GetOn Trading

GetOn Trading is a new digital platform that aims to combine and simplify all aspects of trading and allow users around the world to securely invest in tenders. Built around combining cryptocurrencies with businesses and projects, GetOn hopes to fund many new start-ups. Read on to learn what GetOn is, how it works, the pros and cons, plus how to sign up and get started.

What Is GetOn Trading?

GetOn Trading is a European-based multidivisional platform. Founded in Slovenia, the company aimed to create a unique platform that supports innovative trading and offers simple solutions for the growth of businesses and individuals. The trading and funding platform is based on blockchain technology.

GetOn Trading features five divisions: GetOn Fund, GetOn Direct, GetOn Exchange, GetOn Plus and GetOn News. Each of these operates on its own but they are still interconnected.

GetOn Trading Slovenia Crypto Platform

Through GetOn Trading, users can purchase and sell cryptocurrency coins. All ERC-20 tokens are supported on this exchange. There is also the option to generate passive income based on the tokens that you hold. This is how they aim to help fund innovative start-ups.

How GetOn Trading Works

GetOn Trading comprises five divisions:

GetOn Fund

This is the treasury division of the GetOn Trading platform. This division is set up to manage the supply of cryptos and determine the price of these listed tokens using the Dynamic Price Modelling Concept (DPMC).

Tokens are managed in one of two ways. If the token was created outside of GetOn, a buyback of all the circulating supply is organised and the tokens are listed for sale on the GetOn exchange. If GetOn approves a business idea, a dedicated token is created for the project and listed for sale on the exchange.

The DPMC protocol sets the price of coins, directly relating them to the development of the business or project it is linked to. As the market share of the supported project increases, the price of the coin rises, allowing companies to meaningfully integrate cryptocurrency holders into their ownership structure.

GetOn Direct

This is a commercial environment where investing advisors are rewarded with discounts.

Token sale on GetOn Direct involves a two-level discount system. Users can refer and invite new members and earn either an 8% or 16% discount based on their income. Moreover, 24% of income through GetOn Direct is distributed back to GetOn Fund.

GetOn Exchange

This is the cryptocurrency exchange section of the GetOn platform. In this area, traders can buy and sell traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). In addition, investors can purchase stablecoins unique to GetOn. These coins directly relate to businesses and start-ups that GetOn is supporting.

Using smart contracts, a new trading mechanism is developed in the GetOn exchange. Any order to buy a coin is divided amongst all orders to sell that same coin, providing a fair system. This also aims to stop any manipulation of the trading volume of tokens.

GetOn Plus

This is where businesses and projects promote themselves to search for investors. This section holds the prospectuses of all the projects available on the GetOn platform. Investors can read through the various options to learn about each project and decide which companies they think will be successful and thus want to invest in.

GetOn News

This division is as it says on the box: a news portal. Here, updates on the various projects are posted, along with updates on how the cryptocurrencies are performing. All of the best insider trading knowledge is posted to this area.


As with any exchange, there are fees relating to the transfer of tokens. All fees are linked to the Grossus (GROSH) coin, the value of which can be found at

The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are €10. The fee for each deposit or withdrawal is 5 GROSH + 1% and the fee to conduct a balance transfer is 1%.


  • Simple to use interface
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Highly encrypted personal data
  • Cash-out directly to your bank account
  • Internal controls limit errors and access


  • Relatively new
  • Referral required
  • Lack of reviews on trusted websites


GetOn Trading features standard security levels, encrypting personal data and offering two-factor authentication (2FA) at login. Upon signing in, the user is asked to provide two pieces of information: their password and a 6-digit authentication code. A new code is generated every 30 seconds, helping to ensure no one else other than the account owner can get hold of it.

There is limited information regarding this company online and the website requires a login to access. Moreover, it seems to be tied to GetOn Global, which has repeatedly been reported as a ponzi scam, so care should be taken with this firm. There has also been no activity on the GetOn Trading blockchain for a considerable period.

We recommend only opening accounts with regulated companies or those with positive reviews and good transparency.

Customer Support

The GetOn Trading website provides several ways for traders to get in contact with customer support:

  • Address: GETON d.o.o., Gosposvetska cesta 4a, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: +38641549594

Additionally, traders can submit their names and email and type a message for the team at GetOn Trading to respond to.

How To Sign Up

Want to sign up today? Read this handy step-by-step guide:

  1. Get A Referral: The first step to registering with GetOn is to obtain a referral code. This can be done via two methods, either an existing user can invite you or you can find referral codes through videos on YouTube.
  2. Register Your Account: The next step is to register an account. Go through the email received after referral and fill out the required information.
  3. Verify Your Account: After registering, submit photo identification to prove who you are and verify your account.
  4. Deposit funds: Either deposit funds straight from your bank account via SEPA transfer or create a wallet inside GetOn Trading and deposit Ethereum or another stable coin directly.
  5. Start investing: Now you are all set up and ready to go, have a read of the news section, study some companies and start trading.

GetOn Trading Verdict

GetOn Trading is a new platform that aims to revolutionise the crypto trading world. With dedicated divisions that provide services for each stage of the investment process, GetOn Trading has a lot to offer. You can invest directly in new start-ups and companies through dedicated cryptocurrencies and help them to grow and develop.


Where Can I Learn More About GetOn Trading?

There are many helpful videos on YouTube where you can learn more about GetOn Trading. Moreover, visit forums on Reddit and Discord to see other users’ advice and exit strategies. Also, check the GetOn Facebook and Twitter pages to view updates from the creators of the company.

Does GetOn Trading Have A Premium Service?

Yes, users can purchase a premium login for to access extra benefits. Use our guide above to get started today.

Can I Purchase Standard Cryptocurrencies On GetOn Trading?

Yes, you can purchase any of the standard crypto coins with GetOn Trading, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users can also purchase unique stablecoins that relate to companies supported by GetOn.

Can Anyone Sign Up For GetOn Trading?

Yes, anyone can register with GetOn Trading, though you must either be invited by a verified user or find a referral code online on websites such as YouTube.

Where Did GetOn Trading Originate?

GetOn Trading is a European crypto trading platform that was set up in Slovenia. Whilst still relatively young, there are mixed user reviews online, so we would recommend caution before investing capital.