WeWork Slashes Jobs After Floatation Plans Collapse

WeWork, the troubled unicorn company from the iconic Silicon Valley, has cut over 2,000 jobs globally from their staff in an extreme cost-cutting measure designed to help cover the company’s ever-growing losses. The office rental company, which has central offices in both New York and London, has been mired in controversy and produced some less […]

Alibaba Forges On With Debut On HKSE

The Chinese multinational conglomerate Alibaba has announced that they will continue with their planned debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, despite increasing political tension and scenes of violence between protesters and police. The announcement, which has been months in the making, surprised top investors in both Hong Kong and Beijing, who had expected the […]

Aramco Set For Stock Market Flotation

Saudi Arabia has made an initial valuation on a state-owned oil company that it intends to float on the stock market over the next year at over $1.5tn USD, making it one of the most expensive early valuations seen in recent years. Aramco – otherwise known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Company – is owned […]

Countries Seek Compensation For Brexit Delays

Fifteen countries have set out plans to claim compensation from the UK and EU for loss of trade caused by Brexit. According to the fifteen countries, led by Australia but also including the US, Brazil, India and New Zealand, there are global trade concerns caused by Brexit. Australian beef and lamb exporters have already suffered […]

Sainsbury’s Profits Slump After A Challenging Year

Along with Morrisons, Tesco and Asda, the UK supermarket Sainsbury’s is in the ‘big four’ of the UK grocery market with over 70% of the market share between them. With that type of dominance, it’s hard to see how they could ever get into trouble. This year, however, the company (who also owns Argos) announced […]

Disney Shares Rise 5% On The Back Of Strong Fourth Quarter Revenue

Walt Disney Co. shares rose 5% on Thursday, following the release of its quarterly results. Revenue was in line with what Wall Street analysts predicted, with the company’s highly anticipated streaming service due to launch in the coming days. Disney Earnings Disney reported earnings of $1.07 per share, or $1.05 billion in total, in comparison […]

Apple Stock Nears Record High After Strong Fourth-Quarter

The consumer electronics giant Apple (AAPL) delivered better than anticipated results for the September quarter, surprising investors and forecasting an optimistic look ahead to the holiday quarter. The California based multinational saw their stock price near an all-time peak on Thursday. Apple saw its stock rise 2.3% to reach 248.76 at the close of the […]

Lloyds Banking Group Reports Disappointing Profits

Lloyds Banking Group has become the latest casualty of the ongoing PPI repayment scheme after reporting that their profits for the third quarter have been almost wiped out after they took a hit of over £1bn. The total bill around the PPI scandal for the bank has now risen to a staggering £22bn, making it […]

Amazon Shares Dip After Poor Profit Reports

E-commerce giant, Amazon, saw its share prices tumble by closing at the end of the week after the company reported disappointing profit figures for the third quarter, dropping by around 25% between July and September. In an announcement made to investors, the company blamed rising shipping prices as the core reason why profits had dropped, […]

US Treasury Issues Warning To China

The US Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, has warned that if an agreement is not reached between the United States and China by December, the US government will pose over $150bn worth of tariffs on Chinese goods. Mnuchin warned in a statement after talks once again broke down between the two countries that if […]

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