Tech stocks rally in face of trade tensions

In the wake of Transatlantic trade tensions between the US, EU, Canada and Mexico we’ve seen shares of companies known as Faangs rally to fresh heights. On Friday, the NYSE Fang+ index rose by 2.5%, which took the year to date gain up to 26% as investors look on nervously as the EU, Canada and […]

Italy & The Euro – Stormy Waters Ahead?

With the new coalition of the Five Star Movement and the League coming to power in Italy, the question that has been at the forefront of financial discussion has been the effects that this unpredictable alliance will have on the markets. There has been chatter among those in the know about a possible replay of […]

Ocado Delivers Incredible Results

For a long time, Ocado’s share price was fairly stagnant. Those looking to invest in the company might have been disappointed that they didn’t get the return they were expecting. From its high of just over 606 in February 2014, it had slumped to just 243 in November of last year. Thankfully for the company, […]

How much stronger can the dollar get?

The US dollar has had a very strong start to the year. Despite many experts forecasting a tough year for the dollar when 2018 got underway, the greenback has seen significant strengthening over the last two or three months as the American economy continues to power ahead. Its strength could, however, spell trouble for the […]

Will Oil Go Higher?

Oil has been much in the news in recent weeks. President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal sent prices soaring as fears emerged that the decision could further destabilise the entire Middle East. This comes against a backdrop in which oil has been gradually climbing to levels not seen since the […]

How geopolitical forces can influence markets

When it comes to economics, nothing happens in a vacuum. Every event that happens in the world has the potential to affect the value of commodities, which is why those who study the markets have learned to watch for causes and effects. Perhaps nowhere is cause and effect clearer, though, than when there are shifts […]

BOE keeps interest rates on hold

The Bank of England voted to keep base interest rates on hold for another month, surprising many market analysts who had expected to see a quarter percent rise. Straightforward Decision Ben Broadbent, the BoE Deputy Governor, said that the decision had been entirely straightforward, as the board agreed that it was wise to take a […]

Is Now A Good Time To Buy Tesla?

Tesla showed a record loss for the quarter on May 3, posting a loss of $709.6 million, the biggest in the company’s short history. However, the performance wasn’t as bad as many analysts had predicted, with adjusted losses coming in at $3.35 a share compared with the $3.58 per share forecast. That didn’t stop the […]

Fresh Yearly Highs For USD/CHF

There has been a continuation in the trend of traction between the US dollar (USD) and the Swiss Franc (CHF). The pair has now risen beyond the 0.99 handle to fresh highs in the year to date after experiencing a brief pause towards the end of April. This is the 10th of the last 11 […]

Amazon Profits Double For First Quarter of 2018

Amazon shares rose almost 8% in trading after hours on April 26 2018 after announcing a surprise profit hike for the three months to March 2018. The internet trading giant has seen profits more than double and a 43% rise in revenue over the period, which is mostly down to increases in US purchases and […]

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