Low Minimum Deposit Binary Options Brokers

Low minimum deposit binary options brokers offer an accessible route into binary options trading for newcomers. These brokers make it easy and cheap to get started with binary options.

There are many brokers that offer advanced and sophisticated trading services, all while requiring a commitment of many hundreds or thousands of dollars to open an account. These brokers set a high barrier of entry to start trading binary options.  It can be quite difficult for beginners and everyday investors to be able to open an account with these brokers. Low minimum deposit binary options brokers offer a good alternative with a very low barrier of entry.  Anyone can open an account and start trading using these low-cost brokers.

This guide will explore such brokers, outlining their advantages and drawbacks as well as teach you how to evaluate these brokers in comparison to each other and in comparison with how well they fulfill your requirements.

Low Minimum Deposit Binary Options Brokers

The 5 best brokers with a low deposit requirement:

  1. Pocket Option - $50
  2. Deriv.com - $5
  3. Quotex - $10
  4. IQ Option - $10
  5. CloseOption - $5

#1 - Pocket Option

Why We Chose Pocket Option

Pocket Option offers ultra-short-term binaries from 5 seconds on one of the simplest web platforms for beginners. Payouts rival alternatives at 90%+ while the ‘Double Up’ and ‘Rollover’ features provide further opportunities to profit. Considering the negatives, the suite of 130+ assets trails binary brokers like Quotex, which offer 400+.

"Pocket Option excels for its easy-to-use web platform which provides a best-in-class user experience for short-term binary traders. The $50 minimum deposit is also accessible for beginners while opening an account is really easy. Looking at the negatives, Pocket Option still trails alternatives in its market offering and regulatory credentials."

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Payout %: 92%
  • Expiry Times: 5 seconds - 4 hours
  • Bonus: 50% Deposit Bonus
  • Copy Trading: Yes
  • Platforms: Web, MT4, MT5
  • Instruments: Stocks, Forex, Crypto

#2 - Deriv.com

Why We Chose Deriv.com

Deriv.com offers premium binary options on traditional and emerging financial markets with payouts up to 50,000 USD. Binaries are available 24/7, 365 days a year on a secure platform with responsive customer support.

"Deriv.com will suit day traders looking to make fast-paced trades using CFDs and multipliers with high leverage up to 1:1000. The broker is also the industry leader in synthetic indices, which simulate real market movements and are available around the clock. "

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Payout %: 100%
  • Expiry Times: 15 seconds to 365 days
  • Copy Trading: Yes
  • Platforms: Deriv Trader, MT5
  • Instruments: Stocks, Forex, Crypto

#3 - Quotex

Why We Chose Quotex

Quotex continues its streak near the top of the industry with ultra-short-term binaries on hundreds of assets. The binary broker provides a web platform that delivers a terrific user experience with a clean design, multiple charting styles, dozens of indicators and daily signals.

"Quotex is best for making short-term trades on popular markets. The payouts up to 98% are above average and enhancements to the platform have ensured it's easy to use for beginners. That said, the lack of regulatory oversight, limited education and weak support are key drawbacks."

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Payout %: 98%
  • Expiry Times: 5 seconds - 4 hours
  • Bonus: 30% Deposit Bonus
  • Copy Trading: No
  • Platforms: Web Platform, Mobile App
  • Instruments: Stocks, Forex, Crypto

#4 - IQ Option

Why We Chose IQ Option

IQ Option is a top-rated binary options and digital trading broker. Trade on a user-friendly platform with a low starting deposit. Simply decide whether the price of an asset will go up or down to win a predetermined payout up to 90%+.

"IQ Option is a good broker for beginners with a slick platform and low minimum investment. New users can also open an account in three easy steps."

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Payout %: 91%
  • Copy Trading: No
  • Platforms: Own
  • Instruments: Stocks, Forex, Crypto

#5 - CloseOption

Why We Chose CloseOption

CloseOption offers binary options trading on 30+ fiat and digital currencies through an easy-to-use web-based platform. 15 contract timeframes are available from 30 seconds to 1 month, suiting both short-term and long-term traders. New users also get a joining gift.

"CloseOption is a good pick for traders seeking a user-friendly binary options platform with high payouts and joining bonuses."

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Payout %: 95%
  • Expiry Times: 30 seconds - 1 month
  • Bonus: $10 Welcome Gift
  • Copy Trading: No
  • Platforms: Own
  • Instruments: Forex, Crypto

Minimum Deposit Requirements

Before you open a position with a brokerage you will need to deposit a certain amount of money to set up an account and trade. A minimum deposit (or initial deposit) is the amount of money required to set up an account with a broker (or other financial institution). Minimum deposits ensure that customer revenues cover administrative costs and overheads relating to that particular account.

Higher minimum deposits generally correlate with accounts that cost more for that particular broker and usually offer premium features. On the other hand, lower minimum deposits generally have fewer features and, therefore, cost less to the brokerage; they can afford to make the minimum deposits relatively low because they have fewer services available.

Pros Of Low Minimum Deposits Binary Options Brokers

Reduces Risk

Whilst all binary options trading comes with a degree of risk, low minimum deposits mean that initial losses can be minimised. For instance, instead of depositing hundreds or even thousands of dollars and then staking a portion of that, you can get started with smaller amounts and risk less while you are getting to grips with the broker, platform and assets. This can be particularly beneficial for beginner traders that are unsure about trading binary options.

Trading requires some skill and low minimum deposits allow you to build up skill whilst earning money in the process. Some trading strategies are best tested under real market conditions, so low minimum deposit binary options brokers provide the best platforms to test such strategies whilst limiting losses.

Order Size

Brokers with lower minimum deposits may also allow smaller order sizes, which can be appealing for beginner traders or those with less capital to stake. Breaking up a large sum of money between many markets, platforms and strategies can also diversify risk exposure.binary options broker online

Comparing Binary Options Brokers With Low Minimum Deposits

To choose which low minimum deposit binary options broker is best for you, there are several different aspects to consider. There are a variety of different ways to assess these aspects, whether it be through personal research or by reading a broker review.

Markets & Payouts

Brokers can offer a range of assets to purchase binary options contracts in, including stocks, crypto, forex, indices and commodities. The quantity and range of these can vary between brokers. Different assets suit different trading styles and can consequently impact potential gains and losses. On top of the markets on offer, consider which broker has the largest payouts for the assets you are considering as these will dictate your possible profits.

Trading Platform

Comparison of the respective trading platform a broker uses is important when choosing a binary trading broker with low minimum deposits. One of the standard industry trading platforms is MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which provides a fast, seamless trading service with advanced technical analysis. Many brokers also provide proprietary software packages instead, which can also be very effective. Trading platforms should be functional, stable, load rapidly and have every feature available that you need to trade binary options to their maximum capacity.

Trading Features

Assessing a brokerage’s additional trading features can be useful when deciding between low minimum deposit binary options brokers. Finding a firm with several types of binary options contracts, including put/call, touch, range and ladder options will allow you to profit from a variety of market scenarios.

Binary options can also be purchased for a range of expiry times. A broker offering short-term turbo options that expire within five minutes, medium-term contracts from five minutes to 24 hours and long-term options up to a year will provide clients with the greatest flexibility for their strategies. Some firms only offer limited ranges of expiry times, while others allow traders to set their own.

Other competitive features include copy trading, risk management tools, demo accounts, educational content, signals services, early closure deals and advanced charting software.


Low minimum deposit binary options brokers often also come with competitive pricing structures, aiming at a less experienced client base. Assessing the various rates of commissions, inactivity fees, withdrawal charges and mark-ups are all points to consider. Withdrawal fees often vary between brokers and payment methods, such as ACH and wire transfers. Make sure that a broker’s pricing structure is transparent and competitive, with no hidden costs and charges.

Payment Methods

Comparison of the various payment methods and withdrawal processes is important when choosing a low minimum deposit binary options broker. Try to choose a broker that offers methods and processes that are convenient for you, such as credit card payments, Bitcoin transfers or e-wallets like Skrill. Payment privacy, speed and security are also important. Check that a brokerage uses SSL encryption to secure transactions and personal information.


Regulation is a vital consideration for all brokerages, especially binary options firms as it is the major determinant of a broker’s credibility. There are many binary options scams out there, so check that independent authorities regulate brokers you are considering. Such brokers should state clearly on their website that they are regulated and by which agency, which you can corroborate by searching the online databases of regulatory authorities.

Respected regulators include the UK’s FCA, the USA’s SEC and FINRA, ASIC, CySEC, BaFin or the ESMA. Brokerage firms licensed offshore are not necessarily untrustworthy, though their clients might be afforded less legal protection.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application support can be an important consideration for traders looking to monitor positions or purchase contracts on the move. Take a look at user reviews and compare the interfaces of different options, alongside speed, simplicity, customisation and security. You should also keep an eye out for advanced technical indicators, alerts and signals. Also, check out whether the application can be downloaded to your device, not all apps are supported for both iOS and Android (APK) devices.


Many low minimum deposit binary options brokers offer financial incentives in the form of bonuses like no deposit promotions or trading tournaments. Bonuses are typically provided in the form of trading credit that can only be withdrawn after certain volume or turnover targets are met. If you are looking at financial promotions as a point of comparison, ensure you consider the terms and conditions of the bonuses.trading graph

Customer Support

A broker’s customer support is an important feature for all types of traders as there is a high likelihood you may need assistance during your binary options trading. The quality and ease of access to support typically indicate how good a broker is, alongside how responsive, experienced, professional and effective the support a broker offers are.


Online reviews generally give a good indication of what the broker is really like, from both the perspective of experts and regular traders. There are numerous platforms and websites that can be accessed to provide an idea of what a broker’s features are, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Whilst there have been some past instances of brokers running scams by generating fake reviews, they generally give a solid idea of what the firm is like and whether you should trade with them or not.

Final Word On Low Minimum Deposit Binary Options Brokers

Considering low minimum deposit binary options brokers allows you to get started with binary contracts without requiring high quantities of initial capital to fund your account and begin trading. However, check that the broker does not have any surprising hidden fees in place. Additionally, experienced clients may find that such brokers compromise on other features like advanced technical analysis, social trading features or educational content.


What Are Minimum Deposit Requirements?

A minimum deposit (or initial deposit) limit is the lowest amount of money required to set up an account with a binary trading brokerage firm. Low minimum deposit binary options brokers will have more accessible lower limits, possibly even $0, whereas higher limits can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What Are Binary Options?

Binary options contracts are financial derivatives that allow simple speculation on the general direction of movement of an asset’s value. With binary trading, the investor would stake some capital on the fact that an asset’s price would be either above or below a strike price after a certain timeframe. If they are correct, they get their stake back plus an extra percentage, if not, they lose it all.

How Do I Compare Low Minimum Deposit Binary Options Brokers?

First and foremost you should check that a broker is regulated by a reputable agency. On top of this, you can compare the asset ranges, trading platforms, fees, payment options, customer support, educational content and mobile application support. Not all of these factors will be important for every trader, so consider your trading needs in relation to these factors.

Are Low Minimum Deposit Binary Options Brokers Good For Beginners?

Low minimum deposit binary options contract brokers are well suited to newer, less experienced financial speculators. Allowing trading with low amounts of capital provides a low-risk starting point to get to grips with the assets, learn to understand the financial markets and develop a personal trading strategy. Brokers offering demo accounts are also useful, though the lack of real financial risk is hard to replicate.

What Are Low Minimum Deposit Binary Options Brokers?

Binary options trading brokers with low minimum deposits allow new clients to open accounts and get started without requiring high quantities of capital. Other brokers can create a significant entry barrier for beginner or low-net-worth traders.