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Brokers with ChatGPT have integrated OpenAI’s popular large language processing model. In doing so, ChatGPT brokers are providing personalized investment strategies and the tools to build custom bots, amongst other features. This tutorial ranks the best brokers with ChatGPT integration. Our team also explain how to get the most out of these cutting-edge tools, alongside their limitations.

Best ChatGPT Brokers

Our experts have tested multiple brokers with ChatGPT as of June 2024 and we recommend:

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Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that has integrated ChatGPT into its platform to allow traders to automate their strategies.

The broker’s integration of ChatGPT essentially allows users to create bespoke bots that can be optimized using the AI’s machine learning capabilities.

Traders can input various parameters into the system, including:

PionexGPT will then generate strategies that the bot can execute automatically.

This integration basically aims to help traders optimize their strategies and improve their returns, though there are no guarantees.

PionexGPT dashboard

Pionex GPT’s features are interesting, and its selection of robots and automated features is a welcome addition to the crypto field.

However, its ChatGPT integration is not fully developed and is still accepting strategies from pine-script coders. In addition, we are not yet comfortable that it can outperform the machine learning tools offered by leading brokers.


Online brokerage Tiger Brokers launched TigerGPT in January 2023. The service, which is touted as the industry’s first AI investment assistant, is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model and integrated into Tiger Brokers’ platform, allowing users to communicate with the AI-powered bot and receive personalized investment recommendations.

TigerGPT uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand traders’ queries and respond. TigerGPT essentially provides recommendations on stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments, based on a trader’s risk appetite and investment goals.

Additionally, traders can use TigerGPT to access real-time financial news and analysis, as well as insights into market trends.

TigerGPT Apple investment recommendation

TigerGPT is also gearing up to provide users with extras like financial reports on companies, definitions of terms or strategies, and whether an investment may be a good decision based on current information and your objectives.

But importantly, we expect that the TigerGPT system will need access to the latest market data to offer these features effectively – unlike the existing iteration of ChatGPT, whose databanks only go up to 2021.

In addition, Tiger Brokers is currently only allowing users to join a waitlist to download a beta version of the Tiger Broker app which includes TigerGPT.

It is also worth reiterating that there are leading machine learning brokers that already offer real-time AI tools.


DXcharts is a charting programme that offers live market data and a range of features such as multi-graph views, customizable indicators, and market news.

It can be added as a third-party add-on to well-known platforms like TradingView. It has also been integrated by popular online brokers, including PrimeXBT.

In March 2023, DXcharts revealed plans to integrate the platform with ChatGPT, confirming that the chatbot will be used to provide users with instant term descriptions. Traders will be able to simply click on any unfamiliar term, and a brief explanation will pop up within the platform.

DXcharts ChatGPT integration

But whilst an appealing proposition, there are already top-rated brokers with excellent existing education facilities, geared towards new traders.

AutoGPT Plugin

AutoGPT has also released a plugin for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 that leverages OpenAI’s technology.

The solution can analyze market data and generate signals, including stock of the day recommendations. And since these platforms are popular with traders and available from reputable brokers, the software potentially has a large customer base.

On the downside, the quality and reliability of outputs are largely untested. As a result, traders approach the ChatGPT MetaTrader plugin with caution.

Future Of ChatGPT Brokers

There is a growing list of brokers with ChatGPT as brands look for ways to harness the rising power and popularity of AI.

With the integration of ChatGPT into charting software like DXcharts, brokers can provide their clients with real-time and personalized education. Alternatively, some ChatGPT brokers are looking for ways to build automated solutions and provide tailored investment advice. Similarly, a ChatGPT-powered bot named Satoshi is being developed to help crypto traders with their investments.

Yet while it is easy to get caught up in the latest wave of investing technology, it is important to carefully test any applications and outputs before risking money. There is no guarantee that brokers with ChatGPT integration will make you money. As such, some users will prefer to trade with reputable brokers that offer established AI tools.


Which Brokers Use ChatGPT?

There is a growing number of brokers with ChatGPT integration. Early adopters includes Tiger Brokers and Pionex, who have integrated ChatGPT into their platforms to provide a range of features, including custom bots, personalized investing ideas, and market analysis.

Is It Safe To Use Brokers With ChatGPT?

There is always a risk of losing money when trading online, and brokers with ChatGPT integration cannot negate this. The machine learning model may generate responses that are not accurate or appropriate, so ChatGPT tools are not guaranteed to make you profits.

The AI solution also works off a dataset that stopped in 2021, meaning it cannot access the latest market data.

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