Slap on the wrist for the algorithm trading industry

Regulators in the UK (FCA) have warned that guidelines and rules for the fast growing algorithm trading industry are not being followed appropriately by some suppliers. Very often, algorithm trading is poorly designed and not monitored, leaving traders and financial markets wide open to disruptive trading, mistakes and market abuse. Algorithm trading often happens at […]

Why are the financial markets suddenly plummeting?

European, American and Asian stock markets have been experiencing an unexpected free fall, as Europe’s exchanges followed the Dow Jones and posted the biggest drop since the EU referendum vote last summer. As investors and traders absorbed the gloomy news from the Dow Jones, a 3 percent drop was seen in the Stoxx Europe 600 […]

Has Bitcoin reached the bottom? Why cryptocurrencies are falling

Just five years ago you’d be able to buy Bitcoin at $12 each. That seemed like a good deal for those who believed in the future of cryptocurrency. Few could have predicted that in late 2017 they would be sold for almost $20,000 each. What many predicted, however, was the crash. And this January, it […]

Trump backs a stronger dollar, claims Treasury Secretary Mnuchin was misinterpreted

President Donald Trump has tried to allay concerns over the plunging value of the US dollar, insisting that it will get “stronger and stronger”. He added, “ultimately I want to see a strong dollar. Our country is becoming so economically strong again and strong in other ways, too.” Speaking at the World Economic Forum in […]

Korean trading ban sends Bitcoin tumbling

The South Korean government’s announcement of a ban on anonymous Bitcoin trading has sent the cryptocurrency’s value tumbling by 10%, as fears grow over increased regulatory crackdown around the world. The announcement targets one of the central principles behind Bitcoin – that its trading can be done anonymously – by forcing anyone trading it to […]

Payment company Square sees share price surge after Google comparison

The share price of emerging payment company Square was given a shot in the arm on Friday after Nomura Instinet described it as “analogous to Amazon or Google in their early days”. Nomura Instinet awarded Square stock a buy rating on Friday, and predicts healthy gains for 2018, as the company makes waves in the […]

Fund managers dismiss any plans to buy into Bitcoin

A group of major fund managers have declared they have no intention of investing in Bitcoin, despite the digital currency’s spectacular rise in value throughout 2017. Bitcoin surged to an all-time high of $19,343 on December 19 per unit. The group includes Aviva Investors, Aberdeen Standard Life, Janus Henderson, Man Group, M&G Investments and Schroders. […]

US crypto exchange Coinbase hires former Twitter executive

The biggest cryptocurrency marketplace in the US – Coinbase – has recruited Tina Bhatnagar, the former vice president of operations and user services at social media giant Twitter. Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO and co-founder officially confirmed the news on Monday. Bhatnagar will take on a like for like role at Coinbase, as vice president of operations […]

JP Morgan earnings remain strong despite new tax laws

Investment bank JP Morgan Chase has revealed its first earnings report which accounts for charges relating to new tax laws. The earnings exceeded Wall Street expectations, despite the $2.4 billion levy applied during Q4 as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Earnings adjusted to incorporate the charge were an EPS of $1.76 […]

Facebook stock falls after move away from advertising content announced

The price of Facebook shares took a tumble in January, after a statement from CEO Mark Zuckerberg which gave some indication of the company’s future direction. Zuckerberg revealed that the Facebook newsfeed will be continuing its move toward prioritising organic user content rather than paid publisher content, even if the consequence is a decline in […]

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