WorldPay Brokers 2022 - Which Brokers Accept WorldPay?

WorldPay Group, (formerly RBS WorldPay) is a leading online payment platform. The company provides services to a variety of customers from multinational corporations to start-ups, across 150 countries. Solutions include e-commerce payments, merchant accounts and card reader machines, however, in this review we focus on its use in online trading. Specifically, we look at the login process, deposit and withdrawal limits, and any fees for traders making payments with WorldPay. We also list the top trading brokers that accept WorldPay deposits in 2022.

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WorldPay Headlines

WorldPay was founded in 1997 under the name ‘Streamline’ as a multi-currency payment platform and end-user payment gateway. Since then, the company has been involved in a number of acquisitions including with Natwest, RBS, Vantiv, and more recently FIS, when it acquired WorldPay Inc for $32m in 2019. The move caused a surge in its stocks and shares price.

Over time, the brand has become a global leader in ecommerce and safer online transfers and is currently the UK’s most popular payment provider. The firm supports over 400,000 merchants in 146 countries worldwide.

Yet while WorldPay may be one of the most popular merchant service providers, is it the best payment solution for your trading account?

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Deposits & Withdrawals

WorldPay’s portal allows for over 300 different deposit methods including card payments, online payments, mail order telephone payments (MOTO), and authorisation centre phone payments.

Deposit and withdrawal times are dependent on a number of factors, most notably: the agreement that the customer has with the merchant. In the context of trading, this means that deposits and withdrawals are subject to the specific processing times of the broker, so consult their website for specific timelines. Fortunately, the top platforms offer near-instant deposits and withdrawals within several working days.

Transaction Fees & Rates

WorldPay charges does not charge any joining fees and there are no hidden charges. With that said, some brokers may add additional processing fees so it’s worth double checking before opening a live trading account.

Note: If the merchant is using the pay-monthly plan, the monthly online payments gateway fee is £19.95 or, £0.10 for every transaction. Additionally, if the merchant is using the fixed monthly pricing option, the monthly package rate starts at £49.99. For both options, there is a £0.10 per transaction risk management charge, some of which may be passed on to the trader.

There is also a custom option suitable for established businesses with more complex payment requirements.

There are no charges associated with refunds.


Payments are usually processed instantly. However as outlined above, brokers may have their own processing times which can cause a delay in funds reaching your trading account. Usually though, you can expect deposits to be processed the same day while withdrawals can take several working days.


WorldPay has over 25 years’ experience in processing payments and has been accredited by the BBB since 2010. The gateway is PCI compliant which reduces the risk of data security breaches and safeguards against fraud. The platform also offers a suite of fraud prevention tools to help you keep track of your payments and keep your details safe.

Pros Of Trading With WorldPay

All Major Cards Are Accepted

WorldPay accepts over 100 currencies on all major debit/credit cards and PayPal. Payments can be made on the merchant/broker’s website either via the virtual terminal or pay per link using an email address, avoiding the need for invoices.

Secure Payment Methods

The online gateway ensures the highest level of safety, security, and compliance for its customers. This includes advanced fraud protection and tailored APIs. As a result, traders can deposit into their trading accounts and withdraw profits with peace of mind.

24/7 Customer Support

WorldPay offers 24/7 support via an international customer services telephone number with a UK-based helpline team. New customers can also contact the company for a free sales call-back service with no login credentials required. Leading trading brokers also offer around the clock support for account queries and payment issues.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

The brand’s digital dashboard allows customers to manage their funds effectively, providing live status updates, and multiple accessories. Customers can also login via the mobile app; WorldPay Total. Any relevant news updates are passed onto clients. The company’s benefits club can also be accessed.

Cons Of Trading With WorldPay


Despite its well know reputation in the payment provider market, WorldPay has only been integrated with a select list of online trading brokers. But as the company grows, we anticipate the list of brokers offering the payment method will increase.

Negative Customer Reviews

WorldPay UK Limited (Ltd) has received some negative reviews online. Common issues highlighted by merchants are problems with processing payments, system outage issues, and additional features not working. Although these concerns may not directly impact the trader, they could increase a broker’s reluctance to integrate WorldPay payments.

Customer Support

Support can be accessed through the official website. Visit the Contact Us page and submit a ticket. Alternatively, the team can be reached via email at or phone on:

  • EMEA: +44 20 8081 3840­
  • APAC: +63 2 8802 6299

For regular updates, stay connected via their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook channels.

WorldPay are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

Crypto Trading

WorldPay supports crypto trading, making it possible for investors to execute transactions with real time controls. The platform helps clients manage cryptos across capital markets, banking and trading. Clients can also pay by crypto and settle in USD.

Worldpay vs Stripe

If you are interested in crypto trading, check it is offered within your broker’s asset portfolio. For the latest in crypto news, also check out WorldPay’s regular press releases.

Is WorldPay A Good Choice For Traders?

WorldPay offers a safe and simple payment method. It is a global market leader and its reputation and popularity suggest it could become a more utlized payment method by brokers in the future. With that said, traders should note some poor reviews and its current lack of market integration with popular forex brokers.


How Does WorldPay Work?

WorldPay is a global leader in merchant payment services, including credit/debit card processing for businesses of all sizes. To use the brand’s services, clients must sign up for a monthly package or pay-as-you-go option. To use it as a means of funding a trading account, the WorldPay payment gateway must be supported by the respective trading broker.

What Bank Does WorldPay Use?

All major credit/debit cards and PayPal can be used. The payment facilitator connects businesses to their customers through a secure online payment portal.

Are My Funds Safe With WorldPay?

WorldPay has over 25 years’ experience in the payment services sector and has developed secure and safe processes to ensure customer protection from fraud and error. WorldPay has also been recognised by BBB since 2010.

What Level Of Customer Support Does WorldPay Offer?

WorldPay offers a 24/7 helpdesk which can be accessed via the following phone number: 0800 096 3997. Alternatively, clients can submit a ticket to the team. Visit the Contact Us tab on the official website and scroll down.

Does WorldPay Charge Any Joining Fees?

WorldPay is free to join via a simple registration form. Online brokers may have their own sign-up process and payment fees, however. See our list of brokers that accept WorldPay deposits to start trading today.