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      I’ve been day trading the Nasdaq-100 for a while but recently started making short-term swings for larger pips.

      After considering swaps, I’ve been testing my strategy on a small account (£250 balance, 1:200 leverage, 0.01 lot size) to determine profitability.

      My broker doesn’t charge a commission on indices, which is fantastic. Swap charges are considerably less for short positions than for long ones, so I want to maximise profits in this area, too.

      Here’s a recent trade that secured 392 pips in 7 days. I’m particularly pleased that I managed to sell almost at the top of this pullback.

      I’ll be keeping you in the loop as my strategy unfolds.

      Nasdaq day trade results on cTrader

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          Good to hear about your success with the Nasdaq. I’ve also been focusing on this index and experimenting with different setups. It’s impressive that you’ve managed such good results with a small account. Securing 392 pips in 7 days is no small feat, especially catching the pullback at the top.

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            Christian Harris

              Thank you.

              I just love pullbacks. Shorting an index is always a risk, but even the Nasdaq-100 needs a breather.

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