Best Trading Podcasts

Top day trading podcastsTrading podcasts are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to videos and books. Traders have instant access to content while on the move and can listen and learn without needing to watch a screen. The top day trading podcasts unpack market events and insights alongside investing tips and success stories.

So, what are the best podcasts for traders in 2024? In this guide, we review and rank the top trading podcasts for beginners and experienced investors, spanning stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptos.

Brokers With The Best Podcasts For Traders

Our team found the podcasts from these brokers the most useful and interesting:

XM is a globally recognized forex and CFD broker with 10+ million clients in 190+ countries. Since 2009, this trusted broker has been known for its low fees on 1000+ instruments. XM is regulated by multiple financial bodies, including the ASIC and CySEC.
IC Markets is a globally recognized forex and CFD broker known for its excellent pricing, comprehensive range of trading instruments, and premium trading technology. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Australia, the brokerage is regulated by the ASIC, CySEC and FSA, and has attracted more than 180,000 clients from over 200 countries.
eToro is a top-rated multi-asset platform which offers trading services in thousands of CFDs, stocks and cryptoassets. Launched in 2007, the brand has millions of active traders globally and is authorized by tier one regulators, including the FCA and CySEC. The brand is particularly popular for its comprehensive social trading platform. Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in the UK and some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply. 76% of retail accounts lose money.
Founded in 1974, IG is part of IG Group Holdings Plc, a publicly traded (LSE: IGG) brokerage. The brand offers spread betting, CFD and forex trading across an almost unrivalled selection of 17,000+ markets, with a range of user-friendly platforms and investing apps. For 50 years, IG has maintained its position as an industry leader, excelling in all key areas for traders.
Saxo Markets is a multi-award-winning trading brokerage, investment firm and regulated bank. With a huge 72,000+ trading instruments, plus investment products and managed portfolios, clients have no shortage of opportunities. The trusted brand also offers transparent pricing and top-tier regulatory protection from 10+ agencies including FINMA, FCA & ASIC.
Established in 2005 in Australia, FP Markets is an ASIC- and CySEC-regulated broker boasting an extensive suite of tradable assets. Its Standard and Raw accounts cater to day traders at every level, while it packs a punch in the tooling department, from the MetaTrader suite and intuitive TradingView to actionable trading ideas from Trading Central and AutoChartist.

Global Market Insights

Global Market Insights by XM offers almost daily market updates. Similar to a snapshot news channel rather than a traditional educational platform, the podcast provides insights into major forex pairs, economic releases, and the latest stock market activity.

The trading podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, Goodpods, Pocket Casts, and Stitcher.

IC Your Trade

IC Your Trade by IC Markets is a two-season podcast channel. The audio network station is hosted by investment and strategy advisor Pamela Ambler, alongside financial analyst guest speakers like venture capitalist Bill Tai and renowned economist Nouriel Roubini.

The trading podcast is suitable for beginners, with user friendly-content like how Reddit ‘influencer’ traders can change the investment landscape and the impact of rising interest rates on trading opportunities.

The podcast for traders is available on all major channels including Apple, Spotify, and Google.

Digest & Invest

Digest and Invest by eToro provides the latest financial news and economic updates in a digestible audio download, suitable for beginners. The podcast for traders also provides company-specific topics such as breakdowns of Tesla’s earnings reports and Amazon’s employment changes.

The trading podcast is available on several channels including Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon Music, Castbox, and Stitcher.

Trading The Markets

Trading The Markets by IG covers educational materials and market trends including forex trading strategies, commodities and stocks.

Retail traders can also access two special edition podcast series with episodes based on e-books (5 episodes) and trading psychology (6 episodes). These include content on investment decision-making, common trading mistakes, and how to prevent emotions from causing significant losses

The trading podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, Google, Deezer Podcasts, TuneIn, and Stitcher.

Market Call

Market Call by Saxo Bank provides the latest market news and financial performance across several asset classes.

The audio channel offers a summary of upcoming risks, opportunities, and key considerations when trading in the current climate. Content includes US yields, crypto contagion effects, and more.

The podcast for traders can be found on Apple, Spotify, PodBean, and Stitcher.

Market Insights

The Market Insights trading podcast from FP Markets offers functional and useful educational material for traders of all experience levels.

The brand’s analysts provide everything you need to know about popular financial markets, alongside the basics of trading specific asset classes, behavioral bias, and how to calculate profit margins.

The trading podcast is available on Spotify, Google or RSS Feed.


Alex Bustos leads the BtheStory day trading podcast through virtual interviews with big-name investors such as Lance Breitstein and ‘Trader Tv Prad’. The trading podcast is ideal for beginners, or those wanting to hear success stories from everyday traders.

The discussions are upbeat with stories of how individuals made fortunes through day trading. Additionally, Bustos offers hacks and tips to become better at trading including how to reduce losses, how to increase focus, and strategies for day traders with full-time jobs.

The trading podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher.

Mad Money

The Mad Money audio channel is hosted by one of Wall Street’s most established fund managers, Jim Cramer. The likeable personality provides the insider scoop on all things Wall Street trading, offering useful tips, advice, and guidance for retail investors. The podcast also features the popular ‘Lightning Round’ providing quick-fix answers to callers’ stock trading questions.

The trading podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.


The TradingWithRayner podcast covers a variety of trading techniques, strategies, and concepts to boost investing skills. The episodes are small information snippets, typically no longer than 10 minutes with digestible topics and audio training guides.

Hosted by Rayner Teo, a professional trader from Singapore, the investor has one of the most visited trading blogs on the web and also runs a YouTube channel with 1.65 million subscribers.

The trading podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Chat With Traders

Hosted by Aaron Fifield, Chat With Traders is an interview-based day trading podcast, covering informal chats with big names in trading such as Mary Childs and Jack Kellogg.

In addition to the interviews, some of the podcast episodes include compilations of common topics such as strategy and psychology.

You can subscribe to the website for the latest episodes or download the podcast for traders from Spotify or Apple.

We Study Billionaires

The We Study Billionaires podcast is the major audio channel of The Investor’s Podcast Network.

Hosted by Trey Lockerbie, Stig Brodersen, and Clay Finck, the podcast for traders has racked up an impressive 100 million downloads and is one of the best-performing podcasts in the financial markets.

Although not all content is linked directly to day trading, the interviews with well-regarded names in the industry offer advice, learnings, and tips on how to apply their strategies to trading actions. Guests have included Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

The podcast for traders is available on Apple, Spotify, and Google.

The Trading Coach

The Trading Coach from Akil Stokes offers guidance suitable for day traders of all experience levels.

Themes include how to pick a strategy, the state of the cryptocurrency market, and how to become a successful long-term day trader. The professional trader shares what it takes to be great and how to build your confidence in day trading.

The podcast for traders is available on Apple and Spotify.

Trading Nut

TradingNut is a podcast for traders discussing various asset classes including forex, futures, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Hosted by Cam Hawkins, it is one of the best trading podcasts for finding interviews with successful stock and forex traders. The interview-based podcast probes everyday retail investors to share their insights and tips for a successful trading career.

The trading podcast is available on the official website or major channels like Apple and Spotify.

Confessions Of A Market Maker

Confessions Of A Market Maker is hosted by J.J. (@vwaptrader1), a market maker with 20 years of experience and professional trader Ray (@AllxDayxRayx). The channel has become one of the most popular podcasts in the financial industry, offering entertaining trading stories and educational content.

The hosts are frequently joined by established day traders who have found fortune starting from the bottom. In addition, there are interesting interviews with NFL coaches discussing discipline and an episode with the youngest female floor trader in NYSE history.

The podcast for traders is available on Apple, Spotify, and, among other channels.

Trading Camp – Investing Like Champions

Trading Camp is an unconventional podcast discussing online trading via inspiring stories. Themes include the art of resilience, mindset attitudes, and goal setting.

Experiences and successes are shared by traders, lifestyle coaches and business owners. The podcast is suitable for new and experienced traders looking for inspiration.

The trading podcast is available on Apple and Spotify.

Trading Justice

The Trading Justice audio channel is one of the best day trading podcasts for beginners.

The podcast offers guidance and tips for individuals looking to secure their financial future by investing in stocks, options, currency pairs, and more. The audio channel covers various topics including book suggestions, authors, and entrepreneurs to follow.

The podcast for traders is available on the official website and Apple.

Trading Stocks Made Easy

Trading Stocks Made Easy is hosted by stock market educator and mentor Tyrone Jackson.

Suitable for beginners, each episode focuses on an individual stock and breaks down key information and performance indicators into discussion points. The podcast also hosts some of Tyrone’s students who have created wealth via day trading.

The podcast for traders is available on Apple and Radio UK.

The TradeHacker Mindset

The TradeHacker Mindset is designed for novice traders looking to learn the basics of day trading psychology.

Published by Navigation Trading, the podcast is based on the book ‘Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude’ by Mark Douglas. Each podcast episode discusses key topics of the book, with insights and learnings that can be applied to retail investors’ own trades.

The podcast for traders is available on Spotify and Apple.

The Daily Traders Podcast

The Daily Traders podcast is one avenue of training provided by an experienced investment team.

With a combined 2000 hours of educational content in various formats, the day trading podcast offers insights into how the ‘professionals’ started their trading careers. With a focus on trading options, the hosts also provide success stories from like-minded retail investors.

The podcast for traders is available on Apple.

Investing With IBD

A weekly podcast hosted by Investor’s Business Daily for traders looking to sharpen their investment skills. Content includes market insights, trading tips, and analysis of the best-performing stocks.

The channel hosts various experts in their respective fields, covering discussion points like day trading resilience, market analysis tips, and how to protect portfolios with hedging.

The podcast for traders is available on the official website, Apple and Spotify.

The Stock Trading Reality Podcast

The Stock Trading Reality podcast, hosted by ClayTrader, was created to motivate day traders.

The channel offers interviews with investors discussing the positive and negative lessons they learned along the way. Episodes include the best way to fine-tune a forex trading strategy, the ‘no rush’ approach, and the phases of getting started for beginners.

The podcast for traders is available on Apple, Spotify, Podchaser, and Listen Notes.

Invest Like The Best

A podcast for experienced traders, Invest Like The Best publishes conversations with business owners. The audio channel delves into their success stories and ideas to generate guidance that can be applied to trading money on the financial markets.

Guests include Bill Lenehan, CEO of Four Corners Property Trust, a listed REIT, and Orlando Bravo, co-founder of Thoma Brave a private equity firm.

The podcast for traders is available on Apple and Spotify.

Top Traders Unplugged

Hosted by Neils Kaastrup-Larsen, Top Traders Unplugged offers insights from experienced traders and global economists.

The weekly conversations include interviews with guest speakers, covering a range of topics from trend following to weather volatility and portfolio management techniques. The audio channel is suitable for both new and experienced day traders.

The trading podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and via the official website.

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