FX Learning Review 2024

Access the Binary Destroyer 7.0 system and learn to develop some of the most powerful skills needed to succeed in trading.

Fx Learning is an educational platform, offering members a range of different online courses and a membership service designed to educate on all aspects of the Forex Market. Read on for our comprehensive review of Fx Learning. From who the company is owned by to whether they’re worth a try.

As trading becomes more popular and more mainstream, hundreds of independent training programmes have come to the market’s forefront. Often offering fast-track, dedicated memberships designed to educate interested parties, these online teaching courses offer a unique way to learn everything there is to know about trading – and Forex in particular.

What Is FX Learning?

FX Learning is as the company name suggests. This UK-based Forex education service offers a range of different courses, each of which is designed to enhance and improve new traders’ trading capabilities.

With all courses explicitly aimed at the Forex Market, the company provides a particular service for potential traders who know exactly what market they want to enter.

In addition to a set range of courses, traders using Fx Learning also gain access to The Binary Destroyer 7.0, an indicator tool utilised for both Forex and Binary trading, and appears to be owned by the company behind Fx Learning.

Company Overview

Founded in 2017 under the name Fx Learning Ltd by Jamie Palmer, a scalper and binary trader, Fx Learning and the Binary Destroyer are an all-in-one service used in tandem to educate newer traders, or those looking to evolve their skills.

Based out of Northamptonshire, UK, the firm boast a team of four dedicated support Admins, all of which communicate directly with members to offer their expertise and guidance.

What Does Fx Learning Offer?

At its simplest, Fx Learning is a platform that delivers a range of different courses suited to a trader audience. These range from courses designed for brand-new traders to advanced classes designed to improve management, analysis, and trading skills as a whole. Every paid course grants access to the Binary Destroyer 7.0 and a trader community within the Fx Learning platform.

The community aspect of what Fx Learning has to offer includes a VIP group, Telegram group chat, members area, and access to weekly webinars in addition to the standard course setup.

As a critical service for many trader education solutions, the inclusion of a community makes Fx Learning a more exciting proposition than it would be if it offered standalone courses only.

The Binary Destroyer 7.0

As mentioned above, one of the additional elements that Fx Learning offers on top of their online courses is access to the Binary Destroyer. Currently, on its 7.0 version, this specific indicator tool is designed and created by the founder of the entire business.

All courses are centred around using this tool to improve at trading, and members receive free updates for life as part of the cost.

BD 7.0 is currently used by over 14,000 people and has been used on the market since 2015. Making it a valuable addition to traders looking to better understand the market or access a high-quality tool at an affordable price point.

BD 7.0 Video


Fx Learning Courses

As an educational platform, a range of different courses is what makes the core of Fx Learning. These unique courses include:

Free Course

Offered free of charge, this introductory course is designed for beginners and does not provide access to the Binary Destroyer tool. Designed to cover the basics and offer a quick foundation, the free beginner course is a precursor to move on to any of Fx Learning’s other courses.

Beginner to Expert Course

With a price tag of £155, this affordable course provides a far more in-depth look at Forex trading for beginners. Attendees will learn how to use the Binary Destroyer indicator tool and access a good idea of the skills and disciplines needed to succeed in Forex trading.

Standard Trader Course

At £105, the Standard Trader Course is the most affordable of Fx Learning’s courses. Covering everything to do with trading, including Binary, Forex, Crypto and Stocks, this comprehensive course is a general overview and a way to access the Binary Destroyer tool affordably.

Institutional Course

Designed to focus on trading, analysis, and management related explicitly to Price Action, this £300 is developed for advanced traders looking to gain specific knowledge and insights. Access to the Binary Destroyer is also included as part of this complete course.

One-on-One Webinars

For individuals looking for tailored insight and information, Zoom calls with Fx Learning’s support Admins team is another option.

Starting at £25 for a single hour, webinars don’t provide access to the Binary Destroyer. However, they can be used to supplement learning from one of the existing courses if you’re interested in the personal touch.

FXLearning Benefits

Who Is The Service Designed For?

While Fx Learning is specifically tailored towards those wanting to get into – or develop their skills in – Forex trading, the skill level needed to utilise the service is variable. With courses ranging from brand-new beginner to advanced expert, the offer delivers to a wide range of different traders.

Their service’s primary draw is the Binary Destroyer, so if you aren’t interested in using this indicator tool, Fx Learning may not be the best fit for you. Much of the course content centres around this specific piece of software, so if you don’t use it, you aren’t likely to get as much from a membership in the long-term.

Who Can Join?

Fx Learning advertises their memberships as a ‘worldwide community’, which suggests there aren’t currently any limitations to who can access their courses and join in on their services.

As a company based out of the UK, the service is accessible to anyone with a good English understanding. Currently, Fx Learning advertises their community as rapidly growing and can be found in more than 30 countries worldwide.


What makes Fx Learning a great option for potential traders? Here are just a few of the benefits:

• Access to Binary Destroyer indicator for free with all courses
• Tiered courses for different skill and understanding levels
• Access to a broader membership and community
• Webinars and live support in addition to course materials


Are there any drawbacks to Fx Learning? Here are just a few things to consider:

• Focus on Forex only makes Fx Learning less useful for general-purpose trading
• Heavy bias for Binary Destroyer means you need to use this tool to get the most out of Fx Learning
• Few reviews available online outside of Fx Learning’s own pages

Is Fx Learning Worth It?

As a dedicated platform for Forex Trading education, Fx Learning benefits from an experienced team and affordable approach. However, to get the full advantage of this platform, you will need to use the specific Binary Destroyer indicator tool.

If you already have software you like, or you’re not looking to be sold on one particular process, then Fx Learning might not be the best fit for you.

On the flip side, if you like the idea of a worldwide community that’s tailored for a specific, high-quality indicator, then Fx Learning is well-worth investigating further. It all depends on what you’re looking for – and whether you’re willing to use BD for the foreseeable future.


Access the Binary Destroyer 7.0 system and learn to develop some of the most powerful skills needed to succeed in trading.