Dan Buckley

Dan Buckley

Dan Buckley is a US-based trader, consultant, and part-time writer with a background in macroeconomics and mathematical finance.

As a writer, Buckley tries to make trading and finance concepts more accessible to a broader audience.

He tailors his content to cater to varying levels of expertise, ranging from those starting on their trading journey to experienced traders seeking deeper insights, new ideas, or looking to translate theoretical knowledge into practical, real-world applications.

Buckley has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Harvard.

You can reach Dan Buckley on dan.buckley@daytrading.com.

Latest articles written by Dan

  1. Post-Earnings Announcement Drift (PEAD) Trading Strategy
    Blog Post (Jun 17, 2024)
    We look at the Post-Earnings Announcement Drift trading strategy. The theory behind it and some example trades.
  2. Bond Spread Reversion Trading
    Blog Post (Jun 15, 2024)
    We look at the concept of bond spread reversion trading, what kind of analysis goes into it, and some example trades.
  3. To Hedge or Not to Hedge?
    Blog Post (Jun 14, 2024)
    Generally, it is advisable to consider hedging when there are concentrated risk exposures in a portfolio or when it's unacceptable to lose beyond a certain
  4. Momentum Ignition
    Blog Post (Jun 14, 2024)
    We look at the momentum ignition strategy and how it looks to take advantage of market-following/momentum algorithms.
  5. Quantitative Value Trading
    Blog Post (Jun 13, 2024)
    We look at the concept of quantitative value trading, fundamentals, metrics, components, advantages, challenges, and an example trade.

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