UK Retail Traders To Receive Free Crypto Tax Services From is springing off the successful launches of its automated tax reporting services in Canada, America and Australia, bringing the feature to UK expands its suite of advanced and innovative cryptocurrency features. Tax

The centralised cryptocurrency exchange’s free tax solution automatically calculates a tax report for the results of your trading over the whole year. This new feature makes it super simple to calculate and file complex cryptocurrency trading taxes in just a few minutes. free tax reporting tool Tax UI Tax lets users quickly and accurately generate clear and organised taxation reports, incorporating records of capital gains and losses, as well as transaction histories and other crypto-related taxable and non-taxable transactions. The exchange has worked closely with UK professional tax advisors and tailored the system to meet UK tax requirements, laws and guidelines.

The exchange’s popular feature boasts a straightforward and intuitive user interface, with a focus on user experience. Any and all results output by the tool are transparent and can be reviewed before generating final results. Additionally, the tool supports both CSV and API imports for popular exchanges and wallets in the UK, Australia, America and Canada. For clients using unsupported platforms, the generic CSV format may still be used to calculate tax results.

About is an established cryptocurrency exchange that was formed in 2016 and serves more than 10 million clients across the world. The exchange is built on solid foundations, focusing on security, compliance and privacy to ensure its services are protected and trustworthy. clients are spoiled for choice when it comes to cryptocurrency money-making enterprises, being offered more than 100 tokens to exchange, purchase derivatives on, lend, borrow, stake or launches UK tax reporting software

The Tax system launching in the UK is just the latest in an array of additional features and services to be added to the exchange’s arsenal. The popularity of the broker’s DeFi wallet, exchange services, NFT platform and Visa crypto debit card seems to have spurred to continue innovating and producing tools and products that improve the accessibility of crypto trading and the experience of its users. is one of the biggest names in cryptocurrency trading, developed with the aim to expedite the world's transition to DeFi technologies. The crypto exchange offers token lending, pre-paid cards, NFTs and more. The firm was established in Germany in 2016 and its quality is proven by its 10 million active users.