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Strategic Alternatives in a Low-Return World

The low-return environment is the most important reality facing traders and investors today. We’ll briefly cover the environment and its implications, along with how to approach strategic alternatives to appropriately calibrate risks and returns. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, low interest rates were a fixture of the overall backdrop. The environment was as follows: – […]

The Power of Zero Interest Rates

One of the biggest financial news stories coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic was the huge rally that went from late March 2020 onward, starting with the zero interest rates that stimulated the rise. Stock market indices fell a lot quickly (faster than the losses seen in the 1929 crash) before the Federal Reserve stepped […]

SPAC: What Are ‘Blank Check’ Companies?

SPAC is short for a special purpose acquisition company, also known as a “blank check” company. A SPAC is essentially large pool of cash, which is listed on a public exchange with the sole purpose of completing an acquisition. It’s essentially a form of a backdoor IPO. SPACs are unique in that they have no […]

Trustpilot Moots London IPO

Leading online review platform Trustpilot – whose software allows customers to review businesses – is said to be looking at a flotation on the London Stock Exchange as early as Q1 in 2021. The Copenhagen-based company is in talks with several major investment banks. A public listing in London would be a great boost for […]

Could Moonpig Float Mean An Opportunity Is On The Cards?

Online greetings card and gift retailer Moonpig could go public with a stock market IPO following a spate of thriving trading during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Moonpig Group has been owned by private equity firm Exponent since 2016. It has been reported by Sky News that the firm is in early-stage talks with investment banks about […]

Offshore Wind To Power All UK Households By 2030

Investors are flocking to renewable offshore wind farm business investments since Boris Johnson made his high profile commitment to renewables on 6 October 2020. The UK Commitment To Offshore Wind Farms The Prime Minister was speaking at the Tory Party Conference and confirmed a budget of £160mn for the factories that build the turbines needed […]

Tesco Sees Skyrocketing Profits Mid-pandemic

The supermarket chain Tesco has come out on top against its rivals, revealing it first-half profits rose by more than a quarter in just a few months. Thanks to the COVID pandemic encouraging more shoppers to order online rather than in-store, the company has reported a significant jump in its market share and profit returns. […]

What ETFs and ETF Options Trade After Hours?

Option values are based on the price of the underlying asset or exchange traded product (ETP). Accordingly, once the underlying asset stops trading, there is no need for options to continue trading. Nonetheless, many underlying ETPs are now being traded in after hours sessions until at least 4:15 PM ET that are open to both […]

Time To Catch An Uber Share?

Uber has always been an attractive stock for the savvy day trader. Whilst many long term holders pass it by due to its horrific unprofitability, and lack of any real moat, the volatility this brings can be a desirable prospect to those looking for a quick short (or long). London License After a three year […]

Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead?

The 60/40 portfolio pertains to an asset allocation that is 60 percent stocks and 40 percent bonds. The general thinking is that the 60 percent in stocks gives the portfolio a high enough risk asset allocation such that it can generate quality returns while the 40 percent in bonds gives diversification and a capital preservation […]

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