Brokers With NOK Accounts

The Norwegian Krone (NOK) is one of the world’s most stable currencies and the 14th most traded currency in the forex market. Some brokers offer a choice of base currencies including the NOK. This guide will list the best brokers with NOK accounts, explain how to compare them, and detail the benefits of choosing a platform that accepts Krone.

Brokers With NOK Accounts

These are the 3 best brokers that offer accounts with NOK as the base currency:

#1 - Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is a leading global brokerage that provides access to a comprehensive offering of stocks as well as forex, futures, metals, bonds and cryptos. The firm has over 40 years experience in the online trading industry and is heavily regulated by SEC, FCA, IIROC, and SFC. Day traders can use the proprietary Trader Workstation and can access powerful tools and data feeds as well as comprehensive educational resources.

"Experienced day traders seeking a regulated broker with sophisticated trading software and very low fees should look at IB. Their range of stocks also can't be beaten."

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Instruments: CFD, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Futures, Options, Commodities
  • Regulator: SEC, FCA, IIROC, SFC
  • Platforms: AlgoTrader, OmniTrader, eSignal, TradingCentral
  • Min. Deposit: $0
  • Min. Trade: $100
  • Leverage: 1:50


  • Gives day traders unmatched access to global stocks with tens of thousands available from 100+ market centres in 24 countries
  • Diverse payment options and account currencies
  • Low commissions and tight spreads


  • Platform and web interface are complex and difficult for beginners to pick up
  • Accessing products like CFDs is not straightforward compared to competitors
  • Mediocre customer support

#2 - Revolut

Revolut is a popular financial app that also offers trading on stocks, metals and digital currencies. The brand has over 25 million users worldwide with a choice of accounts, tools and services to suit different needs and budgets, including online investing and currency exchange.

"Revolut is suitable for casual stock traders looking for an easy-to-use app with transparent fees and a low minimum investment."

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Instruments: Stocks, Cryptos
  • Regulator: FINRA, SEC
  • Platforms: Own
  • Min. Deposit: $0
  • Min. Trade: $1


  • Straightforward joining process
  • No inactivity charge
  • Send money to 200+ countries


  • No margin trading
  • Relatively narrow product range
  • No advanced trading platform

#3 - Zacks Trade

Zacks Trade is a FINRA-regulated US broker offering trading on stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, bonds and more through a proprietary terminal. The broker is geared toward active traders and offers very affordable fees on most assets as well as an app and a vast amount of market data.

"Zacks Trade will suit active day traders with experience using powerful platforms. Fees and margin rates are low while the market research is excellent."

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Instruments: Stocks, Crypto, Options
  • Regulator: FINRA
  • Platforms: Own
  • Min. Deposit: $2500
  • Min. Trade: $3


  • Comprehensive research and data
  • 20+ account denominations
  • Demo account


  • High minimum requirement of $2,500
  • Withdrawal fees apply if removing funds more than once per month
  • Shortcomings regarding platform loading times and technical glitches

What Is A NOK Account?

Brokers with NOK accounts will hold your trading funds in Norwegian Krone. Your base currency simply determines which fiat money—such as GBP, USD, or NOK, for example—your account is denominated in. You can choose your base currency when registering and setting up your trading account.

By selecting NOK as your base currency, trading statements, deposit requirements, and profits and losses are all converted into NOK, regardless of whether you deposit in another currency, such as USD or EUR. The deposited funds will automatically be converted at the interbank rate. Fees, commissions, account charges, or other miscellaneous costs will be charged in NOK too.

NOK Explained

The Norwegian Krone is the national currency and legal tender of Norway. It is one of the world’s most stable currencies in 2023, alongside the Swiss Franc (CHF) and the Japanese Yen (JPY), and is frequently traded. NOK is the 14th most traded currency in the world and is closely correlated to the Swedish and Danish Krone.

The Norwegian Krone is regulated by Norway’s central bank, the Norges Bank, which is responsible for overseeing monetary policy and interest rates to maintain the currency’s financial stability and low level of inflation.

Norway is Western Europe’s leading oil exporter, meaning shifts in the global price of oil can affect the value of the NOK. During the oil crisis of 2015, the NOK reached its lowest level since 2002. However, nowadays NOK has a much tighter correlation with the Euro (EUR) than with the price of oil or other Scandinavian country currencies.

Pros Of Brokers With NOK Accounts

How To Check A Broker Offers A NOK Account

The best place to check whether a broker offers a NOK account is at the sign-up section of the website. The platform’s deposits and withdrawals page should also indicate accepted currencies. Failing all else, contact the broker’s customer support team.

On the off chance that your country of residence may change, it’s worth clarifying with a broker beforehand if base currencies in a live account can be amended once an account has been opened.

How To Compare Brokers With NOK Accounts

Here we list some of the key considerations when choosing brokers with NOK accounts:

Final Word On Brokers With NOK Accounts

Brokers with NOK accounts unlock several advantages, particularly for investors in Norway but also for active forex traders. As one of the world’s most stable currencies, many top brokers offer NOK accounts and are regulated by the appropriate bodies. Check out our list of the top providers with NOK accounts to get started.


What Is A NOK Trading Account?

A broker with a NOK account offers the Norwegian Krone as its base currency. This represents the currency used to trade but also the currency that will be charged for fees, commissions, and transaction reporting.

Why Use Brokers With NOK Accounts?

Those who will benefit most from a NOK account are those based in Norway. The advantages for these traders are zero exchange rate fees, low deposits and withdrawals, and easy access to the financial markets.

Can Anyone Open An Account With Brokers That Offer A NOK Account?

Generally, any trader can open a NOK account regardless of where they reside. Select NOK during account registration but beware it may not be possible to change your base currency once you’ve opened your account.

How Can I See If A Broker Offers A NOK Account?

Check the broker’s website—usually terms and conditions in the accounts section—to see if it offers a NOK account. If it’s not clear, contact the broker’s customer support team.

How Do I Know Which Brokers With A NOK Account Are Best?

When searching for a broker that offers a NOK account, important factors to consider include the available trading tools, market access, plus spreads and commissions. In addition, using a regulated broker to open a NOK account is highly recommended. See our list of the best brokers with NOK accounts to get started.