Steep Rise For Bitcoin

Bitcoin rose by over 15% in the week ending 13 April, from a low of $6,000 to $8,000. At one point the cryptocurrency made a massive hike of $1,100 within just 30 minutes on 12 April. Some analysts have commented that Bitcoin trades during this 30 – 60 minute window were an indication of the […]

FCA cracks down on cryptocurrency derivative trading

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning to all companies that are involved in trading cryptocurrency derivatives stating they have a “likely” requirement to be authorised. The FCA posted a notice on their website in early April stating that although they don’t consider that cryptocurrencies are a currency or commodity for the purposes […]

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin ‘not concerned’ about potential China sell of US debt

The US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has played down fears that China could sell off its holdings of US debt, amid rising tensions over trade between the two economic superpowers. China is currently the largest holder of US debt, holding approximately $1.2 trillion of US Treasuries, and could sell off the debt as a retaliatory […]

VeChain crytocurrency shows gains for 2018 to date

VeChain is the only cryptocurrency in the top 20 cryptos to be showing gains so far in 2018. The cryptocurrency has risen by over 28% since January 1, while the prices for most other cryptocurrencies have dropped thanks to news that regulations will soon be in place and a number of hacks. VeChain gains compared […]

Ripple the worst-performing cryptocurrency of the year so far

Ripple has been revealed as 2018’s worst-performing cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation. Ripple has lost over 74% during the first quarter, compared with Ethereum and Bitcoin’s loss of 40%. In what has been challenging period for the cryptocurrency sector overall, total market capitalisation has fallen by over 50% this year. Performance in 2017 Ripple […]

The “Trade War” so far and its potential market impact

President Trump’s promise to add 25% tax on steel and 10% on aluminium imports to the US has thus far caused unrest, with emerging market stocks falling to two–week lows amid rumours of a trade war spiralling into a major issue. Steel Impact So far in South Korea, the third highest importer of steel to […]

Bitcoin falls 7% after Twitter announces ban on cryptocurrency ads

Bitcoin saw 7% shaved off its price following the announcement by social media giant Twitter that cryptocurrency ads would be banned from its platform with immediate effect. Twitter Ad Ban Speaking to CNBC a Twitter spokesperson said: “We are committed to ensuring the safety of the Twitter community. As such, we have added a new […]

Will Nerve Attack Impact Markets?

The case of Sergei Skripal, the former Russian spy poisoned with a nerve agent in the English town of Salisbury, has dominated international news over the last few days. The UK has now announced retaliatory sanctions against Russia and many other countries are expected to join them. In this article, we’ll take a look at […]

Facebook suffers worst performance since July 2012

Shares in the social media giant Facebook fell in excess of 13 per cent recently, closing at less than $160 after the company faced questions from law enforcers in the US and UK regarding its handling of personal user data. Reports last weekend alleged a huge leak of personal information pertaining to over 50 million […]

What would a trade war mean for currencies?

Whatever you think of Donald Trump and his policies, you certainly couldn’t claim that things have been quiet since he was elected. His threat to impose tariffs on key imports to the US has caused major moves in the world currency markets. In this article we’ll take a look at what the short-term impact of […]

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