Venmo Brokers 2021 - Which Brokers Accept Venmo?

Venmo is a mobile payment solution with an integrated social feed. The platform aims to make the transfer of payments between friends, family and businesses as seamless as possible. Find out all you need to know about the online payment solution here. We’ll cover daily transfer limits, company history, reviews and rewards. We also list the best trading brokers that accept Venmo deposits.

Venmo Brokers

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Note, Venmo is offered at a limited list of brokers. PayPal is a suitable alternative and available at many leading brands.

What Is Venmo?

Founded in 2009, Venmo was initially a text message-based payment system. In 2012, the company integrated the social network feature and was bought by Braintree Payments for $26.2 million. Just a couple of years later, PayPal acquired Braintree for $800 million. Today, the company is run by CEO Dan Schulman and has a valuation of $38 billion with a user base of 70 million.

The company’s explosive growth has largely been driven by millennials who were attracted by the simplicity of its features and the social aspect of the app. The platform is also growing in popularity amongst traders owing to its cryptocurrency buying options.

Venmo is available on both Android (APK) and iOS (iPhone) devices.

Venmo brokers


Venmo’s pricing structure is flexible and accommodating, putting it ahead of many competitors. Accounts are free to set up and there are no monthly charges.

Users will be charged a 3% transfer fee when sending or receiving money using a credit card. But online purchases and transfers made using your Venmo balance, debit card or via your bank are free.

The one exception to this is buying or selling cryptocurrencies e.g Bitcoin and Litecoin. $0.50 is the minimum fee charged on purchases between $1,000 – $24.99. For larger purchases, a percentage fee will be taken, up to 2.3%.

Account holders can also explore a range of free additional features including real-time alerts and yearly account statements.

Note, brokers may have their own deposit and withdrawal charges, though account funding is usually free.


Venmo offers a Standard and Instant transfer option. A Standard transfer will take between 1-3 business days and does not carry a fee. The Instant transfer feature will make a direct deposit within 30 minutes and has a fee of 1% up to $10. All transfers are reviewed which can sometimes extend transfer times. Trading brokers may also have their own processing times.

If a user has selected a Standard transfer it cannot be upgraded to an Instant transfer. If you would like to cancel a transfer, contact the Venmo customer support team.

Customer Service

The support team can be reached online via the Venmo website or you can call on their telephone number – (855) 812-4430. Alternatively, Venmo runs popular YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts which host a wealth of information and can help with questions.


Venmo deploys data encryption technology to protect against fraudulent activity. Account information is stored on secure servers and users have the option of setting up 2-factor authentication (2FA) with a four-digit PIN code. Active accounts are 3d secure.

However, scammers have on a number of occasions been able to bypass the company’s security measures. Account holders have reported thefts of up to $3,000. After gaining access to a Venmo account, scammers can easily transfer funds into a bank account.

There have been a number of widespread scams including one that posed as a $10,000 reward giveaway and the 600 hack. As a general rule, anything that poses as free money should be avoided. Venmo also does not offer a buyer or seller protection plan which may leave users vulnerable.

There are a number of simple things users can do to help protect themselves:

  • Only exchange funds with people or brokers you trust
  • Don’t store large sums of money in your online account
  • Set your account settings to private and opt out of Venmo’s public social feed

How To Get Started

Get started with Venmo in just a few simple steps:

  1. Download the Venmo app
  2. Sign-up and verify your identity
  3. Add a credit or debit card
  4. Find your friends or broker
  5. Send and receive money

There are three ways to fund your account, also known as your funding source: using your Venmo balance, a credit/debit card or a US bank account. Venmo does let you add multiple cards (up to four), including prepaid or gift cards from American Express.


When you have created your Venmo account, the p2p maximum transfer limit is $299.99 per week. Once your identity has been verified, your rolling weekly (7 days) transfer limit is $4,999.99 whilst your sending limit is $2,999.99 (¢3,000.00). Payments for goods and services are limited to 30 transactions per day, up to $2,000.

Note, online brokers may also have their own deposit and withdrawal limits. Check terms and conditions before making a payment.


The company runs a rewards scheme called Venmo offers. The scheme offers cashback on purchases. To register your interest, head to the Offers section of the app. It’s generally quick and easy to sign-up and get started accumulating reward points.

Pros Of Trading With Venmo

Venmo is hugely popular with some of the app’s best features including:

  • Straightforward to split payments between people
  • Interactive community chat to discuss payments with users
  • Payments can be made to those that don’t have the Venmo app
  • Payments are free to make – Venmo doesn’t charge users to send or receive money
  • There is a ‘trust’ feature that enables auto-payment for recurring expenses such as rent
  • There is a rewards system that allows users to earn cashback on selected purchases

Cons Of Trading With Venmo

Whilst Venmo has a lot to offer, there are some drawbacks to the platform:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to use the service
  • You must have a mobile phone registered in the US
  • Payments are capped at $4,999.99 per week for both sending and receiving
  • Payments are primarily available for personal use. Limited business payments are integrated into the platform
  • Both the sender and receiver have to live in the US which means that international payments are not possible
  • The Venmo groups feature is no longer available at the login stage

Venmo Vs Competitors

How does Venmo compare vs Zelle, PayPal or other cash apps? Zelle moves money directly between bank accounts using email addresses or phone numbers. Both platforms are free, with some exceptions, and neither are offered beyond the US. The key difference is that Zelle does not have the social element to its platform.

In the UK, Monzo and Revolut are Venmo’s closest competitors. Whilst both are great mobile banking options, neither quite offer the social aspect that Venmo does. However, they also aren’t tarnished with the same security concerns.

Is Venmo A Good Choice For Traders?

Venmo is a popular social mobile payment platform and it’s not hard to see why. Users can make quick and easy transfers whilst engaging with the interactive social feed.

The biggest limitation of the app is that currently, it is not available outside of the US. It would be good to see it expand globally, much like PayPal has. The other key drawback is the security concerns. Multiple users have reported scams with some losing thousands of dollars. Whilst there are precautions you can take, the impetus must be placed on the company to improve in this area. Venmo is particularly interesting in respect to cryptocurrencies and it will be interesting to see where the company takes this feature, especially for active traders.


Is Venmo Available Internationally?

Like Zelle, Venmo is available to US citizens only. Users must have a US registered bank account and phone number in order to use its services. Venmo does not work in the UK and international transfers are not permitted. Equivalent cash, or money apps, do exist in England however, Monzo and Revolut are good alternatives.

Is Venmo Owned By PayPal?

Venmo was founded in 2010. Two years later it was acquired by Braintree and then later by PayPal in 2013. Today, Venmo is a PayPal company with an estimated net worth of ¢38 billion.

Why Isn’t My Venmo Account Working?

If you are experiencing any issues with your Venmo account, contact the customer support team. They can help with a range of issues, including 403, 404 and 406 error messages, if it keeps crashing or declining, your account settings are incompatible, or your bank couldn’t be added.

How do You Transfer Venmo Money?

To make a Venmo transfer, you will need to download the mobile app, verify your details and add a funding source to the account. Once you’ve registered, follow the in-app instructions to make a deposit or transfer.

Is Venmo Free?

Venmo does not charge to send or receive money. There is however a 3% fee on transfers made by credit card. It is free to open an account and there are no monthly charges. Trading brokers may also have their own transfer charges though deposits are typically free at big brands.