FundedNext Review 2024

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FundedNext is a top-rated prop trading firm with competitive accounts, profit targets & scaling plans.

FundedNext is a global prop trading firm with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. They offer funded trading accounts with starting values of up to $200,000 and traders can reach up to $4,000,000 in funding through a scaling plan. Traders are eligible for up to a 90% payout split with no subscription fees.

With attractive conditions, should traders sign up with FundedNext? In this review, we will cover how FundedNext works, the account types and evaluation challenges they offer, what their rules are, how to get funded, whether they are legit, and how they compare to alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • FundedNext is partnered with popular broker, Eightcap
  • The 90/10 profit share is competitive vs other funded trading accounts
  • FundedNext offers more funding than most prop firms, with profiles up to $4 million
  • The brand offers reliable support, including a dedicated contact for your account
  • The range of financial instruments available on the MT4 platform is relatively limited
  • The firm has some tight rules for certain funded accounts

What Is FundedNext?

FundedNext is an international proprietary trading firm headquartered in the UAE and founded in 2022. The firm is owned by NEXT Ventures, with Syed Abdullah Jayed as CEO. It has been featured in articles published by several big financial journals, including Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq.

FundedNext aims to appeal to a range of traders and investment styles. They offer two different models to potential clients as gateways to opening live funded trading accounts, with unlimited free retakes, up to 90% profit sharing, and a 15% profit share from the demo phase.

How Does FundedNext Work?

FundedNext works like other prop firms, with traders completing an assessment to prove their trading skills before being able to open a pre-funded live account. Profits made on this funded account are then split between the trader and FundedNext, following a predetermined percentage share.

FundedNext offers two assessments: the Evaluation Model and the Express Model. After completing one of these assessments, traders will receive a certificate and can open a funded trading account with FundedNext’s partner broker, Eightcap.

Evaluation Model

The Evaluation Model allows you to apply for five different funding amounts. These are $15,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000; and $200,000.

To be able to open a funded account, you must complete the assessment and match its profit targets while conforming to FundedNext’s rules.

This model has two assessment phases. Phase 1 requires the trader to hit a 10% profit target within four trading weeks without violating any rules. Phase 2 requires you to hit a 5% profit target within eight trading weeks without violating any rules.

Evaluation Rules & Details

  • 5% Daily Drawdown – You cannot have more than a 5% loss in one day
  • 10% Overall Drawdown – You cannot make a loss of 10% during the assessment period
  • 5 Trades Per Cycle You must enter a trade on at least 5 separate days in the Evaluation Model (per month)
  • One-Time Fee (Refundable) $99, $199, $299, $549, $999 (depending on funding amount) (refunded when successful)
  • Forbidden: Emulators, High-Frequency Trading, Reverse Arbitrage Trading, Hedge Arbitrage Trading, Latency Arbitrage Trading, Tick Scalping, Copying trades from other investors
  • Expert Advisors and indicators are allowed
  • 1:100 trading leverage
  • No consistency rule

Evaluation Completion Details

Traders who complete the Evaluation Model can open a live account pre-funded with the amount chosen on sign-up, and will receive a refunded subscription fee. The profit share begins at 80%, and increases to 90% when the trader succeeds in scaling their account.

The scale-up plan, reviewed every four months, allows traders to increase their account funding by 40%, and can be repeated up to a total funding level of $4 million. To scale up, traders must grow their account by a total of at least 10% over four consecutive months, without violating any of FundedNext’s trading rules. Two pay-outs will need to be made over that timeframe, and the final month before evaluation needs to end with a profit.

While during the Evaluation there were no restrictions on news trading, live account traders are not allowed to open or close trades within two minutes before and after high-impact news affecting the asset. If violated, your account will be terminated.

If you have failed during the Evaluation model and your account becomes deactivated, you can start fresh with a new account for a fee which increases with the amount of funding from the account – depending on your funding level, you will pay $89, $179, $269, $494 or $899.

Express Model

Express Model traders aim to hit an absolute profit target of 25% with no time limit and without violating the firm’s trading rules. Successfully reaching the target activates a live account with a 60% profit split which high performers can increase up to 90%.

There are two types of Express Model: Consistency and Non-Consistency. Consistency refers to a requirement that traders make a consistent number of trades from week to week, with the FundedNext account automatically tallying the number of trades and lots and calculating an average which is reset every month. Non-consistency traders do not need to worry about trading a consistent amount, but they will have a lower limit of funds to trade with.

Consistency account holders can apply for five funding amounts: $15,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000; and $200,000.

Non-Consistency account holders may apply for four funding amounts at the evaluation stage: $15,000; $25,000; $50,000; and $100,000. On completion, they will receive a funded account 25% the size of the demo account – so if you completed the evaluation with a $15,000 funding amount, your live account will come funded with $3,750.

Express Rules & Details

  • 5% Daily Drawdown – You cannot have more than a 5% loss in one day
  • 10% Overall Drawdown – You cannot make a loss of 10% during the assessment period
  • 10 Trades Per Month – You must enter a trade on at least 5 separate days per month
  • One-Time Fee (Refundable) – (Consistency) $99, $199, $299, $549, $999 (depending on funding amount): (non-Consistency) $119, $229, $379, $699 (depending on funding amount)
  • Forbidden: Emulators, High-Frequency Trading, Reverse Arbitrage Trading, Hedge Arbitrage Trading, Latency Arbitrage Trading, Tick Scalping, Copying trades from other traders
  • News Trading is not permitted within 5 minutes of a high-impact event
  • Expert Advisors and indicators are allowed
  • 1:100 trading leverage

Express Completion Details

Completing the Express Model will allow you to open a live account pre-funded with the amount you chose (if you chose Consistency), or 25% of the funding amount (if you chose Non-Consistency). Traders who pass the evaluation and sign up for a live account will receive a refund of their subscription fee. The profit share for the live account will start at 80%, and can scale up to 90%.

The scale-up plan works in the same way as scaling up an Evaluation Model account.

Traders who fail to pass the Express Model the first time can start afresh with a new account for a fee that scales with the amount of funding – $79, $159, $239, $439 and $799 for consistency, or $95, $183, $303 and $559 for non-Consistency accounts.

FundedNext App

Our experts found that the FundedNext app is designed to let traders stay up-to-date with their trading performance, account growth and other details. This is a notable advantage over other prop trading firms, which do not always offer a bespoke trading application for their users.

The app is available on both the Apple iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store or from the FundedNext website.

FundedNext trading app

Broker & Platform Details

FundedNext has one partner broker, Eightcap. This is an ASIC-regulated broker that allows users to trade CFDs on forex, cryptocurrency, and more, with over 800 financial instruments available and support for the MetaTrader 4 platform. However, FundedNext traders will be more limited in the instruments available to them, with 46 forex currency pairs provided along with 16 indices and commodities.

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is one of the most popular platforms for online trading. It is a versatile, customizable solution, with a host of features, including over 30 technical indicators, 9 timeframes and Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading.

MT4 also has a mobile app, allowing traders to trade wherever they may be. The mobile platform offers most of the same features as the base desktop platform and is available on the Android Google Play Store.


FundedNext offers a good selection of educational resources for traders, including a news calendar covering important economic updates relevant to the tradable assets. The news is ranked by its impact level (as this can affect whether traders are allowed to trade those assets for a set period).

The firm also has a blog that covers a wide range of articles, including Q&As with traders, weekly economic updates, market analysis, a risk calculator, forex trading guides and important announcements.

Pros Of FundedNext

  • Retry for free
  • Leverage of 1:100
  • Economic calendar
  • Up to 90% profit split
  • Maximum capital of $4 million
  • Good user reviews and ratings
  • Secure login on MT4 app download
  • Profit split available for evaluation stages
  • Competitive spreads and fees through Eightcap

Cons Of FundedNext

  • Relatively young prop firm
  • Rules can be restrictive (e.g. consistency rule)
  • Reports of slow execution leading to slippage
  • No phone number customer service contact
  • Educational resources are more research-based

Security & Reputation

As FundedNext is not a trading firm, but rather counted as an education service, it is not regulated by a financial regulatory body. However, their partnered broker, Eightcap, is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

FundedNext also has a strong reputation, with a Trustpilot score of 4.6 with over 2,700 reviews.

Customer Service

FundedNext offers a reliable customer service team which traders can contact 24/7:

  • Email Address –
  • LiveChat – Available at the bottom of their website
  • Online Form – Available on their “Contact” page:
  • Address – Office no. 7, AI Robotics HUB, C1 Building, AFZ, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
  • Facebook Messenger – @FundedNext

FundedNext also assigns a dedicated account manager to each account, meaning queries should be answered quickly. This is particularly good news for beginners that may need extra support to start with.

You can also interact with FundedNext through their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord and Telegram – Under the @FundedNext handle.

FundedNext Verdict

FundedNext offers high levels of funded capital, with successful traders quickly getting access to $200,000, and being able to raise that to $4 million through the scale-up plan. The firm makes accessing funded accounts simple, just requiring a refundable one-time fee and success in either the Evaluation or Express Models. Traders will also be able to trade using one of the most popular platforms, MetaTrader 4, and can speculate on a range of assets with a potential 90% profit split.

If you can follow the rules and successfully trade, then FundedNext could provide you with a great opportunity to get funded.


Is FundedNext A Good Prop Trading Firm?

FundedNext is a good pick for traders looking for a funded account. The brand is partnered with an ASIC-regulated firm, Eightcap. The company also offers high profit splits up to 90%, accounts up to $4 million, plus a competitive scaling plan. The one-time entrance fee is also refundable if you secure a funded account.

Is FundedNext Trustworthy?

FundedNext is classed as an education firm, not a broker-dealer or any other type of financial institution, and therefore is not regulated by a financial regulatory body. However, its partnered broker, Eightcap, is ASIC-regulated and highly rated. The prop trading firm also has excellent user reviews.

Does FundedNext Offer A Demo Mode?

FundedNext does not offer a demo account. This is because they offer profit opportunities to traders even during demo phases. With that said, you can open a free trial account with their broker, Eightcap.

Does FundedNext Offer A Good Profit Split?

The profit split depends on which model you choose, and whether you have scaled up. Successfully completing the Evaluation Model will put you into a live account with an 80% split. If you scale up, this can be increased to 90%. Successfully completing the Express Model will put you into a live account with a 60% split. Through the scale-up plan, this can be raised to a 90% split. Importantly, this is competitive vs alternative prop trading firms.

Does FundedNext Offer A Reliable Trading Platform?

Through FundedNext, you can only use the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. This is a versatile, customizable and highly popular platform that offers traders plenty of tools and features to apply their strategy with ease. The stable platform also comes with additional features like automated trading bots and copy-trading capabilities.

What Assets Can You Trade With FundedNext?

While their broker (Eightcap) offers over 800 assets, through FundedNext, you have a more limited number of tradable assets: 46 forex currency pairs along with 16 indices and commodities. There are no other asset classes (like crypto or stocks). This is a drawback vs competitors which offer opportunities on a wider range of instruments, including equities and cryptocurrencies.

FundedNext is a top-rated prop trading firm with competitive accounts, profit targets & scaling plans.