11+ Best Alternatives to Bloomberg Terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal is widely recognized for its data, analysis tools, and communication platform.

However, its high cost prompts many to seek alternatives that better fit their budget or specific needs.

Below we cover some of the best alternatives to the Bloomberg Terminal, each with its unique features and strengths:


1. Refinitiv Eikon


Eikon provides extensive financial data, including market, company, and economic information.

It has strong analytics and offers an advanced charting package.

Its user interface is customizable, and it integrates with Microsoft Office, which makes it easier to use for analysis and reporting.

The standard version is about the same cost as a Bloomberg Terminal.

But a “stripped-down” version of Eikon is about $3,600 per year, which takes aims at the Bloomberg’s Terminal biggest weakness (inaccessibility due to cost) and taking a share of the financial data/tools demand in the retail market.

Best For

Professionals looking for a comprehensive data solution with strong analytics and integration capabilities.


2. FactSet


FactSet offers a wide range of financial data and analytics tools, including global market data, company analysis, and portfolio management capabilities.

It’s known for its high-quality data and user-friendly interface.

Best For

Portfolio managers and analysts seeking detailed equity and fixed-income analytics tools.


3. S&P Capital IQ


Capital IQ provides detailed financial information on companies, markets, and people.

It offers tools for financial modeling, analysis, and research, which makes it a good choice for investment banking, equity research, asset management, and corporate development.

Best For

Professionals in investment banking and equity research looking for deep company analysis and financial modeling tools.


4. Morningstar Direct


Morningstar Direct is known for its investment research, including detailed data on mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs.

It offers portfolio analysis tools and comprehensive reports on investment performance.

Best For

Asset managers and investment advisors focusing on mutual funds, ETFs, and portfolio construction.


5. YCharts


YCharts offers financial data and investment research with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

It provides tools for analysis, screening, and visualization, which makes it accessible to less technical users.

Best For

Financial advisors and individual investors seeking user-friendly analysis and data visualization tools.


6. Sentieo


Sentieo combines traditional financial data with alternative data sources, incorporating AI and machine learning for document search, data extraction, and sentiment analysis.

It aims to streamline research processes for equity research analysts and asset managers.

Best For

Analysts looking for advanced document search and processing capabilities alongside financial data.


7. TradingView


TradingView is known for its charting tools, social networking features, and real-time data for stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

It’s web-based and offers a range of free and premium subscription options.

Best For

Traders and investors looking for advanced charting capabilities and a community-driven platform.


8. MetaStock


MetaStock provides real-time news, data, and analytics, with a strong emphasis on technical analysis tools and charting for stocks, futures, and currency markets.

Best For

Traders focusing on technical analysis and requiring extensive charting options.


9. Koyfin


Koyfin focuses on providing affordable and user-friendly access to financial data, analytics, and charting tools.

Its interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, so it’s a good option for less experienced users.

Best For

Traders/investors, both individuals and professionals, seeking a comprehensive and budget-conscious solution for market data and analysis.

10. AlphaSense


AlphaSense is an AI-powered search engine designed for financial research.

It aggregates information from various sources including SEC filings, earnings call transcripts, sell-side research, and news articles.

This platform focuses on streamlining the research process.

Best For

Professionals who conduct in-depth market research and need to quickly extract relevant insights from a large volume of documents.

11. Intrinio


Intrinio provides financial data through APIs and customizable data feeds.

It’s a flexible option for those needing tailored data solutions integrated into their own applications or platforms.

Best For

Developers and organizations looking to build custom financial applications or incorporate financial data into their own systems.


The best Bloomberg Terminal alternative for you will depend entirely on your specific needs as a financial professional, investor, or trader.

Consider factors such as:

  • Your primary role – Investment banking, equity research, technical day trading, etc.
  • Data focus – Real-time market data, company fundamentals, economic indicators, alternative data
  • Required tools – Charting, analytics, communication, document search, portfolio management, user interface
  • Budget – Subscription costs vary heavily between providers