QIWI Brokers 2022 - Which Brokers Accept QIWI?

Qiwi Wallet is an online and mobile payment system based in Russia alongside 20 other supported countries. The transfer service provides an e-wallet for storing customers’ bank cards and Qiwi virtual or plastic Visa cards. The payment brand is also available at a number of popular trading brokers.

In this review, we explore the account login and verification process and consider how the service matches up to competitors, such as PayPal. Find out if you should transfer money into your trading account using Qiwi. Alternatively, see our list of brokers that accept Qiwi deposits to get started today.

Qiwi Brokers

  1. Pocket Option is a global binary options broker with a sleek proprietary trading platform and competitive range of assets.

Qiwi Overview

Founded in 2007, the group is headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, but has an additional office in Moscow, Russia. In 2008, the Qiwi Wallet was introduced, launching push payments at checkouts in Russia. The firm’s Visa card was then instated, marking the start of the company’s international development.

The firm has roughly 106,000 of its own self-service payment terminals in Russia. These kiosks are traditional ATM-style machines that accept cash payments and top-up services for utilities, phone bills, internet, entertainment, games and so on. Each month, 29 million customers pay over 128 billion Rubles.

Among the top services offered are P2P transfers, Qiwi Visa virtual and plastic cards, Visa Personal Payments and Mastercard MoneySend. Users can also transfer funds online from other virtual wallets such as Yandex and WebMoney, or from a bank card, mobile phone, or via bank transfer. These are particularly helpful for funding live trading accounts.

Brokers that accept Qiwi deposits

Pros Of Trading With Qiwi

Strong Reputation

The brand has been around for over a decade, serving millions of customers each month and partnering with over 13,000 vendors. The group is also traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange and is offered at several well-known brokers with a decent market cap.

Stock forecast and dividend details can be found on the payment provider’s website.

Mobile App

Qiwi is available as a mobile app that you can download from Google Play or the App Store. The application allows traders to view their deposits, manage their account balance 24/7 and transfer money quickly whilst on the move. Qiwi is also supported on Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Note, the application is not available for Windows 10 or as a browser APK.

Plastic & Virtual Cards

Traders also have the flexibility of depositing using their own bank cards, Qiwi virtual cards, or plastic Visa cards. They can all be stored in their e-wallet. Once an account has been created customers can also use their wallet to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.

Qiwi wallet registration in English
Qiwi Visa Card

Real-Time Payments

Payments with the Qiwi Wallet are processed instantly in real-time, which is ideal for investors who want to trade straight away. Of course, some brokers may have separate time frames for processing deposits and withdrawals on their side. Fortunately, the top trading brokers process deposits almost instantly.

Fast Registration

Only a phone number is required to register for a Qiwi Wallet, meaning the overall account opening and sign-up process is faster than similar services such as Yandex.

Note, prospective clients may need to submit identity documents at the sign-up stage.

Offers & Deals

Traders also enjoy other benefits, such as special offers for Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2 customers when they pay for everyday services. Some merchants also offer Qiwi gift card options. In addition, some trading brokers offer deposit bonuses.

Cons Of Trading With Qiwi

Limited Currencies

The firm currently only offers transactions in RUB, EUR and USD, which is not the widest choice compared to other payment services such as Skrill or Sofort.

Limited Supported Countries

The payment system is only supported in 20 countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Armenia, Jordan, Israel, India, Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Canada, and the UK. This means traders in other countries will need to consider alternative deposit options like PayPal.

English Site Unavailable

The old version of the website used to be fully in Russian. Since the last update, the company provides a few pages in English. However, the majority of information remains the same. Language change options to English are not available. Traders from the UK or elsewhere will need to ensure that their browser settings translate the content automatically.

Transaction Volume

The maximum transaction volume allowed is 15,000 RUB (around 215 GBP), which may be limiting for more seasoned investors. Of course, online brokers may also have their own thresholds, but many active traders will want to be able to deposit and withdraw in larger quantities.


Payments are actioned instantly, though your broker may have their own processing time frames. For example, AAAFx processes deposits in one business day, whilst BCS Forex and Tickmill process deposits instantly. Withdrawal times can also vary depending on the broker. Fortunately, developers continue to keep up to date with the latest technology education to ensure rapid payments.


The company uses the 3DS (3D Secure) identification framework which verifies the cardholder’s identity before payment and protects against card theft. Upon verification, a one-time code is sent via SMS to the customer’s phone to confirm the purchase. As a result, traders can have peace of mind that their deposits are safe with the Qiwi Wallet.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Once you have a verified account, look out for the Qiwi logo in your trading account to make a deposit or withdraw revenue after reaching your price target.

There may be minimum or maximum funding limits depending on the broker, so check these beforehand. The minimum deposit at Tickmill, for example, is 100 (USD/RUB/EUR), whilst Capital.com requires a minimum deposit of at least 20 in the chosen currency.

You will then be redirected to the payment gateway in the Qiwi portal, where you will be asked to enter your account number, password and one-time SMS code. Finally, you will receive payment confirmation in real-time.


It is free to open an account and top up your wallet, but there may be fees for payment transfers. For example, bank card replenishments are 1% up to 2,000 RUB and 0% above 2,000 RUB.

Your broker may also charge their own service fees. For example, BCS Forex charges 2.5% for withdrawals. Fortunately, many of the top trading platforms offer fee-free deposits.

Is Qiwi A Good Choice For Traders?

Qiwi offers fast account registration, real-time payments in USD, EUR or RUB, and e-wallet transfers to and from other services, such as WebMoney and Yandex.

However, the company does charge some fees depending on the wallet payment method, so traders should bear this in mind if their broker also charges commissions. Furthermore, unless you are based in Russia and can enjoy the local benefits of Qiwi, it might be worth considering other more accessible deposit methods, such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller.


What Is A Qiwi Wallet?

A Qiwi Wallet allows customers to make purchases online or using their mobiles without needing to provide bank account details or a card number. This also means investors can fund and manage their trading activity from their mobile devices.

Is Qiwi Legit?

Yes, the Qiwi Group is a trusted and legitimate company. The firm is transparent with its information, including the ownership structure, board of directors and dividend payments. These can be found in the investor relations section on the website. Information on company earnings, stock forecasts, news and revenue is also publicly available. Note, the full impact of the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war on its global operations are not yet clear.

How Do I Register With Qiwi Wallet?

You can open a wallet account by providing your phone number and verifying your account using the secure SMS code. Note that Qiwi is only available in 20 supported countries.

How Does Qiwi Wallet Work?

Your wallet can be loaded, with virtual or plastic cards, and can be used to make deposits quickly into a trading account. You can also make money transfers between other e-wallets.

Is Qiwi Safe?

Yes, the payment processor uses the 3D-secure framework when verifying a customer’s identity online. This helps to prevent card theft and fraud.

Does Qiwi Wallet Work In The USA?

Some merchants in the US may offer Qiwi as a payment method, however, it is not possible to open an account if you are from the US.