Best Scalping Brokers

Scalping is a popular trading strategy that requires time and effort, but it also needs a good broker with fast order executions, low fees, high leverage, and reliable software. Fortunately, our team have done the hard work for you – evaluating and reviewing dozens of platforms to find the best scalping brokers.

List Of Best Brokers For Scalping 2024

These are the top 5 scalping brokers based on our tests:

  1. Pepperstone: Best Overall Broker For Scalping
  2. IC Markets: Best For Trading Software
  3. Skilling: Best For Execution Speeds
  4. FXTM: Best For High Leverage
  5. Best For US Traders

Comparison of Top 5 Scalping Brokers

Top 5 Brokers For Scalping Trading Comparison
Pepperstone IC Markets Skilling FXTM
Execution Speed ~30ms ~40ms ~15ms ~80ms ~30ms
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500 1:2000 1:200
Spreads From 0.0 0.0 0.1 0.0 0.2
Commission Per $100K $6 $6 $7 $4 $7
Platform MT4, MT5, cTrader MT4, MT5, cTrader MT4, cTrader MT4, MT5 MT4, MT5
Minimum Deposit $0 $200 $100 $50 $100

Pepperstone - Best Overall Broker For Scalping

Pepperstone is an award-winning broker with more than 400,000 clients and an excellent reputation. The forex and CFD broker is regulated by trusted financial bodies, including the FCA, ASIC, CySEC and DFSA.

Pepperstone will serve both beginners and experienced scalpers with no minimum deposit, industry-leading platforms and 24/7 customer support.

Why We Chose It

We recommend Pepperstone for scalping for several reasons:

  • The Razor account offers competitive pricing for scalpers with spreads from 0.0 pips and a $7 commission per lot or $6 on cTrader
  • High-volume scalpers can reduce their costs through the Active Trader scheme
  • You can scalp on the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader platforms
  • High leverage up to 1:500 is available depending on your location
  • The broker offers very fast execution speeds of around 30ms
  • Over 1,200 instruments are available including forex

IC Markets - Best For Trading Software

IC Markets is a hugely respected broker with more than 180,000 clients, very competitive pricing and reliable software. The brokerage is authorized by several respected regulators, including the ASIC, CySEC and FSA.

IC Markets offers flexible accounts to suit different needs, with an accessible minimum deposit of $200. The broker also accepts a range of fee-free and near-instant payment methods, so you can get started quickly.

Why We Chose It

We suggest choosing IC Markets for scalping due to multiple factors:

  • Scalping strategies and automated systems can be deployed on the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader platforms
  • The Raw account offers some of the best conditions for scalpers with tight spreads from 0.0 pips alongside a low $7 commission per lot, which you can further reduce to $6 on cTrader
  • Scalpers can access leverage up to 1:500 to increase their buying power and returns
  • IC Markets offers faster than average execution speeds of around 40ms
  • Over 2,250 instruments are available including forex

Skilling - Best For Execution Speeds

Skilling is a Cyprus-based multi-asset broker with accessible conditions and various industry awards. The company is regulated by the CySEC and FSA.

Skilling offers a competitive environment with beginner-friendly platforms, transparent fees and a fast sign-up process.

Why We Chose It

We picked Skilling as one of the best scalping brokers for several reasons:

  • The broker offers some of the fastest execution speeds we have seen, coming in at 15ms
  • The Premium account is well suited to scalping with spreads from 0.1 pips and a $7 commission per lot
  • You can scalp trade on the powerful MetaTrader 4 and cTrader platforms
  • High leverage rates up to 1:500 are available
  • Over 1,000 instruments are available including forex

FTXM - Best For High Leverage

FXTM is a popular global broker with over 4 million registered accounts and 25+ awards. The brokerage is regulated by the FCA, CySEC, FSCA, and FSC.

FXTM offers market-leading platforms, a $50 minimum investment, and very high leverage.

Why We Chose It

Our experts found several things that make FXTM good for scalping:

  • The ECN account allows scalping and offers very competitive pricing with tight spreads from 0.0 pips and a $4 commission per lot
  • You can access high leverage up to 1:2000 – more than any other broker we evaluated
  • You can trade on the reliable MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms
  • The broker offers fast execution speeds of around 80ms
  • Over 1,000 instruments are available including forex - Best For US Traders is a top-rated broker with over 20 years experience and more than 1 million clients. The broker is heavily regulated, holding licenses with the NFA, CFTC, FCA, CySEC, CIMA, CIRO, and SFC. offers a choice of high-quality software, very low fees and a selection of convenient deposit options.

Why We Chose It

We consider the best scalping broker in the US due to several factors:

  • The Raw Pricing account is a great option for scalpers with spreads from 0.0 pips and a $7 commission
  • The Active Trader program also offers discounts for high-volume traders with up to 15% off costs
  • You can trade on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms
  • offers very fast execution speeds of around 30ms
  • Over 4,500 instruments are available including forex

How To Find The Best Broker For Scalping

There are several factors our team considered to find the best scalping brokers:

Execution Speed

We consider order execution speed and quality highly important while scalping since this style of trading relies on razor-thin margins where a millisecond can make a difference.

Our experts consider any execution speed below 100ms as fast, however some of our top scalping brokers have ultra-fast execution speeds of <30ms. 


High leverage provides more buying power and potential returns, making it an important consideration for scalpers. Several regulators restrict leverage to 1:30 for retail traders, however some firms offer higher rates for professional traders or to clients registered through their offshore entities.

Importantly, we only recommend that experienced traders use high leverage, as it can magnify losses and increase the risks. It is also worth noting that offshore brokers tend to offer fewer legal safeguards.

Execution Model

Brokers generally use either dealing-desk (DD) or no-dealing-desk (NDD) models to process orders.

Overall, brokers with NDD accounts are generally more transparent and we see them as the best choice for scalpers.


Brokers often give clients a choice of two pricing models, either charging no commission and making their money from a wider floating spread, or charging a flat commission and offering tighter spreads:

We usually recommend brokers with a commission-based pricing model for scalpers as they offer tighter spreads, making it easier to execute a strategy based on such fine margins.


The platform is where you carry out analysis, plan and execute trades, and for us, this is one of the key factors behind successfully implementing scalping strategies.

The best platforms for scalpers are powerful enough to carry out trades quickly and support automated trading. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are two of the world’s leading platforms, famous for their reliability, speed, and support for Expert Advisors (EAs).

Scalping on MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 4

Regulatory Credentials

We consider safety the single most important aspect of online investing, so we favor scalping brokers that are regulated by reputable financial bodies.

Regulated brokers can generally be trusted to protect clients’ funds, provide fair terms and live up to advertised standards of execution. This is especially important with strategies like scalping, where a millisecond or a fraction of a pip can make the difference between profit and loss.

Our team always crosscheck brokers’ credentials against the respective regulator’s database to confirm their licenses are valid. We also look for any reports of scams or security breaches. 


Choosing the best broker is not an easy process, but when it comes to scalping it can be the difference between profit and loss.

To find the best scalping brokers, we evaluated and reviewed dozens of brokers, focussing on their order execution speed, spreads and commissions, maximum leverage, platforms, account conditions, and regulatory status.

We also considered both quantitive metrics and qualitative insights gathered during the testing process. This allowed us to identify the 5 brokers that are best for this specialized strategy.


Which Is The Best Scalping Broker?

Pepperstone is the best broker for scalping. It offers very fast execution speeds of ~30ms, high leverage up to 1:500, spreads from 0.0 pips with a low commission, access to MT4, MT5 and cTrader, plus a $0 minimum deposit.

Runners up in our list of best scalping brokers are IC Markets, Skilling, FXTM, and

Which Is The Best Platform For Scalping?

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are the most popular platforms for scalping. They are offered by many of the top brokers and offer fast processing, reliable order management and support for automated trading.

cTrader is also a good platform for scalping with sophisticated tools, advanced charts and a modern design.

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