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EURUSD Is Plummeting To Lower Levels

The Euro on the Daily Chart has been in a downtrend since 25 May 2021 when it registered the high price at 1.22655, followed by a series of lower tops and lower bottoms. On 17 June 2021, the Euro recorded the low price of 1.19831. Price Analysis When applying Oscillator Analysis to the price chart, […]

Sterling US Dollar Update (GBPUSD)

In early March 2021, I suggested that Sterling was due a correction from its peak of $1.42; it fell to a low point of $1.3670, but then resumed its up-trend to re-test the highs of late-February. As is often the case, the new peak was only a fraction above the $1.4242 previous high, trading briefly […]

Cryptocurrency vs. Stocks

Cryptocurrency vs. stocks really has its root in where we are in the global debt cycle, fiscal and monetary policy, money, credit, and the role of the dollar and other reserve currencies going forward.  The short answer in the cryptocurrency vs. stocks debate is that they’re both viable as stores of value to grow and […]

Cross Currency Basis Swaps: Hedging FX in a Global Portfolio

In basic terms, the cross currency basis is a measure of the relative shortage of a certain currency in the market relative to its demand. Cross currency basis swaps reflect this relative shortage and work as a type of currency hedge, or a type of hedge on a broader global portfolio.  The premium or discount reflected […]

Emerging Market FX: Policy Differentials Drive Movements

The largest differences in policy are not seen between developing countries, but among emerging countries. This is driving movements in emerging market FX.  Emerging market are running tighter policies Emerging markets as a whole are running much less easy monetary policy, lower budget deficits relative to output, and are generally trying to keep sound currencies […]

Eightcap To Run Hotly Anticipated Forex Trader Fest

ASIC-regulated Eightcap has announced plans for a mega online forex event this June. After a challenging year for the financial markets, the broker is lining up a dozen industry experts to impart their trading wisdom. The string of established forex investors will highlight their greatest trading opportunities and run through successful strategies. The TradeFest event […]

Vantage FX Expands UK Operations With New App

Vantage FX has taken steps to strengthen its global operations with a particular focus on traders from the United Kingdom. Its latest mobile trading application comes after the broker diversified its range of products and improved market access to enhance the user experience. New Mobile App Vantage FX’s latest mobile application will help clients seamlessly […]

A Technical Reversal To The Downside For Aussie

The AUDUSD currency pair on the Daily Chart has been following an upward path since 1 April 2021, having found support at the 0.75308 level. Patterns And Indicators Confirm The formation of the Japanese candlestick reversal pattern known as Bullish Hammer signalled the very beginning of the upward bias. The attractive price enticed buyers who […]

Pepperstone Tightens Spreads On Major Forex Pairs

ASIC-regulated forex and CFD broker, Pepperstone, has tightened spreads across major forex pairs on the Standard account. The online broker has also cut spreads on its Razor account. The move will be welcome news to active forex traders who could see a reduction in costs and an improvement in profit margins. New Forex Spreads Standard […]

When Will the US Run Out of Money? (And Impacts on Markets)

Can the US or any country run out of money? Technically, the government doesn’t have money. A government is just a collection of individuals. Everything in an economy comes down to productivity.  Governments collect tax revenue from what boils down to underlying productivity at the most fundamental level. It can use a combination of those […]

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