Boleto Brokers 2023 - Which Brokers Accept Boleto?

Boleto Bancario is a well-regulated, secure and simple payment system that generates 3.7 billion transactions per year in Brazil. It is a particularly popular payment method with Brazilians that do not have bank accounts, including online traders.

Below is a list of the top brokers that accept Boleto deposits. This guide also explain the advantages and disadvantages of day trading using Boleto Bancario brokers and provides a step-by-step guide to making deposits to trading accounts.

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What Is Boleto Bancario?

Boleto Bancario is a push payment system established in Brazil in 1993 initially for cash transactions. It is essentially a financial document that works as a voucher allowing customers to buy goods and services, including at Boleto brokers, without directly using their cards or bank accounts.

Boleto Bancario is the second most popular online payment method among Brazilians, almost 70 percent of whom prefer it for cross-border transactions. Offering payments with Boleto today is a must for merchants that want to do business and expand in Brazil, the largest consumer market in Latin America and one of the most important emerging markets in the world.

The company is regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil and is a part of Sistema de Pagamentos Brasileiro (Brazilian Payment System), which sets procedures, rules, and instruments for fraud-proof payment methods.

Merchants need a local processing partner to accept and receive Boleto payments.

How It Works

“El boleto” means “ticket” in English. When someone uses the payment method to make deposits to brokers that accept Boleto deposits, a ticket that resembles a pro-forma invoice with a barcode is created for each transaction. The form issued includes payment details, customer information, the amount of the transaction and the due date by which the payment must be made.

In the past Brazilians had to print their tickets, today using this payment system has become easier thanks to internet banking or mobile banking apps. Payments can either be made online or at a bank or post office or at any other authorized agencies like lottery agents and convenience stores.

A transaction is complete when the payment is made within the due payment period, which is usually between 1 to 15 days. If the expiration date passes, there may be additional fees or the transaction may not process at all. Fortunately, you can track the status of your trading deposit in the client dashboard of the best Boleto brokers.

The processing of the actual payment might take longer, usually one business day. The Brazilian banks generally confirm paid tickets on the next business day from Tuesday to Saturday. This period may shorten if you use new tools like Boleto Flash® developed by Pag Brasil, which allows payments to be confirmed in less than two hours on business days.

Trading With Boleto Bancario

The solution is popular among traders for its simplicity and ease of use. The payment method supports multiple currencies, including Brazilian Real (BRL), and offers traders a safe platform that protects their private information as personal account details are never shared with brokerage platforms and the solution offers end-to-end encryption.

The brand offers three types of accounts, namely personal, business, and merchant. Anyone who has a bank account and is authorized by this bank to issue Boleto Bancario can use this payment method for trading purposes. However, the authorization process may differ across banks and some use strict policies for authorization. Pricing schemes can also vary according to the bank someone uses to issue the vouchers.

To use the payment method for trading deposits and withdrawals, traders should have both a Boleto account and a live profile with one of the brokers that accept Boleto deposits. After verifying their ID, traders can then make transactions with their existing funds or with a debit or credit card linked to their account.


Most of the time trading deposits are free. FXCC, for example, does not charge for deposits made using the payment method. USD, EUR and GBP payments are accepted.

However, when the base currency of your Boleto account and the base currency of your trading account differs, transactions may incur a conversion fee.

Processing fees might also vary according to the trading brokerage.

Transaction Speed

Deposits transferred to your trading account with Boleto usually appear between one and five days. This is notably slower than many alternatives, including PayPal and debit card.

For withdrawals, transactions might take up to 10 days. Again, this is significantly longer than many alternative payment methods.

Pros Of Boleto Brokers

  • Generally accepted across all of Brazil and by online brokerages targeting the Brazilian market
  • Deposits can be made in different currencies, including BRL
  • Simple and convenient for Brazilian traders
  • Law fraud and no chargeback risk
  • Accepted in over 100 countries

Cons Of Boleto Brokers

  • Slow transaction speeds vs alternative trading deposit and withdrawal options
  • Payment limits at some brokers that accept Boleto deposits

How To Make Trading Deposits & Withdrawals With Boleto

Depositing and withdrawing with the payment solution can be done only with a few clicks as long as you work with brokers that accept Boleto deposits.

Making payments to and from trading accounts is not much different from making payments for traditional Boletos. To deposit funds to your trading account you first need to sign in to your account and enter the “Deposit” section. Select “Boleto” among available payment methods and then enter the amount you want to deposit.

In the pop-up page, enter the information requested and click “Pay” or similar. You will be then redirected to a page issuing your Boleto. You can now formalize the deposit request, and once the transaction is approved, you can start trading.

Boleto brokers usually set minimum and maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals as well as different fees. Those limits and fees can also vary according to the type of trading profile you hold, the currency you are using, the type of Boleto account you have, and the size of the transaction.

Is Boleto Bancario A Good Choice For Traders?

Boleto Bancario is one of the most popular payment methods among Brazilians, especially among those that do not have bank accounts, who use vouchers to pay their monthly bills as well as for online shopping and gambling. Boleto Bancario is not limited to personal purchases, however. It is a reliable multinational payment solution with no chargeback risk that is accepted by several Boleto brokers.

On the downside, the list of brokers that accept Boleto deposits is limited vs trading platforms that accept debit cards or PayPal, for example. Transaction speeds are also considerably slower than alternative payment solutions.

Use our ranking of the top brokers that accept Boleto deposits to start trading.


Can I Trade With Boleto If My Account Is Below A Certain Balance?

No – you need a positive balance in your trading account and Boleto profile to give buy or sell orders. You can check your account balance in the Client Portal of most top brokers that accept Boleto deposits.

Is Boleto A Secure Payment Method For Making Deposits To My Trading Account?

Boleto uses algorithms to flag suspicious activity. The payment model also protects your financial data with encrypted usernames and passwords. If you think that you need additional protection, verify your Boleto account and your trading profile by using two-factor authentication and a strong password.

How Long Do Deposits To Boleto Brokers Take?

Deposits to trading accounts using Boleto can take several working days, which is slow vs other payment solutions. With that said, Boleto Flash® provides accelerated payment confirmation and also enables payments with PIX. It works the same way as the traditional Boletos but speeds up transactions as payments are generally confirmed in less than an hour once customers make their payments.

What Are The Best Boleto Brokers For Trading Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, And CFDs?

AvaTrade and FXCC have a good reputation among online traders while offering competitive spreads, generous leverage, and a trading platform that is easy to use. FXCC also allows using Boleto for a range of cryptocurrency assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero.