing team.

We do not use AI to help us test brokers or write reviews. The reviews are 100% based on our testers’ personal experience and research. You can read more about how we test brokers here.

We do not use AI to fact-check brokers since an important part of the reviews consists of subjective information based on our experiences with the broker. We always base the review on our own first-hand data.

Our readers can always rest assured that all content is 100% researched, tested, fact-checked, edited, outlined, formulated, written and published by human beings. Nothing you see on is generated by AI.

How we do use AI

Back-ends tasks uses AI as a tool to help us with back-end tasks such as analysing what our readers are interested in, researching fields where we should complement our content and analysing competitors.

Creating illustrations

We might use AI to help create illustrations based on data created by human research.  AI makes it easier to create illustrations that help illustrate the articles we created.  If AI is used to create an illustration, then it will be used as a tool by a human to illustrate a point, and the human will verify the illustration before it is used.  We never allow AI to create illustrations by themselves, and no AI illustration will be published without being verified by the human writer of the article in which the illustration is used—all to ensure that everything is correct.