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      Hi everyone,

      What do people think are the very best times to day trade? I known this will vary depending on the asset I’m trading but I’d still like to know when people are focusing their efforts.

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        ABTrading 87

          You said it, it does depend on the asset lol!

          But I find the early hours of the morning, between 8:00 and 10:00 to be a good time to start. This is when markets in Asia are closing and Europe is just opening. You’ll find there is often a flurry of activity as traders react to overnight events and position themselves for the upcoming day. This volatility can present excellent opportunities for quick trades.

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          Crypto Killer

            I find the hours between 12:00 and 18:00 UTC to be particularly good for trading crypto. You have the European and North American markets active and it aligns with my own availability so I can actively monitor my charts.

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              I choose to day trade EUR/USD during the London and New York overlap, which is from about 1 o’clock to 5 o’clock (UTC).

              Why? This period is ideal because it coincides with the highest liquidity and volatility in the market. Both the London and New York financial centers are open at the point, resulting in serious trading volumes and more significant price shifts, all ideal for finding day trading opportunities.

              The other benefit is spreads, which are normally tighter during this window.

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                For me it’s about finding the sweet spot where you have high levels of market activity and volatility because this can be ripe for short term trades. Good examples of this are when the market opens and closes.

                But beyond set times you need to factor in any scheduled announcements like earnings reports. Also, are you following news related to the sector you’re interested in? The other thing is when can you actually trade? It needs to fit around your schedule or vice versa.

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                Christian Harris

                  The most active times are typically the first and last hour of the US session when trading US stocks, and the UK/US overlap when trading currencies.

                  Some traders I know, however, avoid those times for precisely that reason. So it depends on what type of trader you are – scalper, swing, position, etc.

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                    I mainly focus on blue chips and trade around the closing bell, so 3 to 4 pm. I’m also more active around quarterly earnings reports.

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                      I’ve pivoted to commodity trades in recent years. Take oil for instance, it’s been on some huge rides because of wars in producing regions and supply problems like hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, not to mention decisions from OPEC+. And let’s not forget its massive fall during Covid and all the efforts afterwards to remedy it that caused price chaos.

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