Journal metrics for futures

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      For those who mainly day trade futures, what metrics do you record in your trading journal besides basic P/L?

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        Christian Harris

          I’ve found these metrics helpful when analysing my trading performance:

          • Asset/Instrument: The specific stock, currency pair, commodity, etc.
          • Trade Direction: Long (buy) or short (sell).
          • Position Size: Number of shares, contracts, lots, etc.
          • Leverage: If applicable, the amount of leverage used.
          • Risk/Reward Ratio: The multiple of risk taken per trade.
          • Profit and Loss (P&L): Gross and net.
          • Trade Duration: The time the trade was open.
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            I would also track conditions at the time, was it trending, ranging etc? Also, I would note the indicators or signals you used to reach your trading decision.

            It really depends how far you want to go with it and how much you plan to analyze your results. I know some people record any price slippage too.

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            James Barra

              Hi FreddieFutures,

              Have you read our guide on trading journals? We cover many of the key inputs, alongside our picks of the best software in the market currently.


              • The date you enter the trade
              • The time frame of the trade
              • The setup that triggered the trade
              • The specific market you are trading on
              • The lot size of your position
              • The direction of your trade i.e., long or short
              • The price you entered at
              • The price you exited at
              • The stop loss i.e., the price at which you will exit if a trade is going badly
              • The profit or loss made from the trade
              • The amount risked in the trade
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                Thanks all. Do any of you have an example journal entry you can share that includes all the stuff you enter?

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