Using AI tools for trading

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      HAs anyone had success using AI for day trading? I feel like I’m already late to the party but what ways and Ai tools are people using?


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        James Barra

          Hi BrianTheDayTrader,

          Thanks for your message.

          Have you read our guide on day trading with AI? We’ve unpacked a few popular AI tools:

          • SMART Signals – scans 36 markets to identify patterns and potential opportunities
          • – lets you automate trading strategies with simple English commands, eg “If X happens then trade Y”
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              The Smart Signals service looks interesting and the kind of thing I was thinking.

              It looks like City Index and both have it but do you know if there is any difference between the Smart Signals at either?

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              Using AI in my trading strategies has been as fruitful as trying to sell bottled water to a mermaid. It’s all slick marketing and the latest hype with no real results.

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              Christian Harris

                AI is the current buzzword, and every company is trying to drive sales by incorporating the term into their product portfolio.

                Even ‘traditional’ indicators, even those that have been operating for years, now have ‘AI’ in their names.

                It’s early days for AI and trading—at least for retail traders—so a lot of rubbish is being advertised on social media to capitalise on the trend.

                If any service offers guaranteed results or a ‘99% win rate,’ run a mile.

                Things will settle down in the next year, and the number of AI scammers will dwindle. But for now, be cautious.

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