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Trading Central is a one-stop-shop for investment decision support. The company provides a range of broker API solutions including expert market analysis, advanced charting, asset ratings and strategy builders. Our review of Trading Central explores the different features and services available, pricing and fees, plus tips on getting started. We also list the best brokers that offer Trading Central in 2024.

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What is Trading Central?

Trading Central (TC) offers award-winning investing solutions that online brokers can integrate into their existing services. The leading fintech organization provides a variety of tools, trading solutions and analysis features that can be offered at a premium to clients. These include automated analytics, 24/7 expert advisors, real-time economic releases and more.

The company has partnered with over 180 brokers in more than 50 countries, including established players like eToro, UFX, and Orbex. And while access to specific features may vary between brokers, the benefits for retail traders are obvious – fully customizable tools give investors the confidence to execute advanced trading strategies. Trading Central also offers an array of educational services with topics spanning risk management, timing trades and opportunity validation.

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Importantly, Trading Central does not sell its services directly to retail investors. Instead, online brokers pay to integrate the firm’s tools and features into their offering. As a result, investors will need to sign up with a supporting broker.


Trading Central was established in 1999 in Paris, France. The company’s founders are a group of ex financial services employees that identified a need for accountable investment research. By early 2000, the company had launched its pattern recognition solution, Recognia. The first technical analysis system, Technical Insight, went live on broker websites in 2003. Over the years, Trading Central has successfully launched a long list of tools and products, covered in more detail below.

More recently, the company opened an innovation lab in Nice to develop sophisticated AI algorithms. The firm is also now active in many global trading markets with headquarters and offices spanning London (UK), Ottawa (Canada) and Hong Kong.


Trading Central provides technical, economic and fundamental analysis through signals and indicators, strategy builder tools, market sentiment features and even newsletters. Below we review the key features available:

Fundamental Insight

View and interpret complex financial data in a digestible and simple format. The tool is designed to empower investors of all experience levels to make educated decisions using top quality market data. Insights include:

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Target Price

Strategy Builder

Strategy Builder is designed to empower investors to screen, develop and test bespoke trading strategies. These can be created from a pre-built archive or generated from scratch.

The tool allows filtering of stocks via 65+ different factors including fundamental and quantitative criteria. This allows users to create a portfolio based on their trading style and personal interests.

Backtesting against historical performance and embedded educational content can also help traders take full control of their investments with confidence.

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Strategy Builder

Technical Insight

Technical Insight is an award-winning programme that supports traders in developing investment strategies. The tool uses a weight-of-evidence approach to display trade outlooks. Through a balanced set of detailed, proactive analytics, educational guidance and customizable options, Technical Insight offers:

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Technical Insight

Technical Views

Technical Views uses a combination of analyst expertise and automated algorithms. The proprietary pattern recognition tool screens the market to offer trading plans based on established methodologies. This runs alongside senior analysts that validate outputs and publish the most credible and useful market views. Day traders can benefit from 24/5 global drop coverage across 8,000 instruments.

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Technical Views

TC Alpha Generation

Compiled of three technical indicators, this Trading Central tool allows investors to identify new trading opportunities, similar vs Autochartist. Each indicator can be integrated into the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform with a simple download.

Directional perspectives can be embedded into every chart and graph using the established technical analysis methodology. This also includes an interesting alternative scenario pivot point tool that offers target levels in a differing direction.

Alpha Generation

Economic Calendar

The Trading Central economic calendar supports an interactive alternative to a standard static chart. The live calendar uses real-time data to monitor potential price movement events. Whether you are trading the USD/JPY, USD/CAD or GBP/USD, you can stay up to date with macroeconomic events that could cause price volatility. Features include:

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Economic Calendar

Economic Insight

The Economic Insight tool provides traders with mechanisms to observe, speculate and act on potential market-moving events. The real-time data, volatility analysis tools, and interactive charting allow event assessments on forex pairs, including the EUR/USD and GBP/JPY.

An interesting feature of Trading Central’s Economic Insight is the ‘trade set up’ feature. This allows investors to set a maximum risk appetite to view suitable stop loss, trailing stop or take profit orders.

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Economic Insight

News & Sentiment

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Market Buzz


Trading Central’s pricing is based on a B2B model. This means the cost to use tools, instruments or the research & analysis platform, will vary between brokers. While free with some providers, other online brokerages position Trading Central services as an additional premium. This can be in the form of a subscription charge or a one-off login fee.

Note, FxPro, eToro, ICM, and AvaTrade do not charge clients to use the tools, analytics, alerts or technical indicator signals for MetaTrader 4.

Pros of Trading Central

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Trading Central is a member of ANACOFI-CIF, an association approved by the Autorité Des Marchés Financiers (AMF). It is also registered with ORAIS, meaning it follows the relevant regulatory guidance.

The firm’s global entities hold regulations from the relevant authorities. The US franchise, for example, is registered as an investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Trading Central Asia Limited affiliate holds a license from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), enabling it to provide securities advice.

Getting Started

First, you will need to open an account with a broker that offers access to the Trading Central programme. Information on integration compatibility can normally be found within the platform interface or under the additional features web pages at your online broker.

Remember, brokers integrate features via APIs so you won’t need to download and add tools to your trading account. With that said, you may need to sign up or download alternative platforms if you choose to opt-in and use the services of a third party.

Trial access to some solutions may also be published online so you can get a feel for the features and tools.

Trading Central Verdict

Trading Central provides a vast selection of tools, instruments and analytics to enhance the investing experience. Importantly, the company aims to develop solutions that bridge the gap between professional and retail trading.

From its suite of educational services to advanced market data and expert analysts, there is something for novice investors and veteran traders alike. Sign up with a registered broker to start trading today.


Does Trading Central Offer Trade Enhancing Tools For All Assets?

Trading Central asset coverage spans 35,000 stocks, 330 forex pairs, 50 indices, a select number of crypto coins and 60 commodities. Some of the most recognised markets and assets where analysis is available include the US30, NASDAQ 100, XAUUSD, and BTC.

Can Anyone Use Trading Central Instruments?

Trading Central has developed a range of tools and instruments suited to day traders of all experience levels. From concise market buzz publications to technical analysis indicators, there is something for beginners up to seasoned investors.

Do You Have To Pay To Use Trading Central Tools?

Solutions cannot be purchased by individual investors. Trading Central is available to online brokers only. Nevertheless, many global brokers offer the firm’s services at no extra cost. See our list of supporting brokers to get started today.

What Is The Trading Central Value Analyzer?

The Value Analyzer tool provides a simple, intuitive view of key investing metrics. This includes company revenue history, dividends, and more. The unassuming indicator interprets all benchmarks via a concise coded system to show how well an instrument matches investing criteria.

Is Trading Central Legit?

Trading Central is a legitimate and award-winning trading solutions provider. It holds global regulation from the SEC and SFC, plus it is a registered member of ANACOFI-CIF, an association approved by the AMF.

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