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Analysts Are Now Targeting $1,400 A Share For Tesla

Tesla’s stock is rebounding from its record high of $1,229.91 set on November 4, 2021, after Wedbush analyst, Dan Ives increased his price target for the electric automaker to $1,400. The move puts the investment firm’s prediction squarely in line with the most bullish Wall Street analysts, giving investors confidence that the company’s value has […]

Turkey’s Currency Crisis of 2021

Turkey’s central bank cut rates by 100bps in November 2021, which was expected by the market and Bloomberg consensus. However, given Turkey’s economics fundamentals, the rates cuts were not necessary, leading the country to another currency crisis.     Why did markets throw a tantrum? They didn’t want the CBRT (Turkey’s central bank) to cut […]

Net Zero: What It Means for Oil Trading

Under current policies, it’s expected that there will be no decline in oil consumption for years. For directional oil traders, it’s important to pay attention to whether government action going forward will meaningfully reduce the demand for oil. This is likely to come through carbon taxes or subsidies to encourage the creation and shift to […]

Carbon Emissions Trading – Exploring the Carbon Market

Carbon emissions trading is a type of policy that enables companies to buy or sell allotments of carbon dioxide (CO2) output permitted by governments with regional or national emissions standards. Carbon emissions trading is based on the idea that individuals or institutions can each own, buy or sell permits to produce greenhouse gas. Carbon emission permit […]

Japan’s Economy Shrinks On Fresh Covid-19 Cases And Supply Disruptions

Japan’s economy shrunk much quicker than anticipated in the third quarter of 2021 as new Covid-19 cases and global supply disruptions impacted consumer and business spending. While many experts predict Japan’s economy to rebound by the end of the current quarter, deteriorating global production bottlenecks look to threaten this. According to the chief economist at […]

Aussie – Bears Are In Control Pushing Prices Lower

The AUDUSD currency pair on the 4 – Hour Chart has been in a downtrend since 29 October 2021 when it registered the high price at 0.75543, followed by a series of lower tops and lower bottoms. On 24 November 2021, the Aussie recorded the low price of 0.71829. Bearish Trend The price is currently […]

Demand Shock: What It Is & Why It’s Relevant to Markets

Demand shock refers to an unexpected demand event, which leads to a large and persistent increase in inflation (and potentially interest rates). Demand shocks can be caused by supply-side shocks (e.g., oil supply shocks), monetary policy actions (e.g., central bank rate hike or QE contraction) or people changing their spending habits (e.g., deciding to save […]

DEGIRO Offers Commission-Free Stocks & ETFs

The Netherlands-based online broker is offering commission-free stock trading from the 22nd November 2021. Clients can also trade ETFs in major European markets with zero commissions. The latest rates are available to all European traders. Read on for a breakdown of DEGIRO’s new pricing structure. DEGIRO Cuts Trading Fees Commission-free trading is now available across […]

NAGA Secures €34 Million Investment Amidst Surge In Social Trading

NAGA completed a fresh share placement this week, unlocking €34 million in capital. This follows a €30 million capital guarantee split over the next three years from US Fund Yorkville Advisors. The latest funds have been earmarked for the broker’s global growth plans, including any marketing activities. NAGA Eyes Global Expansion Hamburg-based NAGA’s latest placement […]

BAIDU Inc Is Reversing To The Downside

BAIDU Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU) on the Daily Chart has been following an upward path since 19 August 2021, having found support at the $135.91 level. Baidu Price Action Baidu’s stock price reached its peak at $182.52 on 20 October 2021, the high price encouraged bears to insert short positions and as a result they pushed […]

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