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Asia Pacific Opportunities: BlackBull Introduces HK50 & CHINAA50

BlackBull Markets has bolstered its suite of 20+ indices with the Hang Seng Index (HK50) and China A50 Index (CHINAA50), providing opportunities to capitalize on an increasingly economically dominant region. Key Takeaways The HK50 and CHINAA50 are available on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. Floating spreads are charged on both indices with minimum volumes […]

ii’s New Managed ISA: Your Money Works, You Don’t Have To

interactive investor has introduced a brand-new Managed ISA. You’ll be matched to one of 10 portfolios depending on your goals and risk tolerance. Investment values can fluctuate. You may lose the money you invest. Tax treatment varies depending on your circumstances. Consult HMRC or a tax professional for guidance. Key Takeaways Two trading styles and […]

Tulip Mania & Lessons for Today’s Traders

Tulip Mania, one of the earliest recorded financial bubbles in history, provides a fascinating case study for modern traders and investors. The rapid rise and fall of tulip bulb prices in the 17th-century Dutch Republic serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of irrational exuberance in financial markets. By examining the historical context, key […]

Interest Rate Immunization – Protecting Your Portfolio from Interest Rate Risk

Interest rates can be unpredictable, yet they’re a big driver of asset prices, making it difficult to know what to do with your investments for tactical traders. Interest rate immunization is a strategy that can help you protect your investments from interest rate risk. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at interest rate […]

Magical Formula Investing (Origin, Principles, Formula)

Magical Formula Investing is a financial market strategy developed by Joel Greenblatt, a well-respected finance professor and fund manager. This method combines two key financial metrics: earnings yield and return on capital The goal is to systematically identify high-quality companies at bargain prices. We’ll look at the approach and also distill how day traders and […]

Synthetic Long & Synthetic Short (Options Strategy)

In options trading, synthetic positions offer traders flexibility and the opportunity to mimic the outcomes of traditional stock trading strategies using a combination of options contracts.  Essentially, synthetic long and synthetic short strategies let traders simulate the risk and reward profiles of buying or shorting a stock, respectively, without actually owning or borrowing the underlying […]

Investing in the Music Industry

The music industry has massive underlying demand and could be of interest for traders or investors looking to get in on a secular trend. YouTube’s most popular videos and most viewed videos ever are disproportionately music videos. The top ones obtain billions of views, garnering popularity that most forms of content could never fathom even […]

Moneta Markets Introduces New Index CFDs: SGP20 & TWINDEX

Moneta Markets has expanded its suite of index CFDs with the Singapore 20 Index (SGP20) and Taiwan RIC Index (TWINDEX). The broker now provides opportunities on three of the four ‘Asian Tigers’ – Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong – with South Korea being the fourth. Key Takeaways The SGP20 and TWINDEX are available on the […]

How to Generate Leverage in a Portfolio

The concept of leverage involves using borrowed capital for investment and amplifying the potential returns. While leverage can magnify profits, it also magnifies losses. Below we focus on how you can generate leverage in your portfolio, through options, futures, borrowing, shorting, and more.   Key Takeaways – How to Generate Leverage in a Portfolio Leverage […]

Negative Carry in Trading

Negative carry is a situation where holding an investment or trade costs you more than the income it generates. This concept is important for investors and traders to understand as it can hugely impact their overall returns and portfolio performance. It’s especially relevant in futures and margin trading, but has various other applications as well. […]

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