SafeCharge Brokers 2021 - Which Brokers Accept SafeCharge?

SafeCharge is a global payment gateway providing streamlined solutions to merchants across international borders. Since 2006, the company has also been used by traders to make deposits and withdrawals with low fees. Our review explains how SafeCharge works, its pricing, along with supported countries.

Note: this review has no affiliation with ECO Safe Charge.

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SafeCharge Overview

SafeCharge was acquired by Nuvei in 2019, the owner and founder of an electronic global payments solution. Before the takeover, the company had been supporting businesses and clients for over a decade across various industries and locations such as forex brokers, from its headquarters in Canada. Global offices also include Tel Aviv, Israel plus Singapore, the UK, Mexico and Bulgaria.

SafeCharge Financial Services Limited is licensed by the FCA and had an IPO on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in 2014 with ticker SCH. In more recent news, Nuvei joined the Toronto Stock Exchange with a record-breaking share price demand, boosting investor relations. The SafeCharge Limited subsidiary is also regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

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Pros Of Trading With SafeCharge

International Availability

SafeCharge services are available globally for small and large businesses and are integrated with brokers including Trade360 and JFD Bank. As the merger arrangement continues, we expect more brokers to start offering the company’s payment services.

Various Payments

The SafeCharge engine works with 300 alternative payment methods, including recognised platforms like PayPal, Apple Pay, and WeChat Pay. This means traders have a choice of deposit and withdrawal options when funding forex trading accounts.

Note, the payment provider does not accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Major Cards Accepted

SafeCharge accepts over 150 currencies on all major debit/credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa. Direct payments can be made via a broker’s deposit section. Again, this means traders benefit from the company’s security and ease of use while choosing between multiple payment options.

Note, recent UK compliance entails SafeCharge merchants cannot accept credit card payments for gambling, this excludes Ireland.

Cons Of Trading With SafeCharge


Although fees are integrated through the broker’s website for traders, reviews highlight SafeCharge is one of the more expensive deposit methods vs competitors. Visit your broker’s deposit section for more information as fees vary between providers.


Payment confirmation with SafeCharge is processed instantly but receipting times vary by method. Principle membership from major card providers Visa and Mastercard guarantees faster transaction times. Brokers also have their own processing times which may cause delays in funds reaching your trading account.

Security Management

SafeCharge is PCI complaint reducing the risk of security breaches and provides fraud protection with KYC checks. SafeCharge International Group affiliates are regulated as Electronic Money Institutions by the Central Bank of Cyprus and as a Payment Institution by the FCA. The company also supports merchants with 3D secure API integration.

Deposits & Withdrawals

SafeCharge accepts a range of payment methods including debit/credit cards, mobile app payments, bank transfer, and e-wallets. Log into your trading account, navigate to the cashier area and follow your respective broker’s payment instructions. For any questions or issues with payouts, speak to the customer support team.


SafeCharge provides a transparent breakdown of fees on its website with fixed processing rates per transaction. The pricing charged to brokers will depend on whether they hold an Express or Enterprise account. Typical charges for card payments vary from 0.3% to 0.7%. WeChat Pay rates come with a $0.15 processing fee plus a 1.75% charge. How these costs are split between brokers and traders vary.

Is SafeCharge A Good Choice For Traders?

SafeCharge is a secure online payment platform with a history of credible transaction services. Its recent merger with Nuvei and strong reputation mean it may become a more utilised method by brokers in the future. However, traders should be aware of the potentially high fees that may be passed onto traders.


How does SafeCharge work?

SafeCharge is a global business providing secure merchant payment solutions via its platform. Customers benefit from integrated payment services with access to multiple popular payment providers.

What is the SafeCharge International Group acquisition?

The SafeCharge merger with Nuvei in 2019 extended the company’s global reach to serve businesses regardless of revenue or geographical location. Annual financial statements are published and documentation on share price openings and market caps can be found via Toronto Stock Exchange public filings.

Does SafeCharge have a contact phone number?

SafeCharge does not readily publish its contact telephone number. Instead, the company provides an email query form under the Contact Us section of its website.

Are payments with SafeCharge secure?

Yes, payments with SafeCharge are assured via 3D secure API integration and PCI compliance. Traders benefit from high levels of security when making payments.

Does SafeCharge support mobile payments?

Yes, mobile transactions are included in SafeCharge ways to pay and are supported on iOS and Android devices.