XM Adds Thematic Indices: Speculate On Disruptive Technologies

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XM has expanded its investment offering with five thematic indices, enabling traders to speculate on the growth or decline of specific market sectors, comprised of relevant companies.

Key Takeaways

  • The Artificial Intelligence Giants US Index, China Internet Giants Index, Electric Vehicles UST Index, FAANGs 10 Index, and NFT and Blockchain Giants Index are available on XM’s MetaTrader 5 platform.
  • Traders can go long or short on thematic indices with spreads from 2.50 and 1:10 leverage.
  • Thematic indices are supported on XM’s Standard and Ultra Low Standard accounts.

The new thematic indices offer diversification opportunities and short-term trading opportunities in emerging industries:

  • AI Index: Provides exposure to the Artificial Intelligence industry through publicly listed companies in the US, including firms operating in microprocessors, data centre platforms, and machine learning.
  • China Internet: Provides exposure to the 30 largest publicly listed companies in China which get at least 50% of their revenue from the internet market, including Alibaba and Netease.
  • Electric Vehicles: Provides exposure to publicly listed companies in the US which get at least 50% of their revenue from the electric vehicle market, including Tesla and Li Auto.
  • FAANGs 10: Provides exposure to 10 leading publicly listed companies on the NASDAQ based on their Average Daily Traded Value, including Apple and Microsoft.
  • Blockchain and NTF: Provides exposure to publicly listed companies in the US and Canada with exposure to the Non-Fungible Tokens and Blockchain sectors, including Riot Platforms and Marathon Digital Holdings.
Table of thematic indices with trading conditions at XM
Thematic Indices – Trading Conditions

About XM

XM is an established forex and CFD broker with over 10 million traders and oversight from multiple regulators, including the ASIC and CySEC.

Alongside its new thematic indices, clients can trade 1000+ instruments spanning stocks, commodities, and cryptos.

New traders can get started with a $5 deposit and XM accepts bank cards, wire transfers, and electronic wallets like Perfect Money and Neteller.

XM is a globally recognized forex and CFD broker with 10+ million clients in 190+ countries. Since 2009, this trusted broker has been known for its low fees on 1000+ instruments. XM is regulated by multiple financial bodies, including the ASIC and CySEC.