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      So I’ve spent a small fortune on trading courses and so called “trading gurus” who promised a path to profitable trading, yet I’m still struggling to break even. I am really starting to feel like the only people making money are the ones selling the courses and tips. Am I alone here?

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          Yeah, buddy, you gotta avoid those guys. Think about it: if these “gurus” are really market experts, why are they spending their time teaching newbies instead of just trading and living off their own returns?

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          James Barra

            Hi Carlo,

            A healthy dose of scepticism if sensible before handing over funds to so-called gurus. Finding genuinely high-quality trading coaches amongst the thousands of providers is no easy task.

            It’s also important to be aware that day trading is very difficult. Research suggests about 80% of day traders quit within two years while 40% don’t make it through the first month.

            Have you read our guide to day trading for a living? It covers many of the key aspects you need to consider, from risk management and starting capital to educational resources.

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            Christian Harris

              Run a mile if some ‘guru’ sells a ‘course.’ Everything you need to learn about trading is on the Internet for free or in a few quality books.

              Having said that, there are professional accreditations, such as the STA, you can join if you are serious about trading.

              A very entertaining YouTube channel to check out:

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                I give these trading gurus as much time as cold callers. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

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