What would a trade war mean for currencies?

Whatever you think of Donald Trump and his policies, you certainly couldn’t claim that things have been quiet since he was elected. His threat to impose tariffs on key imports to the US has caused major moves in the world currency markets. In this article we’ll take a look at what the short-term impact of […]

Cryptocurrency Trading Fund Launched At Coinbase

Coinbase have announced that they intend to offer a fund for cryptocurrency trading in addition to the opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies directly on their exchange. The San Francisco-based currency exchange launched its Coinbase Index Fund on Tuesday March 6 2018 and its entry into the assets management field means it is highly likely to position […]

RBS announces £752m profits

The RBS Group has announced its first profits in ten years and seems well on the way to recovery. The banking group has spent the past ten years restructuring, following the financial crash of 2008 which saw the UK’s Labour Government bail out the business in return for a majority shareholding. RBS Profits And UK […]

Spotify to be listed on NYSE

The world’s biggest music streaming service Spotify has filed documents so its shares can be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has placed a value of up to $23 billion (£16.7 billion) on its business and priced shares accordingly. The company has disclosed that private share deals in the past year were […]

March Cryptocurrency markets

There has been a sharp dive in the value of all cryptocurrencies recently. Hacking attacks and lack of political backing in cyber currency have been the main cause of this loss in value. Taking advantage of the price of Bitcoin chains has proven fruitful for several investors. However, things are starting to pick up, with […]

Inflation Fears Stoke Gold Prices

Gold in favour as inflation stirs. As the decade-long Federal Reserve policy of quantitative easing comes to an end, investors and traders are eyeing gold as a hedge to protect portfolios from the eroding effects of inflation. The precious metal is traditionally seen as a safe haven in times of turmoil, with the recent fall […]

Volume Of Foreign Exchange Trades Increases For Jan

Foreign Exchange volumes increase in January 2018 Volumes of Forex trading have increased since the start of 2018, mainly due to investor speculation about a weaker dollar. The volatility of foreign exchange had calmed in recent years as record liquidity levels from central banks flooded markets and left investors with fewer ways to make profits […]

Slap on the wrist for the algorithm trading industry

Regulators in the UK (FCA) have warned that guidelines and rules for the fast growing algorithm trading industry are not being followed appropriately by some suppliers. Very often, algorithm trading is poorly designed and not monitored, leaving traders and financial markets wide open to disruptive trading, mistakes and market abuse. Algorithm trading often happens at […]

Why are the financial markets suddenly plummeting?

European, American and Asian stock markets have been experiencing an unexpected free fall, as Europe’s exchanges followed the Dow Jones and posted the biggest drop since the EU referendum vote last summer. As investors and traders absorbed the gloomy news from the Dow Jones, a 3 percent drop was seen in the Stoxx Europe 600 […]

Has Bitcoin reached the bottom? Why cryptocurrencies are falling

Just five years ago you’d be able to buy Bitcoin at $12 each. That seemed like a good deal for those who believed in the future of cryptocurrency. Few could have predicted that in late 2017 they would be sold for almost $20,000 each. What many predicted, however, was the crash. And this January, it […]

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