Tim Sykes Review 2024

Tim Sykes is one of many trading programs that claim they can take inexperienced investors and help them to become successful and financially secure. This particular set of courses focuses on penny stocks, though also covers a wide range of assets and strategies. This 2024 review will delve into the services offered by the Timothy Sykes Trading Program, covering the man himself, how the program works and the content covered.

What Is The Timothy Sykes Trading Program?

Founded in 2010, the Tim Sykes Trading Program is a heavily detailed investing guide with many resources suited to beginners and more experienced traders alike. Since its inception, over 3,000 members have signed up and benefitted from the lessons, many of whom have gone on to earn six figures or more from the trading tips they garnered. The program is aimed at individuals instead of large hedge funds and investment banks as it focuses on penny stocks, which do not lend themselves to large profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars per trade, rather anywhere from $1,000 to $200,000.

Who Is Timothy Sykes?

Tim Sykes is an American trader that is famous for turning his Bar Mitzvah gift of over $10,000 into millions while studying at Tulane University by day trading penny stocks. As of 2021, Timothy Sykes’ estimated net worth was around $15 million, which has allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle, posting photos online of his sports cars, holidays on a yacht and views from his New York apartment. Since then, he has spent time running a hedge fund that he has written a book about, has set up a charitable foundation, has been on the Wall Street Warriors TV show that followed several entrepreneurs on Wall Street and had interviews with famous personalities like Larry King and Steve Harvey, as well as featuring in Forbes business magazine.tim sykes 30 day bootcamp download review

How The Timothy Sykes Trading Program Works

The Tim Sykes Trading Program offers four different subscription services, each targeted at different levels of expertise. The entire program places a focus on penny stocks, which are stocks that trade at less than $5 a share. These are often smaller public companies but they can still be found on major indices, for example, Genius Brands (GNUS) is part of the Nasdaq. A common index where you can find many penny stocks such as AABB, Galaxy, OZSC and DPLS is the OTCMKTS.

Tim’s Alerts

This is the most basic package available on the Tim Sykes Program as it has the fewest features and the lowest cost. The main features include:

  • A stock watchlist that is updated each day.
  • Profit.ly mobile app that is available on both iPhone and Android.
  • A chatroom in which you can discuss anything trading related with Tim, a selected group of mentors and all the other students.
  • Real-time text message and email notifications for trades that Tim Sykes makes. These are more to help you understand the type of trades that Tim makes and why they are being made, rather than so you can just copy him. Especially as, by the time you receive the alert for a particular trade, it will likely already be too late to also make a profit from the position.

This service is best for more experienced traders that do not need thousands of hours of tutorial videos.

PennyStocking Silver

This Tim Sykes service is aimed at beginners that want to know how to get started, rather than more experienced traders. The program holds a massive library of video guides and lessons that build up a user’s knowledge of trading foundations. For example, these cover how to read charts and how to recognise key indicators for the best stock picks. In addition to everything that is offered with the Tim’s Alerts service, users also have:

  • A library with over 7,000 video lessons that cover topics like trading analysis, key terms & vocabulary and trading patterns & how to recognise them.
  • Weekly trading lessons.

Clearly, it may take a while to get through all the videos but they are packed full of key information to help you become a successful penny stocks day trader. It is important to note that learning to trade is a process akin to learning a new language or an instrument as it requires the dedication of time and resources over a long period if you wish to hone your craft and reap the benefits.

Tim’s 30-Day Bootcamp

Tim Sykes also offers an intensive program that aims to develop your trading skills over 30 days. It incorporates three phases, with a carefully planned roadmap laying out the necessary steps. Firstly, you will learn the fundamentals of trading, such as how to find the most ideal stocks using Tim’s proprietary software. The second phase involves understanding strategy and how to identify common patterns so you can learn to obtain quick profits.

The final phase is a live practice session, where you see Tim trade, so you can identify and learn the processes and investment strategy he adopts for approaching and executing trades. This program teaches you using daily training videos and includes a free penny stock book written by Tim and his team that details how to generate consistent earnings and Tim’s Pennystocking Framework video series.

Tim’s Millionaire Challenge

This is the VIP program with the most advanced trading techniques and advice on offer from the Tim Sykes Trading Program. Users not only have access to everything available with the Pennystocking Silver and the 30 Day Bootcamp programs but also the following additional

  • Access to Tim’s secret trading book that includes his top methods.
  • Invitations to join Tim’s frequent webinar sessions.
  • A range of over 200 valuable resources.

In addition to the four memberships, Tim Sykes has already created a massive DVD library, each of which acts as a stand-alone product sold separately to the subscriptions. DVD lessons include Trader and Investor summits, which are conferences where successful traders, investors and hedge fund managers present their trading analysis and advice. Additionally, you can purchase DVDs with multiple hours of Tim’s trading sessions to follow and learn how the expert approaches his trading.


  • Tim’s Alerts: $74.95 per month, $684 annually.
  • Penny Stocking Silver: $149.95 per month, $1,296 annually.
  • 30 Day Bootcamp: A one-time fee of $79. Unfortunately, there is no special price or coupon code available.
  • Tim’s Millionaire Challenge: Estimations between $3,000 to $5,000 per year, if accepted. $197 per month when on the VIP list during application.


  • A successful tutor with many successful students
  • Different services for a range of experience levels
  • Access to a massive library of lessons and resources


  • Minimal information on the specifics of courses before purchase
  • The Millionaire Challenge is very expensive

Customer Support

For non-members, there is a ‘contact us’ tab on the profit.ly website, where you can send off a form and receive a response via email. This can be concerning anything from Tim Sykes himself to the educational DVDs or profit.ly trades statistics.

Additionally, there is a Tim Sykes website with a wide range of helpful information available to everyone, not just members and students. Here, Tim has his own blog on which he discusses topics such as the Gamestop, AMC and Nokia bubble in early 2021 and hosts interviews with successful students, such as millionaires Jack Kellogg, Mark Croonck and Mariana Hincapie. There are also tabs on deciphering common trading terminology, many quick ‘how to’ guides on topics like trading Penny Stocks and his many watchlists.tim sykes 5g stock rules and dedicated watchlists

How To Register

The registration process for Tim’s Alerts and the Pennystocking Silver programs are similar:

  • Go to the profit.ly website and, on the Premium drop-down menu, select pricing. From here click on the blue ‘Get Started’ box underneath “Find Your Guru” and then click on the ‘Get More Info’ box next to Tim Sykes.
  • You will then be taken to the plans page detailing the Tim’s Alerts, Pennystocking Silver and Tim’s Challenge programs.
  • To register for Tim’s Alerts or Pennystock Silver, simply select the plan and input your personal information, such as account information and payment details.
  • For Tim’s Millionaire Challenge, you need to input an email address and apply to join the VIP trading list. Alternatively, rather than going to profit.ly, you can go to timothysykes.com and click on the ‘Ready For The Challenge Tab?’. This is where you go through an interview process, which involves a 30-minute phone call, and submit personal information to prove that you have the financial means and time available for the full commitment.
  • The 30 Day Bootcamp can be accessed via Timothy Sykes’ own website or member login via the student portal. To apply, you just need to input your email address, full name, phone number, street address and payment information.

Coupon codes for annual subscription discounts to one of the Tim Sykes programs are automatically applied at checkout.

Tim Sykes Verdict

The Tim Sykes Trading Program has evidence of proven success through the many students that have gone on to earn thousands, even millions, of dollars through trading using the lessons taught. The four different subscription models and the education available mean that there is something suited for speculators of every level of expertise and make this program a very attractive prospect. It is important to remember, however, that no training program guarantees success and that, even after investing plenty of time and money into learning the markets, patterns and tricks, you still may not make any profits.


Is The Tim Sykes Program Worthwhile?

Tim Sykes’ Trading Programs offer a wide range of resources and learning material to develop basic understanding and enhance strategies and approaches. The content is not limited to penny stocks, either, also covering trading journals, book reviews, crypto, options trading, patterns like first green day OTC and first red day, weekend trading patterns and how to morning panic dip buy. If you are tempted but unsure, you can visit the website and blog to trial Tim’s teaching without purchasing a course. Alternatively, sign up for the free email list or long term newsletter for watchlists and stock assessments.

What Software Does Tim Sykes Use?

Tim Sykes often discusses software, recommended brokers and trading platform reviews on his blog. One particular piece of software he recommends is StocksToTrade, which provides real-time stock data with numerous charts and tools, as well as a group chat room to deliberate and examine trades, news and rumours. Additionally, Tim has said he uses the E*TRADE broker for penny stocks.

What Are Some Alternative Trading Resources Available Online?

If penny stocks are not the focus you want for your trading education, or you simply want to explore some alternatives, you can check out Warrior Trading, Investors Underground, RaginBull.com, Anton Kreil, Jason Bond, Ross Cameron and Zack Morris.

Where Can I Find More Information On The Program?

Further information on the Tim Sykes Trading Programs, alerts and book series can be found on the platform’s websites or review sites like Trustpilot. Additionally, you could check out Timothy Sykes’ social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Discord, Instagram and Facebook. Finally, you can explore the range of free recommended books, ebooks, audiobooks, alerts systems and courses available through other sites and retailers.

Has Tim Sykes Ever Been To Jail?

No, Tim Sykes has not been to prison. Although he does have an article on his website titled “Why I Just Checked Myself Into Prison”, this is more in a metaphorical sense concerning restarting his trading accounts with only $12,000.

Tim Sykes is a famous penny stock investor and day trader that offers a wide range of financial education content, covering equities and derivatives with video courses, books and mentorship classes.