Dan Buckley

Dan Buckley

Dan Buckley is a US-based trader, consultant, and part-time writer with a background in macroeconomics and mathematical finance.

As a writer, Buckley tries to make trading and finance concepts more accessible to a broader audience.

He tailors his content to cater to varying levels of expertise, ranging from those starting on their trading journey to experienced traders seeking deeper insights, new ideas, or looking to translate theoretical knowledge into practical, real-world applications.

Buckley has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Harvard.

You can reach Dan Buckley on dan.buckley@daytrading.com.

Latest articles written by Dan

  1. Quantitative Trading & Investing (Overview)
    Blog Post (Feb 22, 2024)
    We look at quantitative trading and investing. Algorithms, models, risks, and leading firms. Using math for precise financial decisions.
  2. Hyperinflation: Definition, Causes, Examples, Remedies
    Blog Post (Feb 21, 2024)
    Hyperinflation refers to a situation in which goods and services inflation is very high and typically increasing in a non-linear way. The real value of the
  3. What to Know About Mega Backdoor Roth 401(k) Conversions
    Blog Post (Feb 21, 2024)
    A mega backdoor Roth 401(k) conversion is a strategy that allows high-income earners to make after-tax contributions to their 401(k) plan.
  4. Frequency Distribution - What It Is & Use in Trading
    Blog Post (Feb 20, 2024)
    What Is a Frequency Distribution?A frequency distribution is a table that displays the frequency of various outcomes in a sample.The first column lists each unique value (or category) of the variable in question, and the second column lists how often that value occurs.For example, imagine you surveyed 100 people about which type of ice cream […]
  5. 13 Top Mistakes Traders Make [And How to Avoid Them]
    Blog Post (Feb 19, 2024)
    Trading is largely a process of making mistakes and learning from them to get better. Unfortunately, these mistakes can be very costly.

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