Ethereum Payments Brokers 2022 - Which Brokers Accept Ethereum Payments?

Cryptocurrency represents an exciting new market in which to speculate and invest. However, coins such as Ethereum (ETH) also have real-world utility as a payment method to add and withdraw funds to brokerage accounts. An increasing number of brokerages are accepting Ethereum deposits, providing crypto investors with a seamless payment solution and anonymity.

This guide uncovers the benefits and risks of funding your account with Ethereum, from network confirmation times to transfer fees and limits. We have also compiled a list of the best brokerages that accept Ethereum payments in 2022.

Ethereum Payments Explained

Ethereum is a digital network that allows users to make payments in its currency tokens, Ether or ETH. But while many utilize the crypto as a speculative instrument, long-term investment or an interest-generating savings asset, tokens can also facilitate 24/7 digital payments across the globe in a decentralized currency.

Before getting into the specifics of using Ether to make deposits and withdrawals to an online broker, our experts have created a quick introduction to how token transfers work…

After purchasing or receiving Ethereum coins into an online wallet, investors can transfer these tokens to an ETH-compatible payment address to make transactions. These transfers can be made via QR code when using a mobile investing app or a unique wallet address on a desktop device.

While payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay and bank transfers often have geographical or currency restrictions, Ethereum tokens do not discriminate. This makes Ether an excellent option for cross-border payments to offshore brokerages.

However, for transactions to be verified by the network, traders often pay block or gas fees, which compensate other token holders for providing the network on which payments are made.

Here are a few ways in which Ethereum payments and smart contracts can be used by traders:


When we investigated brokerages that accept Ethereum payments, we found that an increasing number of platforms are facilitating crypto deposits, including Binance.

Many brokerages will convert Ether payments into a fiat currency such as USD, EUR or GBP to use in margin investing. However, some online investing services use crypto base currency support to provide ETH-based accounts that facilitate direct Ethereum trading. We have compiled a detailed guide to choosing the top Ethereum brokers.

In addition, traders can use Ether to pay for stocks, as margin for forex and CFDs, or to speculate on futures markets.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Ethereum is one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in the decentralized space behind only Bitcoin. As such, we could not find a single cryptocurrency exchange or investing platform that did not support Ethereum deposits and withdrawals.

Adding Ether to an exchange can serve investors in several ways. This includes using a platform that supports high-yield staking, using crypto as margin for loans or simply accessing preferable exchange spreads and fees.

Payment Timelines

Speedy payment transaction times are crucial in the retail investing space. Traders often need to add funds quickly to capitalize on a market opportunity or add margin to maintain a position.

When we used Ether as a deposit and withdrawal method, we found that payment times ranged from 15 seconds to 5 minutes on average.

However, network speed also depends on how many people are making payments at any one time. Events such as NFT sales have caused transaction times to spike up to 4 hours.

When making a withdrawal using Ethereum, providers will often need to make checks and process the transaction independently of network times. This holding period usually is less than 24 hours and ensures that money laundering and finance compliance checks can be made.

Transfer Fees

Choosing a payment method with the lowest fees is a priority for many traders, with hefty charges potentially eating into hard-earned profits.

While Ethereum deposit and withdrawal fees vary from broker to broker, charges on this side of the transaction are usually small, if not zero. However, when making Ethereum payments, traders must also consider the ‘gas’ or network fees per transaction.

Similar to transaction times, Ether prices fluctuate based on network availability, with higher charges to pay during peak times and lower fees during less busy hours. Average fees change daily but are down considerably from highs in its history of over $70 in May 2021– fees by day rarely exceed $5 now.

While Ether transfer fees are lower than Bitcoin payments, some traders still feel that these are too high. And importantly, many alternative payment methods supported by online brokerages are fee-free for deposits and withdrawals.


Due to cryptocurrency’s patchy reputation, some traders may be hesitant to use Ethereum to deposit and withdraw to their online brokerage accounts.

However, Ether is a trusted and secure payment network trusted by millions of investors around the world. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can be viewed via the payment tracker.

This said, there are dangers when making Ethereum payments. For example, suppose you make a mistake when transferring ETH to your broker’s wallet. In that case, there is no way to refund the tokens to your own address. As a result, it’s always better to use payment links rather than manually input a wallet address.

This quality also means that scammers that take control of an account can anonymously withdraw Ether from a wallet or brokerage. Fortunately, the best online brokerages and wallet providers allow users to set up additional security measures through two-factor authentication.

Ethereum payments meaning

Benefits Of Ethereum Deposits For Traders

  • Ability to cap gas fees
  • Gas fees calculator available online
  • Processing times can be competitive
  • Secure blockchain-based payment system
  • Cross-border deposits are quick and easy
  • Decentralized currency eliminates forex fees
  • Ether transfer fees are far lower vs bitcoin payments
  • Potential for low minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts
  • A growing list of platforms that accept Ethereum deposit requests

Problems With Ethereum Deposits For Traders

  • Costs and speed can spike during high volumes
  • Fees are more expensive than traditional payment methods
  • Not widely supported by investing brokerages and platforms
  • The Ether payment system is not as streamlined as standard payment methods

How To Make Ethereum Deposits To Brokerage Accounts

To help you make Ethereum payments to your brokerage quickly and easily, our experts have created this guide to making crypto deposits.

Create/Log In To An Account

After finding exchanges that accept Ethereum payments, the first step is to create an account. Brokerages usually require an email address, postal address, full name and password, with additional information needed later for identity verification.

Once an account is set up, log in to the client portal using your registered email address and password.

Locate Wallet

Once securely logged in to the client portal, navigate to your wallet area. This is often labelled “add funds” or “deposit funds”.

Select Payment Method

Most platforms support a wide selection of payment methods, such as PayPal, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards, plus cryptocurrencies. Find the Ether option and select it.

Specify Funding Amount

Some accounts that accept Ethereum will require investors to specify the amount of Ether they wish to deposit, either as an ETH or USD value.

Generate Wallet Address

Next, the brokerage will generate a unique wallet address for this transaction via a payment gateway, which will only work for Ethereum payments. Make a note of this address carefully, as a mistake here will mean that your funds could be sent to the wrong address and lost.

Add Funds

Log in to the wallet or exchange where your Ether tokens are held, and find the section in which users can make outgoing transfers. Then, input the wallet address carefully, along with the desired value of tokens to transfer.

Make the payment, and within 5-30 minutes under normal network conditions, your funds should have arrived with your online brokerage, minus any gas fees.

Final Word On Platforms That Accept Ethereum Payments

Ethereum deposits are an excellent option for traders who deal mainly in cryptocurrency or want to make recurring payments cross-borders and avoid lengthy wire transfer waiting times and forex fees. While not many brokerages currently offer the option to pay in crypto coins, more platforms are starting to adopt this payment method. However, investors should ensure that wallet addresses are correct when making transfers.

Use our list of the top brokerages that accept Ethereum deposits and withdrawals to get started.


What Are The Average Fees For Ethereum Deposits To Brokerage Accounts?

Despite Ether fees spiking up to over $70 in 2021, prices rarely exceed $5 per transfer now. Most investing platforms that accept Ethereum also waive fees at the deposit stage, though there may be a charge when it comes to making a withdrawal.

Does ETH Allow Instant Deposits To Investing Accounts?

On average, the Ether network will process payments in between 5 and 30 minutes. However, low utilization can see transaction time drop into seconds, while high activity can drive times as high as 4 hours.

What Are Ethereum Deposit Fees Vs Bitcoin Charges To Brokerage Accounts?

Ether fees are far lower than Bitcoin’s, even in peak network times, by a significant percentage. For this reason, many traders favour Ethereum payments over the crypto coin’s main rival.

Can I Track My Ethereum Brokerage Payment?

Interested parties can view all the payments made on the Ether network online. However, the details of the sending and receiving parties are entirely anonymous. Head to the official Ether payment tracker for more details – Here you can also find details of the latest updates and news on queues, thresholds, and fee reductions.

Are Ethereum Deposits To Investing Platforms Free?

Many brokerages that have accepted Ethereum payments do not charge additional fees for deposits and withdrawals, though this varies between investing services. We have ranked the best brokerages that accept Ethereum payments. Use our full reviews to find a low-cost or free provider.