emerchantpay Brokers 2022 - Which Brokers Accept emerchantpay?

emerchantpay is a payment service provider for online, mobile and point of sale transactions. They deliver high-capacity processing across several industries including forex trading, and offer a variety of payment methods and fraud management tools. Our review will cover the key features of this transaction route, including where emerchantpay operates, their payment gateway, and the benefits to traders. We also list the best brokers that accept emerchantpay in 2022.

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About emerchantpay

emerchantpay Limited was founded in 2002 by Jonas Reynisson. The company provides a global payment ecosystem, connecting businesses with consumers through flexible transfer solutions. It operates across industries and countries with offices in London, Munich, USA, Bulgaria, Malta, and India, among others.

Importantly, emerchantpay is an intermediary gateway i.e. traders will not deal directly with the platform as you would with PayPal or MasterCard. Instead, the company provides the technology used by brokers and merchants to facilitate financial transactions, such as deposits to trading accounts.

emerchantpay brokers

Deposits & Withdrawals

emerchantpay is available in over 80 countries including Europe, Africa, Canada, North and South America, plus the Asia-Pacific. It offers 150 processing currencies, the choice of over 50 transaction methods and over 60 alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency. The firm also offers over 20 settlement currencies.

To deposit or withdraw funds from emerchantpay-supported brokers, clients can select the required service on the transactions page and choose a payment method. Additional verification may be required depending on the specific broker. Deposit and withdrawal limits may also be in place so make sure you read the fine print when you sign up with a new trading platform.


Customer reviews do not point to any issues in terms of payment speeds. As a major transactions facilitator, traders and brokers can expect same-day processing for most deposits.

Of course, emerchantpay is an intermediary between your broker and the acquiring bank, so speed will also be affected by brokerage’s processing times and customers should check terms and conditions for full details.


emerchantpay has integrated security software for risk management that detects spurious transactions and prevents fraud in real-time. The rule-based risk engine protects traders’ investments and also reduces false declines.

The provider ensures that customers’ financial details are safe using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption. It also supports 3D Secure 2.0, an authentication protocol that gathers an extensive amount of transactional data and requests identity verification if the payment is found to be high risk.

The company’s privacy policy also sets out the firm’s commitment to upholding data protection policies and maintaining the highest security standards.


Information on emerchantpay’s fee structure is limited to those charged to the broker or other businesses using the service, and they include interchange fees and other provider charges. As such, the brand itself does not appear to charge clients of the broker. With that said, traders should be aware that a number of brokers pass on any transfer costs to their clients.

Licensing & Regulation

emerchantpay is authorized as an electronic money institution by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). emerchantpay UK Services Limited and Group Ltd are additional companies listed under the group. emerchantpay Hong Kong Limited and Mauritius Limited are also active companies incorporated by the group.

The company holds a number of international licenses and certifications depending on the domestic market.

Customer Support

For support inquiries, clients can access customer service on the phone or email. Details are listed below. There is also an option to submit a ticket to the team via the Contact Us tab on the website.

The group is also active on social media. Follow the firm on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for more information.


The firm has an API that brokers can use to integrate a payment gateway into their website, in order for customers to make transactions. The emerchantpay API documentation and a list of test payment cards are available on GitHub for developers, and a full tutorial can be found on the company’s webpages.

The platform also has a news and insights section on their website that clients can navigate to from the homepage, by clicking the provider logo.

Pros Of Trading With emerchantpay

Global Acceptance

emerchantpay allows the receipt of funds globally via the payment gateway, including across Europe, Africa, Canada, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific. They offer more than 20 currencies for settlement and processing for over 150. Choosing a broker that supports emerchantpay makes it likely that you can deposit and withdraw in your local currency.

Multiple Funding Methods

Traders have the option of more than 50 transaction routes including card payments, eWallets, real-time bank transfers, QR codes, and pre-paid cards. This flexibility may interest traders who hold their funds across several storage options.

Cryptocurrency Supported

Like many of emerchantpays’ competitors, the firm now accepts cryptocurrency payments and also offers over 60 other Alternative Payment Methods (APMs). As crypto-asset exchanges are only increasing in popularity, many traders will appreciate the convenience of funding directly with cryptos.

Cons Of Trading With emerchantpay

No Wallet Function

emerchantpay offers technology that allows brokers to accept payments from traders, but it does not act as a wallet directly. This means there is no functionality for storing funds or debit/credit cards, although the service does validate your card details in order to retrieve funds from the bank and offers digital wallets as payment methods.

Limited Customer Service

The emerchantpay service is geared towards brokers and other businesses, to adopt their payment gateway and improve cashflow. As a result, there does not appear to be customer service contact details for individuals who may use the gateway for deposits, and this may be an issue for clients looking to resolve any problems they have encountered.

Is emerchantpay A Good Choice For Traders?

emerchantpay is a payment service provider that offers a wide range of traditional and alternative transaction routes, and processing in over 150 currencies which many global clients will appreciate. The provider’s advanced fraud management software offers peace of mind to traders, and the service includes an API for businesses. However, potential clients, including brokers, may be hesitant due to the lack of wallet function and dedicated customer support.


What Is emerchantpay?

emerchantpay is a payment gateway set up by Jonas Reynisson in 2002. Reynisson is the current CEO and Chairman of emerchantpay Limited. The company was founded with the goal of better supporting merchants through flexible payment technologies. The provider is available in over 80 countries and offers 150 processing currencies.

Where Is The emerchantpay Head Office?

The corporation’s head office is in London, UK. However, the Group also employs over 300 people worldwide across 17 global offices. Brokers from all major trading jurisdictions also accept the payment option.

Which Industries Do emerchantpay Support?

The gateway operates across a range of industries including forex, ecommerce, gambling and retail. They also work with small businesses to provide flexible solutions to meet individual needs.

What Payment Solutions Does emerchantpay Provide?

The firm offers card issuing, online payments and point-of-sale transactions. They also provide reporting, global payment methods, plus risk and fraud management.

How Do I Find Out More About emerchantpay?

Visit the official website where you can find a wealth of information regarding the products and services the platform provides. For more specific inquiries, get in touch with the support team.