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The Best ESG ETFs

An ESG ETF is designed to focus on the environmental, social, and governance factors of each company in the fund. According to Morningstar data, funds that seek to incorporate information on an investment’s sustainability and overall societal impacts – and select from those that meet specific criteria – have largely outperformed their traditional counterparts over […]

ESG: An Overview of Impact Investing

ESG, also commonly known as “impact” investing, involves any information related to environmental, social, and governance factors that pertain to a real-world outcome.  ESG is commonly thought of as something that revolves around ideological inclinations, preferences, or factors that don’t explicitly tie to return.  But It’s not just about preferences – e.g., “I don’t want […]

Copper In Demand

Copper is one global commodity that has experienced huge price appreciation during the pandemic. For over a year, Covid-19 has created havoc around the world, bringing destruction and disruption to every area of our lives. But amongst the chaos, it has also created a ‘perfect storm’ of favourable conditions for certain types of asset. Copper […]

XTB Releases Details Of Its 2021 Investing Day

Leading forex broker, XTB, has announced details of their annual training event. Experienced speakers are lined up and ready to share their trading knowledge with aspiring investors. Read on for a breakdown of the schedule and to register. Investing Day Schedule The training event on April 29, 2021, will give existing and emerging traders practical […]

Digital Yuan: What Does It Mean For Markets?

The digital yuan is China’s latest development in establishing itself as a global power economically.  In the mid-1980s, about 90 percent of China’s population lived in poverty. A generation later they’re challenging the United States and the West for superiority in a variety of different ways: Trade (already the largest) Economy and capital (second-largest economy […]

What Is the Difference Between Money and Credit?

The price of a financial asset is money and credit divided by the quantity. So, understanding the two and the difference between money and credit is important to get at why financial assets are doing what they’re doing and help anticipate risk/reward in a market.   What is money? What is credit? Money is what […]

AvaTrade Tightens Spreads & Adds Equity Baskets

Top-rated forex broker, AvaTrade, has upgraded its instruments and trading conditions with new equity baskets and tighter spreads on popular cryptos, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold and Ripple. The changes are the latest in a string of improvements to the AvaTrade offering. AvaTrade Rolls Out New Products AvaTrade has gone live with new indices that track […]

Supermodel Kate Moss To Auction Her Own NFTs

Aiming to capitalise on the $29 billion non-fungible token market, supermodel Kate Moss has announced she’ll be auctioning a series of NFTs on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021. The 2006 British Fashion Awards Model of the Year winner is releasing three carefully created videos of herself for the occasion. Kate Moss NFT Series The mother-of-one explained […]

The Bears Are Setting Eyes On Swissy

The Swissy on the 4-Hour Chart has been in a downtrend since 1 April 2021 when it registered the high price at 0.94718, followed by a series of lower tops and lower bottoms. On 7 April 2021, the Swissy recorded the low price of 0.92673. Technicals When applying Oscillator Analysis to the price chart, one […]

IC Markets’ March Trading Volume Tops $1 Trillion

ASIC-licensed forex and CFD broker, IC Markets, reported record trading volumes of $1.04 trillion in March 2021. The latest figures even beat the volumes seen in March of the previous year where COVID-19 led to a flurry of market activity. The recent monthly stats also mean IC Markets posted Q1 trading volumes of $2.84 trillion, […]

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