Forex Trade Copier

The best forex trade copier services make it easy to replicate the positions of profitable traders. But unsurprisingly, the quality and price of auto trade copy programs and signals vary. Here we’ll review their uses and explain how to get set up with a forex trade copier, which can often be downloaded for free to your MT4 software.

Top Forex Copy Trading Brokerages

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What Is Forex Trade Copier Software?

A forex trade copier program is simply a piece of software that lets you copy trades across multiple accounts. So if you’ve seen a trader using a profitable EA, for example, you can automatically mirror their positions on your platform.

How Do Forex Trade Copier Services Work?

After signing up with a provider, you’ll normally be able to download the copier software for free, which essentially acts as a bolt on to your platform. Then when you have a trader whose strategy you want to follow, positions taken from their remote master account will be executed on your platform. There are fully automated programs and those that allow for a degree of manual modification to trades.

Most online forex copier services take a percentage of trades executed. There is also free software available, which we’ll cover later.

Forex Signal Services

1000PipBuilder offer forex signals via subscription. Independently verified results highlight potential, and ongoing support from experienced traders means there is more on offer than just signals.
1000PipClimber provides a 100% rule-based forex signal service. Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels are calculated via an advanced algorithm. Comprehensive after sales support puts the service in front of most others.
Access the Binary Destroyer 7.0 system and learn to develop some of the most powerful skills needed to succeed in trading. go beyond offering raw signals. They also provide strategies, powerful tools and professional mentors. The educational element of the service sets it apart from pure signal providers.
Toggle AI provides actionable insights on 35,000 assets spanning multiple classes, industries and geographies.
8topuz is a forex trading algorithm that uses deep neural network machine learning algorithms to execute large numbers of high-frequency trades automatically on the behalf of its users.
CoinMarketCap is a top cryptocurrency data and portfolio tracker, with information on over 11,000 cryptos and premium API services for strategy testing.
Chart Viper is a subscription service for the renowned Autochartist signals and analysis software, available for integration with MetaTrader and Thinkorswim trading platforms.
CoinGecko is a crypto charting and data provider, with a wealth of useful tools, features, educational content and information on over 9,000 coins.
Autochartist is a technical analysis tool that assists with trade set up and patterns, as well as providing signals, market reports and other useful features.
BuySide Global is a popular indicator service compatible with the NinjaTrader 8 platform. Clients can also purchase automated trading systems and membership to community chatrooms.
What2Trade is a free signals provider for forex, cryptocurrency, futures and US stock markets with daily published articles and a strong social media presence.
Trade Ideas is a sophisticated signals and stock scanner service for active day traders.
Forex Signal Factory offers free trading signals to investors looking to speculate on the FX market.

Disclaimer – the service providers listed here are not endorsed, or guaranteed, by to be fit for any purpose. Any use of third-party service providers is at the user’s personal risk. We may receive financial compensation from providers listed here.

Forex Trade Copier For MT4

Due to its popularity for forex trading, the bulk of programs are designed around the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. The FX Blue Trade Copier is one of the top-rated providers designed specially for MT4. With that said, as providers continue to improve their software, programs are becoming compatible with an increasing number of platforms and systems.

Benefits & Uses

There are several advantages to using forex trade copier services:

Best Forex Trade Copier Programs

With thousands of forex trade copier services available online, finding the best can be challenging. So when shopping around, consider:

How To Start Using A Forex Trade Copier Program

Providers have made it quick and easy for traders of all experience levels to get set up and trading.

1. Choose A Provider

To get started using a forex trade copier, you first need to choose a provider following the guidance above.

Lots of forex trade copier providers let you demo their program for free. This is an excellent way to make sure the software operates how you would expect, allowing you to test your trade parameters and incorporate your risk management parameters.

Note, with some providers the demo account does come with limitations. For example, Forex Trade Copier 2 & 3 are both top-rated options that limit the number of receivers you can have with a trial version.

2. Chose A Trader

When looking for traders to copy, check for consistent performance, assets used, and their risk score. Finding a trader with a similar risk appetite is very important. It’s also worth thinking about the strategies they use. If you want to learn a Fibonacci forex strategy, for example, find an experienced trader that uses Fibonacci retracements so you can learn as you copy.

3. Consider Costs & Expiry

Check you’re comfortable with the subscription fee or percentage of trades being charged. Also, check on the expiry date. Traders offering copying services may only do so for set periods at a time.

4. Copy & Monitor

Once you’re comfortable, set your software to copy. If you opt for a fully automated mirror trading service, make sure you check in on progress, noting even successful traders have periods where they make losses. If you select a copying service that allows you to modify trades as you go, make sure it aligns with the overall strategy and that you’re learning.

Forex Trading Signals

For traders that don’t want a fully automatic trade copier, there are signal providers that will alert you when a trading opportunity arises.

The depth and format of signal services vary. For example, some providers will tell you exactly when to buy an instrument, what size position to take, where to set stop-loss and take-profit levels, plus the reasoning behind decisions. With other providers, you’ll get written notification of a trading opportunity, but you choose all the parameters. Similar to full auto-trade copier services, some signal providers are free to use while others charge a fee.

For further guidance on the best forex signals, see here.

Final Word

Forex trade copier programs let you mirror the trades of experienced traders. For beginners or those tight on time, they can be particularly useful. With plenty of programs available online, remember the best providers make it quick and easy to sign up and start trading. The top forex trade copier services also have excellent customer reviews, technical support, and a strong track record.


What is a trade copier in forex?

A forex trade copier mirrors trades across multiple accounts. You can get fully automated programs and those that allow for manual modification to trades.

Why trade with a forex trade copier?

A forex trade copier system is an excellent option for beginners looking to learn how the currency market operates and which strategies are profitable. It’s also a sensible choice for traders without the time to follow and analyse the FX market.

Do forex trade copier programs work with MT4?

The majority of forex trade copier software is compatible with MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Often available as a free download, copy trading software will link to your MT4 platform and automatically replicate positions taken on the master account.

Yes – using a forex trade copier service is legal. There are multiple reputable programs available online. To minimise the risk of scams, choose software with good customer reviews and a proven track record.

Is forex copy trading profitable?

Using a forex trade copier service can generate healthy returns. However, it does depend on the success of the primary account that you’re following. Users should also remember that returns should be measured over the longer-term and that many successful traders may experience losses in the short-term.