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eToro Expands US Offering With New Stocks & ETFs

Top-rated social trading platform, eToro, has expanded its investment offering with a selection of new US equities and ETFs. This follows a recent survey that showed the firm’s crypto trading customers were keen to diversify investment portfolios. Read on for the details. Diversification Opportunities eToro has added several US stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to […]

China Shares Rise On The Back Of Positive Economic Data

After a long period of stagnation and recent fears of the Evergrande situation developing into a full-scale crisis, share values in China are rising on the back of positive economic news. The country’s National Bureau of Statistics reported that the nation’s output grew by 8.1 per cent in 2021 and that it increased by more […]

When Will the US Run Out of Money? (And Impacts on Markets)

Can the US or any country run out of money? Technically, the government doesn’t have money. A government is just a collection of individuals. Everything in an economy comes down to productivity.  Governments collect tax revenue from what boils down to underlying productivity at the most fundamental level. It can use a combination of those […]

The Pound’s Rally Continues, But For How Much Longer?

GBP has been soaring – at least compared to the dollar. Fears over inflation in the US are pushing sterling to new highs as investors flood Britain with capital. This means that many now view it as a safer currency, at least in the short term. Why Is The Pound Rallying? The pound’s rally began […]

The 3 Primary Drivers of M&A Strategy

When it comes to M&A strategy, there are three primary drivers of why companies want to acquire another business or merge together. Let’s go through each of them. Scale/growth Over 80% of company executives consider scale-up acquisitions a part of their strategic model for accelerating growth. This M&A strategy refers to mergers and acquisitions that […]

The Complete Guide to Cash Flow Analysis

In this article, we cover the basics of cash flow analysis. In trading and investing, cash flow is what gives businesses value. The value of a business is the amount of cash you can take from it over its life discounted back to the present. So understanding cash flow gets at the heart of where […]

How to Trade a Late-Cycle Economy

A late-cycle economy is characterized by higher inflation, low unemployment, speculation, and eventually rising market volatility. Late-cycle economies have different market behavior than in other parts of the cycle. The labor market follows the business cycle – usually with a lag. And central bankers, who have the biggest lever on liquidity in an economy, use it […]

Boeing – Recovery In 2022?

Boeing stocks have had some of the toughest few years. While most other stocks have tumbled following the coronavirus pandemic, Boeing woes started before the virus due to the 737 Max tragedy. Boeing stocks fell from the highs of around $440 a share to go below $360 after the tragedy. Following the pandemic, the stocks […]

Travel Sector Will Continue To Face Uncertainty In 2022

Travel stocks have been one of the big losers during the global pandemic, with shifting restrictions and ongoing uncertainty making travel impossible or undesirable for both leisure and business travellers. In the US alone, travel spending dropped by 42% in a market where it would normally be expected to grow between 2% and 4% year […]

Investing in Gold: Its Role in a Portfolio

Investing in gold is not usually the first allocation priority in most people’s portfolios. It does, however, have an important role to play when it’s allocated in the right amount that can both enhance returns and reduce risk. Gold is treated much closer to a monetary asset or a currency than a commodity subject to […]

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