UK Abundance Of New Properties In July

The UK housing market experienced an influx of new properties on the market during July, property website Rightmove announced. In a period usually characterised by a slump in sales due to seasonal patterns, the increase in supply in properties on the market has helped to keep prices at a stable level. Rightmove also stated that […]

Lowering Risk Trading Federal Annouoncements

There are significant short-term gains to be made in the stock markets by using a simple trading strategy based on monetary policy announcements from the US Federal Reserve. The approach, which was proposed by researchers at the University of Notre Dame, could net investors a much greater return than any standard buy-and-hold strategy without exposing […]

Is Nasdaq’s Reign Coming To An End?

As our regular readers are probably aware, Nasdaq is the index that measures the performance of stocks and shares in the technology sector. If you own any stocks or shares in Nasdaq tech companies, you may wish to consider selling them within the next few days. It might seem surprising, but it’s probable that Nasdaq […]

Crypto Prices Rise On Institutional Buy

Cryptocurrencies hit a three month low price point through June and early July, but prices started to pick up swiftly on 16 July amid reports that major investor, BlackRock, is considering entering the cryptocurrency market. Crypto Hike Bitcoin rose throughout late July, while Ethereum also picked up. Ripple saw a hike of 4.67% to end […]

UK-US Trade Talks To Begin On 24 July

UK diplomats will commence talks with their US counterparts on a post-Brexit trade deal later this month, Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox has said. European Union Rules Although European Union rules mean that member states are not allowed to strike trade deals with non-EU countries – such as the United States of […]

Likelihood Of UK Interest Rate Rise In August High

Interest rate rises seem on the horizon as the UK pound has strengthened for the end of June. This occurred on news that the economy had grown remarkably for the first three months of 2018. Latest UK Economy Figures The latest output stats for the UK construction industry were raised by the Office for National […]

Bank of England Looks Positive For Economic Future

Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor that has steered the United Kingdom through the turmoil’s of post-recession growth and the instability and uncertainty of post-Brexit economic growth, has emphasised his confidence in the growing success of the British economy in a press conference today. Slow First Quarter Whilst growth in the UK economy was […]

Turkish Lira Rebounds After Historic Low

With the Turkish election now over, analysts are looking again at the sentiment of re-elected President Erdogan and his attitude to interest rates. Volatile Lira A rise in late May saw the Turkish Lira rebound from historic lows earlier in the month. The reason for the rebound was Turkey’s Central Bank announcing changes that will […]

European Regulations Come Into Effect From 1st Aug

A date for the new European rules on forex trading pairs has been set for 1 August 2018 by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). This new regulation places restrictions of 30:1 on trading the major currency pairs, at present trading levels can reach up to 200:1. New laws have also been put in […]

Federal Reserve Hikes US Interest Rates

On 13 June the Federal Reserve in the United States voted to raise interest rates by 0.25%, saying this was down to high levels of economic expansion and increased jobs. The rate rise was anticipated and will lift the US central bank’s benchmark level to between 1.75% and 2%, which is the highest rate since […]

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