Reply To: Kryptocarts – legit or scam?

James Barra
Moderator Team

    Hi Crypto Killer,

    Thank you for your message.

    Our experts have investigated Kryptocarts ( and recommend caution. This is for a couple of key reasons:

    1. It isn’t regulated by a trusted financial body. This increases the risk of scams and unfair trading practices. We recommend choosing a well-regulated broker. You can see a list of regulators we consider trustworthy here –
    2. Misleading/unclear information. During our investigations we found Kryptocarts wasn’t clear about basic information, for example, making deposits and withdrawals and typical trading fees. This raises red flags for us and is not what you’d expect from a trusted broker.

    Ultimately, Kryptocarts lacks the regulatory credentials, industry standing and transparency of trusted brokers.

    If you’re interested in day trading crypto, we’ve reviewed a long row of platforms and listed the best ones here –