Brokers With CZK Accounts

Brokers with Czech koruna (CZK) trading accounts are a popular choice with investors in the Czech Republic, as well as international clients actively trading the currency. This guide will cover how to compare brokers with CZK accounts plus the benefits of choosing a platform that accepts the currency.

Brokers With CZK Accounts

#1 - Revolut

Revolut is a popular financial app that also offers trading on stocks, metals and digital currencies. The brand has over 25 million users worldwide with a choice of accounts, tools and services to suit different needs and budgets, including online investing and currency exchange.

Revolut is suitable for casual stock traders looking for an easy-to-use app with transparent fees and a low minimum investment.

- DayTrading Review Team
  • Instruments: Stocks, Cryptos
  • Regulator: FINRA, SEC
  • Platforms: Own
  • Min. Deposit: $0
  • Min. Trade: $1
  • Leverage:

Stocks Trading

Trade thousands of shares including blue chip stocks like Apple and Microsoft. Invest from $1 with fractional stock trading.

Crypto Trading

Revolut offers 100+ tokens including Bitcoin. Buy, sell and transfer cryptos on the iOS and Android app.


  • Multiple deposit & withdrawal options including wire transfer
  • Straightforward joining process
  • Good range of account types with different perks and fees


  • No advanced trading platform
  • No margin trading
  • Relatively narrow product range

#2 - Zacks Trade

Zacks Trade is a US based brokerage, built for the active trader. Trade stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds and more on a proprietary trading platform.

  • Instruments: Stocks, Crypto, Options
  • Regulator: FINRA
  • Platforms: Own
  • Min. Deposit: $2500
  • Min. Trade: $3
  • Leverage:

Stocks Trading

Trade stocks and shares on major companies in US markets and speculate on some of the world's largest indices.

Crypto Trading

Trade popular cryptocurrency coins with low fees.


  • Demo account
  • Multiple account currencies


  • Few payment methods offered
  • No MetaTrader 4 integration
  • High minimum deposit

What Is A CZK Account?

CZK trading accounts let you manage investing activity in the Czech koruna. This is referred to as an account base currency. All account management and trading activity take place in the selected money including commission charges, overnight fees, plus profit and loss displays. Importantly, they also remove currency conversion fees for clients depositing in CZK.

The best brokers offer multiple account base currencies to investors, providing local traders with hassle-free access to financial markets.

The account denomination can be chosen during your personal profile setup and it may be difficult to change the base currency once your profile is live.

CZK Currency Explained

The Czech koruna, sometimes called the Czech crown, has been the currency of the Czech Republic since 1993. It replaced the Czechoslovak koruna following the disbanding of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The country must adopt the Euro following its introduction to the European Union in 1994. With that said, switchover plans are currently on hold, with just 21% of the Czech population supporting the use of the Euro.

The monetary policy of the country is directed by the Czech National Bank. In 2017, the currency was released from its peg to the Euro, allowing it to float freely. In December 2021, the value of the currency in circulation was CZK 730 million. Today, the typical exchange rate floats between 21 to 24 CZK to one USD. The Czech koruna is the 27th most traded currency in the world, accounting for 0.4% of the daily forex market turnover.

List of brokers with CZK accounts

Benefits Of Brokers With CZK Accounts

How To Check A Broker Offers A CZK Account

A bit of research on a broker’s website can indicate which base currencies are accepted. These can often be found on the account funding page or within the account details section. Alternatively, you should be able to find this information on the new profile registration page. Contact the broker’s customer support team if base currencies are still not clear.

Comparing Brokers With CZK Accounts

There are a few factors to consider before signing up for a CZK account:

CZK trading accounts

Bottom Line On Brokers With CZK Accounts

Brokers with CZK accounts are popular with investors from the Czech Republic as well as active forex traders. Many of the best platforms are authorised by the Czech National Bank (CNB), providing various client protection measures. Carry out your own research to find a broker suited to your needs. Alternatively, see our list of top picks to get started today.


How Will I Know If Brokers Offer A CZK Account?

Accepted base currencies are often listed on the account profile webpage or within the deposit and withdrawal section of a broker’s website. If information is still not clear, reach out to the customer support team.

Which Brokers Offer CZK Trading Accounts?

Our review found several global brokers offering CZK accounts. This includes Degiro, Trading 212, eToro, Admiral Markets and FXTM.

What Is The Minimum Deposit Requirement For Brokers With CZK Accounts?

Minimum deposit requirements vary between brokerages. It can range anywhere from 1 USD or equivalent Czech koruna up to 500 USD or equivalent currency.

How Do I Open A CZK Trading Account?

Once you have chosen a suitable broker, input the requested personal details to open an account. This process often entails a simple online registration form and the provision of identity documentation. Account base currency options are typically provided at this stage. Select CZK and proceed.

Are Brokers With CZK Accounts Regulated?

Brokers with CZK accounts may be regulated by the Czech National Bank (CNB) or comply with the EU MiFID derivative. Always look out for a top-tier regulatory body overseeing the activities of the provider. This will help create a safe and transparent trading environment.