Ryan Persad

Ryan Persad is an entrepreneur who has made money from the stock market. Using his expertise in options trading, he also created a platform called Options League to help traders make passive income.

But can Ryan Persad help you become financially successful? In this review, we unpack the Options League packages and courses, from key features to pricing. We also look at the best alternatives to Ryan Persad and Options League.

Ryan Persad’s trading services are unverified and basic.

Instead, we recommend using:
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Who Is Ryan Persad?

Ryan Persad is a well-known stock trader based in Florida, USA, as well as a realtor, author, and entrepreneur. Over the years Persad developed a style of trading that proved successful for him, which led him to found Options League, of which he is the CEO.

Founding his first company, WSHHU, at age 13, Persad was making six figures by age 17, which is what initially made him widely known. He then started trading on the stock markets and gained a realtor license by the age of 19. By 20 years old, Ryan Persad had generated more than $1 million in the stock market alone, and at 22, he began helping other traders.

Ryan Persad has appeared in several financial and news publications, including Forbes, HuffPost, Inc., and Entrepreneur Magazine. He is also the recipient of the Global Financial Literacy Award.

How Options League Works

Options League is a platform that Ryan Persad founded to help others learn his style of options trading. Persad himself has said that “knowledge is only good when it is shared”, and thus the service is designed to coach members. This takes a two-pronged approach:

  1. Helping members to make more money from trading
  2. Learning how the stock markets work so traders can continue using what they have learned

Options League gives users access to several tools, including daily watch lists of Persad’s real-time stock trading activity, which gives insights into what stocks he is looking into before he makes a trade. There is also a group chat where you can interact with other users and share trading signals.


Options League offers a single course to traders looking to improve their stock trading strategy. This comes in two parts:

  • Introduction to the Stock Market: this gives traders insights into how the stock market works, starting with the basics. This includes what stocks are, key terminology, choosing a trading style, technical and fundamental analysis, and finding the right broker.
  • Getting Started in the Stock Market: this guides investors through the steps of trading on the stock market, including setting up a trading account, understanding options, choosing and purchasing the right options contracts, charts and indicators, risk management, journals, and more. It also comes with a surprise bonus gift.

The course is conducted by Ryan Persad and takes place over three hours.

The price of the course is $100.

Alternatively, there are more in-depth courses that provide deeper insights into stocks and options while covering various trading setups and strategies. Our top pick is InTheMoneyStocks.


Ryan Persad’s Options League offers several packages:

  • Premium – This is the most basic package. It includes daily signals, live voice trading, chat rooms aligned with your level of expertise, an AI bot, charting, real-time order flow, and more. This package is charged at $150 per month.
  • Elite – The mid-range package includes all of the features of the Premium service, but with new classes and recordings of previous sessions. This is charged at a one-off fee of $1,500.
  • Legendary – Alongside everything listed above, the Legendary package also comes with an Options League course and an exclusive 1 on 1 mentorship. This is charged at a one-off fee of $2,500.

Once a package is at maximum capacity, enrolment will close until a new space becomes available.

Key Features

There are several useful features included with the packages:

  • Trading Signals – This is a bot that is linked to Ryan Persad’s brokerage account so that you can see when he opens and closes his own trades.
  • Live Voice Trading – The callouts conducted by Ryan Persad help you make decisions about when is best to open and close a trade.
  • ADHD Bot – This AI algorithm uses data points to predict the movement of specific stocks. The bot generates signals that recipients can use to make trading decisions.
  • Options Flow – This shows traders how smart money works (money invested by those who are knowledgeable about trading). The data can help traders to see how the most successful investors place trades.
  • Stock Scanner – The Stock Scanner feature works as a trading ‘personal assistant’, providing real-time stock prices and charting.

Pros Of Ryan Persad

Course Price

Given that the course is run by Persad himself, and the wide range of material that it covers, the value for money is relatively good.

These basics can also be learned using brokers with free educational materials, but some users may prefer to glean insights from Persad’s personal experience.


Ryan Persad’s Options League has had some 5-star reviews. While there are not many of them, it is a good sign that users have had a positive experience.

The downside is that it’s hard to verify the legitimacy of the online reviews.


Options League was founded to personally coach traders. For this reason, the coaching job is done entirely by Ryan Persad himself, which helps establish trust.

Cons Of Ryan Persad

Limited Reviews

There are limited reviews of the Options League course, and none are available on the packages. As a result, spending a lot of money on the platform is arguably a gamble, with few people backing up its claims.

While there are video testimonials on the website, it is hard to determine how legitimate these are since Ryan Persad is the one featuring them.

There are also limited TrustPilot reviews of Options League.

Not Widely Used

The course provided by Options League has only been purchased by around 20 people. This is not a large group of traders, and therefore it can’t be said conclusively that the course is of high quality or worth the money.

Also remember that everything you spend detracts from your profits.

Package Prices

Although a lot is included in the advanced packages, the price is still high, especially considering the two advanced packages require a one-off payment.

Alternatively, several top-rated brokers offer low-cost or free educational resources and training.

Customer Support

Customer support is conducted via an online form on its website, where you can leave your email and any questions you have.

There is no information to suggest when customer service is open or how long they will take to get back to you, and there is no phone number available.

Promotions & Deals

Options League and Ryan Persad conduct regular giveaways to members. Users can open a trade at a specific time and within specific parameters to be in with a chance of winning. Contestants submit a screenshot of their trade alongside the reasons behind why they made it, and the participant with the best trade could win a cash prize.

Additional Features

  • Free Mailing List – Traders can subscribe to a weekly mailing list, providing stock resources and market insights.
  • Contributor Platform – If you feel you have expertise and knowledge on trading that you wish to share with Options League, then you can share it by becoming a VIP Contributor. This allows you to publish articles directly to Ryan Persad’s platform.

Should You Sign Up With Ryan Persad & Options League?

On the surface, Persad’s platform appears to offer a wide range of tools and training, including allowing members to see a watch list of the stocks Ryan Persad is looking at.

The course is the most affordable service available and covers a lot of ground, however, traders can also learn the basics of stocks and options trading online for free. The packages are also expensive, especially considering the lack of online reviews and coverage about Options League.

Instead, we recommend readers head to our list of the top trading signals, the best brokers with education, or courses at InTheMoneyStocks.


Who Is Ryan Persad?

Ryan Persad is a 22-year-old entrepreneur and trader, who began investing in the stock market at 17 years old and has since made a lot of money. Now, he runs a platform called Options League that aims to coach other traders through courses and signals.

What Is Options League?

Options League is a learning platform run by Ryan Persad. It offers traders a course on options and stocks, as well as several packages with signals, bots, and stock scanners.

Is Ryan Persad A Millionaire?

Ryan Persad has said himself that he has broken six figures in stock trading alone, so alongside his other business ventures, he is thought to be worth much more than that.

What Kind Of Trading Does Ryan Persad Do?

Ryan Persad uses options contracts to trade on the stock market. This is also what he trains others to do through his Options League platform.

Can I Make Money Using Ryan Persad’s Options League?

Options League is an expensive platform, with even the most basic package costing $150 per month. This means that whatever you make from trading needs to offset the price. Alternatively, many brokers offer low-cost educational resources.