Is It Time To Buy Sterling/Dollar?

It has been a long time since a bullish Sterling position (versus the US Dollar) could be contemplated, but we may be nearing that point. As the chart below shows, we are nearing the (COVID) lows of March 2020, with the $1.1412 low point now within reach. All the talk is of economic crisis as […]

A Reversal For Oil?

Things move very quickly in commodity markets- in April 2020, one literally could not give away oil (at one point it COST $40 to get rid of the stuff), but by May 2022, it was at $130 and seemingly set to reach the moon. Fast forward to today and Crude Oil has fallen nearly 30% […]

The First S&P500 Signal This Market Could Have Bottomed

After a protracted rise directly off the Covid low of 2184 in February 2020. The S&P500 has seen a three wave structure decline from 4820 fueled by rising inflation coupled with a high level of geopolitical uncertainty. Solid Decade The truth is that investors have had a strong decade since the financial crisis as the […]

Oil Is Lingering In No Man’s Land

Like the rest of us, Oil is waiting for some definitive news. The last macro bottoming candle for Oil was at the $64 region. Upon news of the Russia – Ukraine conflict, Oil spiked to $126 before retreating back down to $106. Subsequently there was a second attempt at this high but this second move […]

Possible Short-term Correction Coming For Gold

The tightening from the Federal Reserve is pushing the value of the dollar sky high, but gold prices have been lagging behind quite noticeably. However, there is the possibility of a short-term bounce in the near future, presenting an opportunity to traders. Investors still have rising inflation right at the front of their minds. This […]

Is Bitcoin Turning Around In Thin Air

In a crypto fever pitch, Bitcoin topped out at $69k in October 2021. This high saw a steep decline and eventually found support at $32k wiping just over 50% of its value in one foul wave swoop. Initially there was a buy up at $32k which saw a topping at $47k. This it transpired was […]

Are Oil Prices Set For A Pause?

The cost of living crisis being experienced across the Western world shows no sign of ending soon and at the centre of the inflationary vortex is the price of oil, from which ultimately all other prices are derived. Oil Price Factors Having reached a peak of $128 in early March 2022, prices of West Texas […]

Silver Set For Bounce? May 2022 Outlook

The Silver market has not really participated in the rise of equities in the last 2 years or so, but has recently seen significant selling pressure, with prices approaching the bottom of the 2 year trading range established post the COVID pandemic. USD Pressure On Precious Metals Waning In the last month, the US Dollar […]

Euro Dollar Outlook April 2022

Early last week, the Euro spiked, driven by speculation that the ECB might begin the process of removing their excess liquidity programmes and raising interest rates, possibly as soon as June this year. This did not last long, however, as it has become very clear to investors that raising interest rates would be economically damaging […]

GBPJPY And ASX200 Analysis April 2022

Market analysis of the Australian (ASX200) markets and the forex pair GBPJPY. Global politics continue to drive the markets for global growth, but more specific niche factors still have a significant impact. Analysts at LegacyFX explain: S&P/ASX 200 (AUSTRALIAN200) The S&P/ASX 200 index has rallied strongly in January 2022 helped by the strong performance of […]

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