Bear Bull Traders Review 2024

Bear Bull Traders provides its members with a supportive, knowledgeable community, premarket reviews, forums and educational resources, including unique trade ideas and sophisticated strategies. This Bear Bull Traders review will discuss the chat room, educational courses, membership opportunities and costs, additional fees, and more. Find out how to get started.

What Is Bear Bull Traders?

Bear Bull Traders is a real-time community and discord server for traders. Developed in 2016, the online learning platform aims to improve your trading experience through educational courses, live trading, and connected trading rooms. This helps its users develop trading strategies and manage the related psychological aspects. Its track record of positive profitability has helped it grow a large network of traders across all levels.

How It Works

Bear Bull Traders offers several features and services for members to take advantage of, learning how to make better trades and earn greater profits.

The Chat Room

This feature is available to all membership levels of Bear Bull Traders and operates much like a coffee trading room. It is open from 08:30 to 16:00 GMT, Monday to Friday. The chat room is a tool to engage with experts, review market events, communicate with other members, discuss watchlists and draw upon tips and hints. Here, the experts can share their charts, discuss market action, live stream trades and mirror trading scanners.

The chat room is a critical tool for beginners as you can take time to learn from experts and imitate trades and strategies using the digital simulator. This way, when you begin trading with real capital on the line, you have some experience to fall back on and a higher chance of success.Bear Bull Traders Chat Room Review

The Classroom

Bear Bull Traders places learning at the heart of their services, offering video lessons and tutorials both for beginners and those looking to explore new markets. These classroom sessions cover a lot of content, ranging from technical breakdowns to tactical development. A journal is suggested when attending these sessions so you can later review the course content.

To access these videos, a member can check the event calendar for details of all the educational sessions.

The Webinar Room

The Bear Bull Traders webinar room is available on top of the main chat room and classroom, holding webinars that give trading advice on content too specific for the chat room. Combined with the two other rooms, a wide array of tools and advice is available for all forms of trading.

The Education Centre

The Bear Bull Traders education centre offers helpful content for every level of trader, from risk management and stock trading to psychological impacts and pitfalls to how to create your own tradebook and business plan. The centre is split into the introduction, essential training, webinars and mentorship, which together cover their three pillars of success: technology, strategy and psychology.

Elite members have access to all sections of the education centre, while basic members are limited to the introductory and essential training.


Elite members also have exclusive access to mentorship meetings, which are held every Thursday. These educational sessions are produced every week and uploaded to the mentorship section for those that miss the live sessions. Strategies like ABCD pattern trading and swing trading are among the multiple topics discussed at these meetings.Bear Bull Traders Mentorship

Membership Levels

Bear Bull Traders has two levels of official membership, with varying levels of access to their features.

Basic Membership

  • Classroom
  • Chat Room
  • Intro to Bear Bull Trading
  • Essential Training: Technology, Strategy, Psychology, Trade Book

Elite Membership

  • Classroom
  • Chat Room
  • Intro to Bear Bull Trading
  • Webinars: Technology, Strategy, Psychology
  • Mentorship: Weekly Live Membership, Downloads
  • Essential Training: Technology, Strategy, Psychology, Trade Book


The price levels for the different membership levels are provided below. All memberships are secured with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

  • Test Drive: $39 for one week
  • Basic Membership: $99 pcm
  • Elite Membership: $199 pcm
  • Elite Annual Membership: $1,999 pa

A lifetime Bear Bull Traders membership is offered, but these are bespoke and require discussion with customer service.

Whatever your intended membership level with Bear Bull Traders, we recommend first opting for the test drive option so that you can ensure you are happy with the services provided.

The elite annual membership is the most cost-effective way to gain access to the full suite of services and features offered by the community.

Additional fees may be charged for those wishing to use the trading platform and other software services offered. It is recommended to consider this cost as much of what is discussed in the chat room is built upon these features.


Bear Bull Traders often run promotions and release discount codes to attract new members of the community. For example, in Spring 2021, a 40% off elite annual membership offer was available. We recommend searching for a promotional code before committing to pay full price for their membership.

Pros of Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders is an effective community of traders with several membership advantages:

  • Trading forum
  • Regular meetups
  • Trading community
  • Dedicated psychologists
  • Live market commentary
  • Range of educational material and courses
  • Free educational podcast and YouTube videos
  • Live streaming of trading and market discussions
  • Range of trading strategy books and audiobooks for download
  • Discounted DAS Trader Pro: $300 for three months (usually $495)
  • Experienced mentorship, including William H., Aiman A., Thor and Robert H.

    Bear Bull Traders Software Discount
    DAS Trader Pro

Cons of Bear Bull Traders

  • No free demo
  • Mixed online reviews
  • No one-on-one sessions
  • No free course download
  • Expensive: minimum spend $99 pcm


Bear Bull Traders is a trading community and members do not trade on-site, meaning security of personal capital is not an issue. The site does offer several webinars and a range of information on your security and safety concerning trading, including a forum on hotkeys and Andrew Aziz’s ‘Don’t get hacked’ blog.

Customer Support

Bear Bull Traders has an extensive FAQ section called the ‘knowledge base’, where there are numerous instantly accessible Q&As. The communal nature of their chat rooms also allows quick answers to some questions from other active members. Bear Bull Traders can also be contacted on Twitter and other social media, as well as through email –

How To Sign Up

Registration with the Bear Bull Trading community is fast and straightforward. Simply select the desired membership plan from their home page and fill out the form that comes up, which will entail the creation of login details and the filling out of payment information.

Final Word On Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders is perfect for experienced traders who want to begin trading full time or access experienced advice on strategies and trading psychology. It offers an accessible educational platform with a suite of helpful features, making it ideal for those committed to furthering their knowledge and understanding of trading. However, the hefty fees, additional software costs and lack of free trial might make the community not as worth it for some beginner traders who may simply want to test the waters. Other similar communities with better options for newcomers include Warrior Trading or Investors Underground.


How Do I Sign Up To Bear Bull Traders?

Signing up to Bear Bull Traders is a straightforward process that simply requires the creation of account details and payment of the membership cost. It is recommended that prospective customers make use of the test drive membership that gives a week’s access for a discounted cost.

What Features Does Bear Bull Traders Offer?

Bear Bull Traders offers a wide range of educational tools, experienced advice and chat rooms. While different membership tiers have varying levels of access, the basic educational tools and community features are available to all members.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Bear Bull Traders?

Bear Bull Traders is a costly trading community, notably lacking a free trial. The most basic membership will set you back $99 per month, while elite membership costs $199 per month. That being said, the trading platform and software tools that the community is built around are another $100 per month, although this is cheaper than commercial rates.

What Is Bear Bull Traders?

Bear Bull Traders is a real-time community for traders, that aims to improve your trading experience through educational courses, live-streamed trading and connected trading rooms. These features help its users develop trading strategies and manage the psychological aspects linked to trading.

Is Bear Bull Trading Room & Academy Legit?

Bear Bull Traders is a legitimate enterprise that aims to bring like-minded traders together and provide those of all experience levels with helpful educational resources and market analysis.

Bear Bull Traders is a premium trading community with a range of educational material and experienced mentorship otions.