Ezekiel Chew

Ezekiel Chew is a well-known FX trader who, through his organization Asia Forex Mentor, runs courses and seminars for beginner traders. This review will outline Chew’s course, its fees, and teaching methods. We also look at whether Ezekiel Chew’s trading services are good value for money and list the best alternatives to Asia Forex Mentor.

Ezekiel Chew’s AFM course is pricey and lacks content in key areas.

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Who Is Ezekiel Chew?

Ezekiel Chew is the founder and Chief of Training at Asia Forex Mentor, a company which provides forex training courses.

Born in Yishun, Singapore, to what he describes as a ‘typical middle-income family’, Chew did not come from a business or investment background, but felt driven from a young age to make something of himself in the business world.

This led him to learn how to trade, and before long Ezekiel Chew increased his net worth through forex trading. In 2008 he started a teaching program for traders looking to follow in his footsteps: ‘Asia Forex Mentor’.

What started as a small program designed to help friends start trading eventually grew into an online course, and finally developed into a range of in-person classes.

Fourteen years on, Chew’s Asia Forex Mentor program and its various spin-off courses are some of the best-known in the online investing world.

How Does Ezekiel Chew’s Course Work?

Ezekiel Chew’s Asia Forex Mentor course markets itself as offering ‘bank-level expertise’. The program is used by banks including DBP, the second-largest state-owned bank in the Philippines, to train staff on investment and trading decisions.

With a focus on FX, the teaching prioritizes the straightforward concept of boosting your R.O.I (return on investment). Ezekiel Chew claims that access to his insights will allow committed users to start boosting their profits in one month. Importantly, we urge caution before signing up with any provider that promises fast profits.

Ezekiel Chew Course Structure

The structure of the Asia Forex Mentor program is based around video lessons which add up to around 20 hours of content, on all facets of trading on and investing in forex markets.

Generally lasting about 10-20 minutes (although a few are shorter, and some go up to and over 30 minutes), these presentations are concise and have been reviewed by students enrolled in the One Core Program, who called them informative.

The videos are each followed by a case study that shows an example of each concept in practice on live markets, and the lesson concludes with a task on the subject for a student to complete.

The combination of presentations, case studies, and tasks seems to offer a reasonable range of teaching and learning techniques, allowing a student to understand how the concepts work in theory, and then teaching them to apply these concepts to their own trading.


The course content is split up into 17 different chapters, each of which covers a specific area of forex. Below is a short breakdown of each of these sections and what they entail.


This section includes a brief welcome video, outlining the overall course structure. It then goes on to discuss how to install MetaTrader 4, the platform that Chew himself uses, and how to set up your account there.

Finally, Chew introduces the basics of FX and MT4.

Price Action

This section covers price action in depth, with six videos totaling just over 90 minutes of content. The runtime focuses largely on price action bars, with video titles including ‘bullish and bearish bars’, ‘neutral and mini bars’ and ‘inside bars’, and the section ending with a presentation on combination and two-pin bars.

Entries, Stop Loss And Exits

This section of the Asia Forex Mentor course covers the concepts of when to enter and leave a market, and how to know when to cut your losses (by using a stop-loss). The three videos, on entries, stop-losses, and exits, total up to almost an hour of content.

The Business Behind Trading

This section of Ezekiel Chew’s course explores the nature of the risks inherent in trading on FX markets, giving an overview of how to understand and manage these risks in relation to your own investing.

With the total content in this section adding up to just over an hour of footage, the six videos discuss topics such as risk percentages, risk/reward ratios, and lot-size calculations.

Chart Reading

This theoretical section progresses to more complex concepts behind advanced methods of combination and chart reading, covering concepts like the Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, and Bollinger bands.

The nine videos add up to just over three and a half hours of footage.


The largest section of the Asia Forex Mentor course, with 17 videos adding up to over four hours, is a survey of what Ezekiel Chew deems to be the best strategies that he and other traders use when trading FX markets.

It starts with a brief overview of Chew’s overall approach, and then goes on to split the strategies used into five different categories; buying at the lows; buying at the highs; reversals; price action patterns; and a top-down approach.

‘Road To Millions Formula’

In this section, Ezekiel Chew discusses what he calls a game-changing shift in perspective that helped him reach the peak of the FX game. The two videos on this ‘paradigm shift’ rack up about 40 minutes of content.

Trade Management Methods

This section of Ezekiel Chew’s course covers the topic of trade management, giving students an insight into how they could approach their trades, whether or not they should actively manage them, and how they should manage them if they do choose to do so.

Covering various tactics, and keeping in touch with Ezekiel Chew’s philosophy of letting his students pick the best method for them, several different perspectives are covered here across three videos.

This is a relatively short section of the course, with around 30 minutes of video content available.

Correlated Pairs, Fundamental Analysis And Spreads

This section dives into detail on correlated pairs, fundamental analysis, and spreads. Across three videos, including a 26-minute presentation on fundamental analysis, this section aims to help traders avoid what Ezekiel Chew calls ‘analysis-paralysis’ by focusing on charts and market movements rather than getting bogged down with financial and political news.

Advanced Methods To Increase Your Win Rate

This chapter of the Asia Forex Mentor program covers what Ezekiel Chew calls an advanced trigger that he uses as the final check on every trade he makes, supposedly upping his rate of successful trades. The two videos discussing this trigger total around 30 minutes of content.

AFM Proprietary Point Calculation System

In a single 22-minute video, this section covers the mathematical probability of trades, teaching students a calculation system that they can use to rank their trades in order of probability, and therefore payoff.

Ezekiel Chew sets this section out as a starting point to leave behind emotional or instinctive trading, which frequently has inconsistent results, and move on to a more consistent technical approach to investing.

Lifestyle Trading

In the two videos of this chapter, Ezekiel Chew describes how he relates his trading to his lifestyle, and not the other way around. This section is aimed at those who wish to make a full income trading from home, without working full-time as a trader.

Proprietary Trading Plan

Comprised of one 27-minute video, this chapter lays out the blueprint that Ezekiel Chew himself claims to follow, ever since the shift that was detailed in the ‘Road to Millions’ section.

Trading Psychology

Arguably the weakest and most undeveloped section of the Asia Forex Mentor course, this chapter details a few of Ezekiel Chew’s insights into his own approach to trading psychology.

At only around 15 minutes of content, for some, this is perhaps too short a section on what is deemed a key part of investing online.

Full Year Of Live Trading

Made up of two videos of just over an hour each, this chapter follows Ezekiel Chew through a full year of trading, where he describes in detail how he uses the strategies that have been taught so far in the course to trade, allowing students to see how his methods can be used in practice.

Tracking (20 Trades Set)

In one 22-minute video, this section covers the part that tracking plays in trading FX.

Over the course of a 20-trade set, Ezekiel Chew sets out the basics of tracking trades, as such giving students a blueprint for recording their trades in journals and learning from past mistakes.

Plan Forward: Roadmap To Success

The course ends with a 40-minute video summarizing the knowledge learnt over the program, encouraging traders to use the skills they have gained on the markets and to earn what Ezekiel Chew calls ‘Big Money’.

Pricing & Fees

Lifetime access to the One Core Program, including all the sections detailed above, costs $940 upfront, but there is an additional option to take on a 7-day trial of the course for free, and then pay a slightly increased price of $997 if you decide that the course is worth the investment.

An additional fee of $141.60 per month, or $1440 for a year (although at the time of writing, there is a deal on for $432 for a year), can be paid for access to what is called the ‘Goldeneye Group’. The details available on this are thin on the ground, but it seems to allow a member to engage in a weekly live online seminar with Ezekiel Ezekiel. There is no free trial for this, though, so you cannot find out if it is worth the additional cost beforehand.

Pros Of Ezekiel Chew’s Asia Forex Mentor Courses

  • The One Core Program offers explanations of risk management and technical market analysis and provides education on FX investing.
  • The learning is reasonably well structured, with videos, case studies, and interactive tasks giving a varied learning experience.
  • The program gives students a chance to learn from an experienced trader who has used the knowledge and techniques he is sharing throughout his career.
  • A free trial allows users to see if the course is really worth it before they pay.

Cons Of Ezekiel Chew’s Asia Forex Mentor Courses

  • Much of the content available in the One Core Program is available more cheaply—or even for free—elsewhere. See our best brokers with free or low-cost educational resources.
  • Traders may wish to seek insights from multiple sources, but the relatively high price for the One Core Program could stretch budgets.
  • The course pays little attention to investing psychology. While other parts of the course are relatively detailed, such an important topic being so underdeveloped teachings may point towards the program having some rough edges.
  • No iOS or Android apps for learning on the go.

Given the drawbacks to the Asia Forex Mentor courses, we would recommend signing up for some of the top-rated forex training courses in 2024:

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Customer Support

Live chat is available on the AFM website for new customers signing up. There is also an email address and a WhatsApp number, both listed below, for other forms of contact with AFM.

  • Email: admin@asiaforexmentor.com
  • WhatsApp: +6587868319

Additional Features

In addition to the One Core Program and the Goldeneye Group, Ezekiel Chew also hosts a blog, which is available on the AFM website. There is also a series of vlogs on YouTube, and a five-part lecture series. Additionally, Ezekiel Chew is active on social media, and short informative posts can be found on his Instagram.

Should You Sign Up With Ezekiel Chew?

While Ezekiel Chew’s ‘One Core Program’ offers an accessible education on FX investing from a man who has been successful doing just that, there are gaps in the teaching, most notably in the ‘Trading Psychology’ section. Aspiring traders can also find lower-cost forex training courses with positive user reviews.


Who Is Ezekiel Chew?

Ezekiel Chew is the CEO of Asia Forex Mentor, a company that runs programs that aim to help traders learn how to profitably trade on forex markets.

Is Ezekiel Chew’s ‘One Core Program’ Legit?

Providing students who enroll with 17 chapters and over 20 hours of video content, Ezekiel Chew’s ‘One Core Program’ is an established forex training course. However, the course is expensive, and some traders may not feel as if the information provided is worth it. Use our list of the best forex training courses for suitable alternatives.

What Does Ezekiel Chew Teach?

Ezekiel Chew made his money from the forex markets, and this is the focus of his course. The course covers a range of content from understanding how to read price charts and the strategies that you can supposedly use to turn that understanding into profitable trades. However, the course does fall short in some areas with limited content on key areas like trading psychology.

Can I Get A Discount On Ezekiel Chew’s Programs?

If you decide to pay upfront for Ezekiel Chew’s One Core Program, you will pay $940, which is a $57 discount on the price of the course after a 7-day free trial. So, while you can get a discounted rate on the course, this does not allow you trial it before. It’s also worth pointing out that many brokers offer free educational resources and training materials.

Does Ezekiel Chew Have A Mobile App?

Ezekiel Chew’s Asia Forex Mentor courses are only available via the AFM website. It is possible to access this website on a phone, but the user interface is much more accessible on a laptop or PC.