UK Pound Steadies Amid Brexit Turmoil

Recent GBP trading has put the pound in a surprisingly stable position despite the fallout from a Brexit campaign in complete disarray. With in-fighting across Parliament and little sympathy from leaders in the European Union, the pound has found a level of confidence across the City where some have described a strange sense of calm, […]

Lyft Share Price Rises 10% On First Day’s Trading In US

Regular US day traders will be kicking themselves if they missed out on the Lyft Inc IPO on 29 March. At one point on first-day trading the Lyft share price was up by 21%, boosting the profits of any savvy trader for the day. The price increase was reminiscent of the heady days tech companies […]

EasyJet Issues Profit Warning Amid Brexit Delays

EasyJet has issued a profit warning for the second half of this year, blaming Brexit uncertainty and the increasing possibility of a ‘no-deal’ exit from the EU. Johan Lundgren April Statement EasyJet’s chief executive Johan Lundgren told shareholders in April that the company has noticed a “softness” in the UK and Europe for the second […]

Coinbase Earn Sees Stellar Lumens (XLM) On The Move

The Stellar network, the blockchain-based, alternative cryptocurrency to Ripple’s XRP, may see some continued positive momentum following its recent addition to Coinbase, the vital fiat ‘gateway’ into the realm of crypto. So what’s the latest short-term boost? Well, recently Coinbase Earn, the Coinbase educational initiative (with its own separate website), added Stellar to its list […]

Is Ted Baker Too Toxic To Back?

Ted Baker’s full-year results were never expected to be great, after a turbulent 12 months for the High Street brand. In February, the clothing retailer issued a profit warning to investors, and the full-year results were in line with expectations, with pre-tax profits for the 12 months ending 26 January down by 26 per cent […]

What Next For Oil Prices 2019?

Venezuela has the largest known oil reserves in the world, totalling 20% of global reserves and beating Saudi Arabia to pole position. But the recent political turmoil after the death of Hugo Chavez has plunged the country into an economic and political crisis, suffering hyperinflation following Nicolas Maduro’s rise to power. How Are Oil Prices […]

Sainsbury And Asda Merger Hits Choppy Waters

Plans for a tie-up between the UK’s second and third largest supermarkets, Sainsbury’s and Asda look to be heading into trouble. Initial findings from the UK’s Competitions and Markets Authority have suggested that the regulator will block the merger between the two giants on competition grounds. Nevertheless, the two operators have quickly moved to put […]

Bank of England To Raise Interest Rates Soon?

Although the most recent UK government employment figures are promising and the number of people in the workforce has climbed steadily since October 2018, the pound has remained caught in the Brexit trading conundrum. Usually, when economic data demonstrates higher employment and rising wages, there’s a boost to currency prices, but traders still seem to […]

Jumia Enters New York Stock Exchange In Landmark First For Africa

As a landmark first for the continent, Pan-African technology and e-commerce business Jumia are launching their IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. The filing is a first for e-commerce in Africa, but the repercussions may cause a wave of detrimental effects. Jumia Prospects With four million dedicated customers, Jumia may appear excellent on paper, […]

Shanghai’s New Tech Board Draws Attention

Companies that are trading on the main China OTC equity market are turning to the long-awaited tech board that is set to operate just like the NASDAQ. Shanghai’s Science & Technology Innovation board that is set to launch in the next few months. It has attracted four major companies that include Jiangxi JDL Environmental Protection […]

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