AstroFX Review 2024

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AstroFX is a trading education provider with a focus on forex strategy, including courses on fundamental and technical analysis. The brand also offers funded trading accounts. However, the courses are not the best value for money and the prop firm isn’t highly rated. In addition, the FCA has warned that AstroFX is not authorized by the regulator.

This review unpacks the educational materials and funded accounts provided by AstroFX, as well as its pricing structure, payout splits, online support and more.

For the best prop trading firms and top-rated forex training materials:

What Is AstroFX?

AstroFX aims to help traders reach their potential when investing in the financial markets. The firm has provided forex trading education for 8+ years and has worked with some 4000 students during that time.

Based in London, United Kingdom, the firm provides courses in both English and Spanish.

How AstroFX Courses Work

AstroFX offers four main courses and one accelerated course, with each covering different topics. The courses also have varying pricing structures, with some requiring monthly subscription payments while others offer lifetime access for a one-time payment.

On the downside, its trading tutorials are expensive, especially given the range of free materials available online today.

Technical Course

The technical course aims to teach traders how to understand, execute and apply analysis to charts. The main part of the course is delivered through online videos and is broken down into five chapters:

  1. Introduction and Forex Principle: The first chapter aims to break down the principles of the forex market. This information is delivered through 10 online videos, detailing how to begin trading on the forex market. The founders, Natt & Shaun, also detail their trading journeys and personal trading styles.
  2. Charting Foundations: Shaun covers the steps to his strategy in the second chapter. This includes an introduction to trading psychology and its application.
  3. Intermediate Chart Tracking: Here, traders will start applying strategies to trading currency pairs, such as USD/CAD and GBP/AUD.
  4. Psychology and Market Lessons: In the fourth chapter, Shaun breaks down the challenges he has faced as a trader and teaches the relevant lessons for modern traders.
  5. Advanced Astro Pro: The final chapter gives traders access to a day trading strategy, with 21 videos breaking down timeframe trading.

Fundamentals Course

This 15-video course aims to give traders an insight into the macroeconomic analysis used daily on trading markets. This course is designed to give traders the ability to understand the fundamental strategy used by AstroFX.

  • Technicals Vs. Fundamentals: The first video explains the main differences between technical and fundamental trading.
  • Natt’s Personal Fundamental Strategy: This video covers Natt’s approach when looking at market opens, and his daily checklist before entering trades.
  • How an Economy Works: The basic components of the economy are covered in this video, with a focus on factors traders need to pay attention to when looking to open positions on currency pairs.
  • Differences Between Hard and Soft Data: This video covers the understanding and use of data. Natt covers hard and soft data as well as how data can be traded when it is released.
  • Central Banks and How To Trade Them: This video covers the key points around the operation of central banks, and how traders can take advantage of central bank meetings.
  • Broad Macroeconomic Insights: The 11 remaining videos aim to help students incorporate a macroeconomic approach into their own strategy, combining technical and fundamental analysis.


The Astronomics package includes four information services to update traders on market information:

  1. Virtual Trading Floor Sessions: The AstroFX team cover what happened overnight during the Asian trading session, and what to look out for during the UK and US trading sessions.
  2. Technical Updates: The AstroFX team update their Technical Updates section with the team’s trading performance and psychological levels in the market, giving an indication of what they are doing with their trades.
  3. Fundamental Updates: Macroeconomic activity is covered in this section to try and explain changes to the forex market. AstroFX aims to explain the reasoning behind changes in market momentum.
  4. Live Market News: This section provides updates regarding markets and global news to allow traders to stay on top of changing trading conditions.

Limitless Trader

The Limitless Trader package is a £25,000 funded trading account that includes the Astronomics package. The trader does not need to provide their own capital, but will instead pay a subscription fee to sign up to the account and trade with AstroFX’s capital. There are no challenges to pass beforehand or hurdles to overcome to access the capital.

AstroFX offers to waive the month’s subscription fee if a trader can earn 10% of the capital within the month, and all profits after this will be split 70/30 in the trader’s favour. For every 20% growth of the starting capital, AstroFX will upgrade the offered capital to double. This can repeat all the way up to a maximum of £200,000.

This offer seems reasonable, but traders should take care as no companies hand out capital for free. Prop firms are profit-making enterprises, and in this case, traders will need to pay a £500 subscription fee to start trading. Moreover, 10% is a substantial amount to make in a month for many traders, so it would be difficult to earn money through this type of account.

Instead, consider our list of the best funded trading accounts:

Top-Rated Funded Trading Accounts

FundedNext is a top-rated prop trading firm with competitive accounts, profit targets & scaling plans.
Earn2Trade is a US-based futures prop trading firm that offers education packages alongside funded accounts. 80/20 profit splits are available.
OneUp Trader is a prop trading firm with funded accounts available up to $250,000. Get fully funded with a one-step evaluation program and up to a 90% profit split.

AstroFX Accelerated

AstroFX also offers an accelerated course with various features, including free education, a training account, access to an exclusive AstroFX terminal, Mayfair trading floor access for twelve months, monthly meetings, quarterly account reviews, a bespoke trading plan and on-call account manager assistance.


The pricing varies by course but is expensive for the level of detail and quality provided. Furthermore, the pricing for the accelerated program is not provided, and instead must be inquired for on a case-by-case basis.

The pricing for the other courses is as follows:

  • Technical Course – £999
  • Fundamentals Course – £399
  • Astronomics – £99 per month/£5 per trading day
  • Limitless – £500 per month

Pros Of AstroFX

  • Technical and fundamentals courses have no end date
  • Live data feeds from the Astronomics and Limitless packages

Cons Of AstroFX

  • Information is limited to Asian, UK and US markets
  • Some negative user reviews online
  • Higher payout splits and capital amount at other prop firms
  • High monthly subscription fee with funded trading accounts
  • Better value for money forex education elsewhere

Customer Support

AstroFX can be contacted through several support channels:

  • Live Chat: Found on the right-hand side of their website
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 0203 858 0096
  • Office Mail Address: 49 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom
  • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook): @astroforex

AstroFX Verdict

Like many similar companies, AstroFX offers traders educational resources in video form, and there is little to set it apart from the competition in terms of pricing structure or content. Instead, AstroFX’s unique selling point comes in the form of a funded trading account that it says will allow students to try out what they’ve learned and, with enough hard work and talent, join the company’s roster of traders.

However, there are more reputable prop trading firms with better tools, payout splits, and account conditions.


How Much Does An AstroFX Course Cost?

The price of the different packages vary but are significantly higher than alternatives. The technical course has a one-time fee of £999, while the fundamentals course has one of £399. The Astronomics package costs £5 per trading day or £99 per month. The Limitless Trader package has a £500 per month fee unless you can maintain the pre-funded account above 10% growth.

Does AstroFX Have A Mobile App?

AstroFX does not have a dedicated mobile app. Instead, use our ranking of the top forex apps.

Is AstroFX Available In The US & UK?

AstroFX is based in London but is available in the US and the UK. The AstroFX team aims to provide information about both the UK and US markets in its Astronomics course.

How Long Do You Have Access To The AstroFX Courses?

The technical and fundamentals courses provide lifetime access. The Astronomics and Limitless packages both have monthly subscriptions to access, which is a drawback vs competitors.

What Are The Best Alternatives To AstroFX?

This guide to forex trading provides all the basics for aspiring investors. For funded trading accounts, head to our ranking of the best prop trading firms.

AstroFX offers forex trading courses and funded accounts. However high fees, negative reviews and an FCA warning are causes for concern.