UK Housing Market Halted After Pleas From Banks

In light of the current coronavirus crisis, the UK government has responded by suspending the country’s housing market on Thursday, preventing estate agents from putting new homes on the market and halting visits from potential buyers to properties already for sale. Banks Plead For Action The government reactions are a direct result of banks pleading […]

EURUSD Starts Trading Above 1.08 Following Senate Stimulus Deal

EURUSD is currently holding onto gains greater than 1.08 after the US Senate finally approved a stimulus bill worth trillions of dollars to mitigate economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. On the four-hour chart, EURUSD momentum turned positive. While EURUSD is still currently trading below the Simple Moving Averages, it looks like the picture has […]

Pound Falls Further As UK Announces Lockdown Lite

Boris Johnson has just announced that the entirety of the UK is now in a kind of ‘lockdown lite’ – he didn’t use the word ‘lockdown’, but the rules are clear: Brits are no longer allowed to leave home except for necessary trips. This is bound to have a ripple effect in the economy, though […]

Covid-19 Turmoil Provides Boost For IG Group

The whole world is talking about one thing, the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. In both the short- and long-term, we are just starting to emerge from the murky waters of speculation and unfounded guesswork. Many businesses are struggling massively, with staff being laid off, stores closing and no concrete idea of when trading can […]

Global Markets Slump To New Lows

The damaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic are still being felt in the world’s financial markets. Despite efforts being made by many governments across the globe to halt its progress, prices of both individual shares and whole indices fell during trading this week. The Dow Jones in America closed at a huge 12.9% down following […]

FTSE100 Sees 10.9% Fall Due To Impact Of Coronavirus

The impact of the global coronavirus pandemic has once more hit the world’s financial markets hard. At the close of trading on Friday 13th, the FTSE100 in the UK was down a staggering 10.9%. This represented the worst day’s trading on the index since the infamous ‘Black Monday’ of 1987. This massive fall has seen […]

Bank Of England Slashes Interest Rate

In a move that few expected, the Bank of England has decided to make an emergency cut in interest rates. The reduced rate has gone from 0.75% to 0.25%. This will take the cost of borrowing to the lowest levels in history. The Bank of England hopes that by cutting the interest rate down by […]

US stocks fall as Treasury hits new lows

US collapsed at record speed, firstly in response to the coronavirus spread, and secondly to the oil price wars declared at the weekend. The Dow Jones fell by 3.6 percent, the S&P 500 fell by roughly 3.4 percent and the Nasdaq Composite dropped off by around 3.1 percent. Bond Impact The 10 year Treasury rate […]

US Central Bank Slashes Interest Rates

The US Central Bank has slashed its interest rates policy in response to the ongoing economic crisis likely caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. With continued concerns about how the spread of the virus is affecting the US economy and stock market, the central bank decreased the general rate of interest to 1%-1.25%, down […]

Will Asda Shares Trade On UK Stock Markets Any Time Soon?

Following its failure to partner Asda with Sainsbury’s, US supermarkets giant Walmart, announced on 26 February that it could sell off the majority of its stake in the Yorkshire-based grocery chain in the very near future. Are Walmart Selling Asda? A Walmart spokesperson confirmed that significant “inbound interest” had been expressed, following the failure of […]

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