Reply To: Is IG good for beginners? 

Christian Harris

    IG stands out as a top-notch broker, particularly for UK traders interested in spread betting. Its charting platform and tools are unparalleled, and the ease of depositing and withdrawing is a major plus.

    The best part? Demo accounts have no time limit, allowing you to hone your skills until you’re ready to invest real funds.

    However, after using the platform for over 5 years, I can tell you that trading costs are higher than most other brokers. New traders with small account balances may struggle to trade large-cap stocks (spread betting or CFDs) due to the minimum position size required – often hundreds of pounds.

    For beginners, I suggest you look at for day trading because you can trade small amounts of around £10 (paper trading is great, but nothing beats putting a little skin in the game), and eToro for swings and longer-term investing because there are no overnight fees for non-leveraged trades.

    Trading 212 is another decent option, but I really hate the new interface updates.

    Good luck.