Klarna Brokers 2022 - Which Brokers Accept Klarna?

Klarna Bank AB, or Klarna, is a payment solution from Sweden. Its famous tagline ‘shop now pay later’ helped it handle around $80 billion in online sales in 2021. The brand is also receiving support from a growing list of trading brokers. This review explains how Klarna works, typical payment limits, and late fees. We also list the top brokers that accept Klarna deposits in 2022.

What Is Klarna?

Klarna Inc is a Swedish fintech company with headquarters in Stockholm alongside a HQ in Columbus, Ohio for its US branch. The firm was founded in 2005 and quickly went on to become one of the most popular online payment methods, rivalling alternatives like Afterpay and Affirm.

Since 2011, around 40% of all e-commerce sales and revenue in Sweden has gone through Klarna. This helped give the company an impressive market cap valuation of $45.6 billion in 2021. With that said, the firm is a private company and therefore it does not have a stock or share price, though pre-IPO shares may be available in 2022.

Importantly, the brand is known as a ‘buy now pay later’ service provider. It offers credit to customers who must then either pay in 4 steps, pay in 30 days, or receive a longer-term loan. Clients may also be offered a 10-day extension if required, which has helped improve its investor and customer relations.

List of brokers that accept Klarna deposits

The payment solution is simple to use and it’s easy to learn how to apply for an account. Customers can sign in through the mobile app (available on iPhone and Android) or via the official website. All that is required to register and login online is a valid email address.


You can use Klarna to pay in-store at a business for anything like a mattress, flights and hotels. Amazon also accepts payments on its site, as do other popular merchants and stores like Game, Nike and Ikea. For a comprehensive list of stores that accept Klarna, visit their official website or look for the logo on retailers’ websites.

Klarna is also becoming a popular payment option for traders. It is a quick, easy and secure method of making deposits at a range of brokers in the UK and around the world, including FXCM and IC Markets. It also has the benefit of providing credit, meaning traders do not have to wait for wages to come in.

Note, if traders encounter issues while using the service or need help, they should contact the customer support number.

Transaction Times

It typically takes one to two days for a payment to be processed, however, in some situations it could take up to seven business days for the payment to show on your account statement. If it takes longer, it could mean the transaction service is down, and you should check recent news or contact the telephone number for support.

Importantly, Klarna is a ‘buy now pay later’ service. This means that you will not pay for the entire product or deposit in one go. There are multiple options with different time frames. Firstly, you can choose ‘pay in 4’ which requires you to pay 25% upfront and then three more payments of equal amounts every two weeks. Another option is ‘pay in 30’, which requires the full sum to be paid within 30 days. Finally, you can apply for a loan which must be repaid within six months to three years.

If you are using Klarna to make a deposit at a broker, it should be processed within one to two days like a standard transaction. There may be a delay on the broker’s end, so check their website for standard processing times. You should be able to choose from the three options when making the deposit and the amount will then have to be paid back accordingly. Klarna cannot be used to make withdrawals, however, another service by the company (Sofort) is suitable.

Pricing Review

Different payment options feature varying fees. The ‘pay in 4’ and ‘pay in 30’ choices both have a 0% interest rate. But if you are late making payments, there is a $7 surcharge. The other option is to apply for a loan that must be repaid within six months or up to three years. This will be subject to interest of varying rates, which will be outlined when you make the payment. Loans must be repaid according to the monthly financing plan and any late payments will be subject to a $35 fee.

If you are not going to make a payment on time, it is possible to extend your due date by up to 10 days, so you do not have to worry about the firm sending a debt collection team round. You can check ‘My Klarna Account – Payments’ on the app or on the website/merchant portal to view your current payment plan.

The company may offer deals or promo codes to help you out when you first sign up. It is also worth noting that the payment provider has no pre-defined spending limit.

Importantly, most online brokers will not charge additional fees when making a deposit using Klarna. But remember, if you are late making payments, fees may be charged. Moreover, if you choose the loan option to pay for your deposit, interest will be charged.


Klarna is a secure deposit method that is trusted by millions of users, including traders and investors. Even though you must enter your online bank details to make payments to Klarna, this is done via their secure payment form. This ensures merchants, brokers or third parties cannot gain access to and view sensitive information. The company also employs high security standards to ensure personal data and information is protected.

From the accounts section, the brand makes it easy for users to track and view payments, meaning traders can quickly see if someone else has accessed their account. For further reviews of the firm’s security protocols, visit sites like Reddit.

Pros For Traders

The main advantages of trading with Klarna include:

  • Acts like a credit card, allowing you to pay later when wages come in
  • No interest on ‘pay in 4’ or ‘pay in 30’ options
  • Multiple financing options to choose between
  • Price alerts in the app
  • 24/7 customer service

Cons For Traders

Our research did flag some potential drawbacks:

  • Not as quick as instant payment methods
  • Not suitable for withdrawals
  • Borrowing risks
  • Late fees

Klarna Apple Pay returns

How To Make Klarna Deposits & Withdrawals

It is simple to make a deposit at your broker. Follow this guide to get started:

  1. Look for the brand’s logo on your broker’s website to confirm they accept the method
  2. Head to your broker’s funding page and select deposit
  3. From the list of options, choose the payment brand
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit – be aware of any minimum deposit requirements
  5. You will then be directed to the payment portal where you can enter your account details
  6. Select your preferred payment plan from the list of options
  7. Hit confirm and then make payments to Klarna when required

Verdict On Trading With Klarna

Klarna is a popular ‘buy now pay later’ payment method originating in Sweden, but servicing clients in many countries around the world. Customers can choose between three different options to pay back the sum of their deposit or purchase. The two short-term options are interest-free, but late fees will be incurred if payments are missed. If you want to start using Klarna to make a deposit on your trading platform, check out our list of supporting brokers and follow our step-by-step guide.

Note, borrowing funds to pay for trading activities is risky. Make sure that you can and will be able to pay back funds.


What Is Klarna Payments?

Klarna is a payment firm from Sweden. The company offers a ‘buy now pay later’ service where customers effectively receive a loan which they pay back in set sums.

Is Klarna Safe And Legit?

Yes, Klarna is a legitimate company. It has been operating since 2005 and accounts for 40% of all e-commerce in Sweden. Even though customers must enter online bank details, it is all conducted via the brand’s safe and secure form ensuring third parties cannot access personal information.

How Does Klarna Make Money?

Klarna makes money in a couple of ways. The main way is through a retailer fee which is paid per transaction. The second is through any late fees incurred from missed payments.

Does Klarna Affect Or Check Credit Score?

Klarna does not check your credit score before approving your account. In the same vein, it also does not build credit.

Can I Use Klarna To Pay Bills?

You can pay bills with Klarna. You can also pay bills back early to ensure no further charges are incurred.

Is Klarna A Credit Card?

Klarna is not a credit or visa card. It is also not a bank account. It does, however, offer a one-time card. This is a virtual single-use card that can be used in any accepting store like a gift card. If this is not working, contact the support team for a refund.

Does Klarna Charge Interest?

Klarna is not interest-free. The ‘pay in 4’ and ‘pay in 30’ options both do not charge any interest, however, the longer-term loans do. While you will not pay any annual fees, the monthly financing option typically charges interest at various rates. The maximum is usually 18.9%.