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    Major Trader 35

      Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to day trade for about 6 months now. Well mostly day trading, I hold the odd position for a few weeks but it’s the intraday action I’m most interested in.

      But real challenge I’m having is timing. I’ve got a 9-5 (trust me I’m trying to get out) which means I can’t find the time to really dedicate myself to this every day. I might have a couple of quiet days where I can sneak in a few hours but then I’m out of action for days on end because of work. Making it impossible to establish a routine or any sort of consistency.

      Reckon I need to find a way to trade outside of ‘normal’ hours. Spoke to a mate who told me to focus on crypto but that ain’t my bag, ain’t nobody not even God himself knowing where the price of that’s going short term. So I think I want to try extended hours trading on stocks (saw that in a post online). Anybody know of or used any brokers they’d recommend for that?

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        James Barra

          Hi Major Trader 35,

          Thank you for your message.

          Have you read our guide to on after hours trading? It lists the highest rated brokers we’ve reviewed that offer extended hours trading. Any broker you can see in the table is available in your location.

          It’s also worth keeping in mind that trading volumes tend to be lower pre and post market sessions, which can result in larger fees. Some platforms may also restrict the range of order types available, for instance permitting limit orders only.

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            Major Trader 35

              What’s the deal with them restricting order types? Do you know which brokers do that?

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              IG is a neat option for out-of-hours stocks and they have over 90 US shares now, including all the usual suspects, Amazon, Tesla etc etc. IG is easily one of the best brokers I’ve used.

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                You can also trade stocks out of hours on US exchanges at Admiral Markets and Saxo. You can place limit orders in pre and post sessions.

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                  Major Trader 35

                    I’ve found a dece broker now but thanks Alfo

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